Boston Celtics: Why Is No One Talking About Them Anymore?

Tom LoughreyAnalyst IIIMarch 8, 2011

Boston Celtics: Why Is No One Talking About Them Anymore?

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    Since the Boston Celtics made various deals before the 2011 NBA Trade Deadline, it was assumed their new look would be the talk of the town.

    The exact opposite has occurred.

    For example, what is the Celtics' record since the deadline? The correct answer is 5-1.

    If you had to look up the answer, you can recognize the fact that they've been out of the national spotlight for some time now.

    The Celtics only lost on the night of the deadline, when they were shorthanded. They lost to the Denver Nuggets, who had already acquired their players from the infamous Carmelo Anthony trade.

    Since that loss, they have been cruising along. Five straight wins, but little to no coverage outside of Boston.

    Why isn't Boston's success being talked about?

    Here are a couple reason the Celtics aren't morning talk-show material.

They Haven't Played Anybody

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    The Celtics' wins have been in games they are expected to win.

    The Los Angeles Clippers, Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks aren't exactly marquee wins. That's why their loss to the Nuggets was the game that made the most media noise.

    If the Celtics wiped the floor with one of these teams, they might have received more attention. Only one win was by more than 10 points, meaning the Celtics were just taking care of business.

    If the Celtics want to hear people all over the country raving about Boston for the NBA title, they need to beat a team by 30 or beat a contender.

    Although the latter isn't their fault, it's the way the mainstream media works.

Not a Flashy Team

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    The Celtics version of the 'Big Three' are all elite players in the NBA.

    The difference between their top players and the Miami Heat's best is the highlight reel factor. The Heat stars are constantly making ESPN's Top 10 plays with thunderous dunks and nifty passes.

    The Celtics, however, get the job done without a lot of flash. They are a tremendous defensive team with an elite point guard and three scorers. Besides Rondo's deceptive passes, the Celtics don't really awe the crowd.

    The Celtics are an older group of veterans that get the job done, but don't necessarily light up the screen. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen rely more on their precise jump shots to fill the scoreboard at this point in their career.

    Come playoff time, teams will fear the Celtics' ability to do it all on the court. For now, audiences are following younger, flashier teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder.

New Players Haven't Made a Huge Difference

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    The Celtics were surprisingly one of the more active teams at the deadline.

    They acquired Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic from the Thunder for Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson. This trade was widely debated due to the value of Perkins in the post with the ongoing injury problems of Shaquille O'Neal.

    The Celtics also added Troy Murphy, who has been unproductive in three outings. Green is scoring 10 points per game as a Celtic, but nothing more than that.

    The real surprise has been Krstic, who is putting up over 12 points per night in five starts. However, he's grabbing fewer than five rebounds a game.

    All in all, none of the new players have been as valuable as Perkins or as exciting or energetic as Robinson.

Heat Are the 'Divas' of the East

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    In the Eastern Conference this season, the Miami Heat are what people are buzzing about.

    Since LeBron James' move to Miami, the Heat are the front-line team in the media. Every time something happens—little or big—in Miami, the press flocks to the superstars to question them.

    By just playing and keeping their mouths shut, the Celtics are keeping themselves free of the paparazzi. They understand the Heat want all the attention, and with attention comes pressure and expectations.

    If the Celtics keep a low profile, they can perform in the playoffs with no weight on their shoulders. They've stayed back and watched the Heat be brought to tears by all the expectations.

    Let's put it this way: If the Celtics beat the Heat in the postseason, would people be surprised?

    For those that answered yes, the Celtics thank you.

Celtics Can Only Do Wrong

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    Maybe people aren't flocking to hear the latest news in Boston, but the Celtics are still expected to win.

    When the Celtics hit the court—unless it's against the Lakers or Heat—everyone expects them to win. If the Celtics slip up in any way, they get accused of choking.

    When the Celtics lost to the Nuggets, people made excuses for the Celtics. Other than that, losses are picked and prodded until people think they've pinpointed the problem with the Celtics.

    Losses to Charlotte and Washington are "not forgivable" and the press only notices when they tally one in the loss column.

    If the Celtics win, no heads turn. If they lose—now that's news.