LeBron James and the Miami Heat: Time to Consider Some Changes

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIMarch 6, 2011

Will Wade be wearing another uniform come this time next year?
Will Wade be wearing another uniform come this time next year?Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

I have to say I told you so, because I did. 

The Miami Heat are not constructed to win an NBA Championship. At least not this year.

But don't despair Heat fans. There is a solution. 

You'll just have to wait until next season to fix your team.

That is if there is a next season. But that's a different article.

Here's what needs to happen, although it won't be easy.

First of all, the Heat needs to get a decent point guard who can run a team, stand up to LeBron and most importantly guard the numerous talented point guards that are playing in the league right now.

Secondly, the team needs an inside presence. Erick Dampier has been a good enough player to log 15 seasons in the NBA. 

He's also old enough to have played 15 seasons in the NBA and he's a career back-up. So why is he your starting center?

Third you need someone who can consistently hit the outside shot.

Of course everyone thought that would be Mike Miller.

I never really understood why the Heat overpaid to get Miller. He's a nice enough player.

But he's been a career sixth man on teams that have rarely made the playoffs.

That should have been a warning sign to anyone with Pat Riley's basketball acumen. I guess Riles still thinks he's smarter than everyone else in the league.

Turns out he's not.

Finally, there needs to be a plan for what to do at the end of games. The Heat have none.

What can they do to fix these problems?

First off all, can Erik Spoelstra.

He's supposedly a great X and O's guy. So why do the Heat often look like a bunch of kids on the playground at the end of games?

Drawing up plays in the dirt by themselves.

The Heat need a coach who can control James and make him a smarter ballplayer. A player who knows how to win the big games.

A Championship Player. And I'm not talking about a high school championship. The girl's softball team at my high school knew how to do that. 

I don't know if the coach who can get through to James is available. But Heat management needs to at least make the effort to find him.

It isn't Erik Spoelstra.

Then trade Dwyane Wade

I know, I know. He's Mr. Miami. The guys who helped engineer LeBron coming to South Beach in the first place.

He's got to go if the Heat are ever going to win it all.

One of the biggest problems with this team is that despite the fact that D-Wade and LeBron are the same player even if they play different positions.

They both need the ball. They're both great scorers and they're inconsistent with their outside shot.

One of them needs to go and we all know it isn't going to be LeBron.

The Heat could trade Wade to any number of teams that could use a marquee player for two or three quality players and maybe a draft choice or two.

That would allow the Heat to build a team around LeBron's talents. The could get a center, a guard who can knock down the outside shot and maybe even a quick point who can at least guard Tony Parker and Derrick Rose when they play the best teams in the league.

The Cavs were never able to do that because they never had a player with enough value.

The Heat can't do it without getting rid of one of the big three. Especially if there is a change in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Or should I say Big Two and a Half. Because Chris Bosh is not a superstar like LeBron and Wade. 

The Heat need to make a change. Because teams win championships and this is not a team.  

That means they need to move someone and Wade is the most obvious choice.


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