NBA Power Rankings: Channing Frye and the 15 Best Game-Winners of the Season

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIMarch 6, 2011

NBA Power Rankings: Channing Frye and the 15 Best Game-Winners of the Season

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    There is nothing more exciting than a game winner. The silence right before the shot goes up can only be beat by the roar of the crowd in exclamation after the ball swishes through the nylon.

    What makes the NBA great is the individual ability for one man to take over the game. At the end of a nail-biter, with the game on the line, there are only a few guys in the league that can be counted on to make that big shot.

    Players' careers have been defined by their ability to step up in big spots and make major baskets to propel their team to victory (just ask Michael Jordan).

    Some call it ice in their veins, while others believe it is an innate ability to rise above the moment and put all the team's pressure on your shoulders.

    The NBA is filled with big-time players, and here are the top 15 game-winners of the 2010-2011 season to prove it.

15. Monta Ellis Vs. Indiana Pacers

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    On January 20, 2011, Ellis hits the game-winner versus the Pacers.

    Ellis scored 36 in the game, but none bigger than the two that gave the Warriors a 110-108 victory.

14. Channing Frye Vs. New Jersey Nets

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    In Deron Williams' Nets home debut, Frye stole his thunder, knocking down a three-pointer with nine seconds remaining in the game for a 104-103 victory.

    The Suns would go on to win the game despite the Nets having one more chance after Frye's shot.

13. Stephen Jackson Vs. Atlanta Hawks

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    On February 12, Jackson's fade-away gave the Bobcats a 88-86 win over the Hawks.

    This was Charlotte's first win in Atlanta since 2007. 

12. Channing Frye Vs. Indiana Pacers

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    Just a few days before beating the Nets on a back-breaking buzzer-beater, Frye took down the Pacers in similar fashion, with a 110-108 game-winning shot that had both a high degree of difficulty and an exuberant celebration. 

11. Derek Fisher Vs. Los Angeles Clippers

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    You have to think if you're the Clippers, let anyone beat us besides Kobe, because that song is getting old.

    Well, be careful what you wish for because Derek Fisher and Lakers have plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

    Fisher has done it before, and this buzzer-beater shows that he might still have a little life left in those legs.

10. Carmelo Anthony Vs. Chicago Bulls

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    Before he was dealt, Carmelo actually did a little good for the Denver Nuggets.

    This November buzzer-beater showed his big-shot ability and proved that he should have the ball in his hands during crunch time. 

    And to think the Mozgov was almost a deal-breaker for a guy with ice in his veins. 

9. David West Vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

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    How do you keep Chris Paul happy? How about David West coming up big and making game-winner versus top Western Conference opponents.

    The Hornets have skidded as of late, but David West showed why he is a former All-Star.

8. Antonio McDyess Vs. Los Angeles Lakers

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    What makes the Spurs so great is that they have veterans that can do everything.

    McDyess is the epitome of a guy that wants to win and will do the dirty work to get there. 

    The Lakers are going to need to get tougher if they want a three-peat. 

7. Rudy Gay Vs. Toronto Raptors

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    Fast Forward to 1:34. Now stop. Get ready to take in Rudy Gay's greatness. Let it soak in over you.

    Hitting a game-winner on the road is one of the toughest things to do.

    Gay has solidified himself as one of the NBA's most clutch players, and his skills have elevated the Grizzlies to playoff contention.

    They are going to need him to get healthy and play well in order to keep the eight seed in the West.

6. Manu Ginobili Vs. Milwaukee Bucks

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    Great shot Manu. Great walk Manu. If only the NBA still called traveling. Oh well.

    In the meantime, we can enjoy another Ginobili special and again realize why the Spurs will win the championship. 

5. Arron Afflalo Vs. Dallas Mavericks

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    Carmelo who?

    The UCLA product hit that shot after Anthony had fouled out. That's right, they did it without him.

    It was a great shot and great moment for a Nuggets team, that at that time, was reeling from all the trade-talk. 

4. Kevin Durant Vs. New York Knicks

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    Can we all put to rest the idea that Durant is guard-able? Fading away, with a hand in his face, he made it look easy.

    It will be great to see KD in the playoffs for the next decade, with the ball in his hands, and the game on the line.

    Soon we might be blurring the line where Durant starts and Jordan ends. 

3. Paul Pierce Vs. New York Knicks

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    Going into this game there was a lot of hype as to who the beasts of the east were.

    Paul Pierce made sure the Knicks were kept in line. 

    Every team needs that go to guy in the clutch, and Paul Pierce has been the Celtics guy for over a decade now.

    This game-winner not only showed how good he is, but how the Celtics are not going anywhere.

2. Rudy Gay Vs. Miami Heat

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    Take that Lebron! Gay has two buzzer-beaters this season already and with that shot in James' face, puts to rest the question of who is more clutch.

    This was part of the Heat's early season troubles and showed a glaring hole in their team. 

    Gay made something out of absolute nothing, and should be revered as one of the best at the end of the game with the ball in his hands.

1. Tyreke Evans Vs. Memphis GrIzzlies

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    This rivals Devin Harris' buzzer-beater last year.

    The Grizzlies thought they had the game won with another great game-winner of their own, but Tyreke Evans made a once in a lifetime shot.

    This half-court heave is one of the all time great game-winners and certainly the best of this NBA season.

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