Boston Celtics: Do Not Sleep on Troy Murphy's Importance To the Team

Stephen RosenbergContributor IMarch 4, 2011

After a few days of watching and waiting around for something, anything to get posted about Boston's pick-up of Troy Murphy, I finally couldn't stand it anymore and had to get my typing hands going.

I've seen posts about Brewer, Butler and Bibby, but I honestly don't feel as though any of those acquired players will be near as important to their respected teams as Murphy will be to the Celts.

In Miami, they replaced a younger, faster point guard that had decent defensive skills for a slower, older, offensive-minded guard that chokes in the playoffs and can't play a lick of defense.

Butler is a upgrade offensively over Bogans for Chicago, but they lose the defensive force behind Bogans. Brewer will definitely help Dallas on the defensive side of things, but until he can shoot a basketball, his help will be limited.

Troy Murphy adds a lot of things to the Celtics. He's only 30—sure that's not young, but his playing is a lot like that of Paul Pierce's. He doesn't need to rely on athleticism to create his own shot because of his tricky movement, and size advantage over smaller forwards.

Let's not forget that team defenses will have to make huge changes in their defensive schemes, due to the fact that when switching out Baby Davis, an O'Neal or Krstic with Murphy, the defense must spread the floor all the way out to the three point line.

There aren't very many power forwards and Centers in the league with the experience of playing defense outside the paint; luckily for Boston, they've now got two of them (Murphy and Garnett). This will force opposing teams to use smaller players on Murphy and allowing him to get a his dead-eye jumper shot over any smaller defender.

Murphy is an assassin from downtown, and at 6'11", it will take some major smothering defense to cover him and keep other major Celtic scorers from doing their thing.

Just a year ago, Murphy was averaging 14 PPG and 11 RBG with the Pacers. He hasn't done anything with the Nets because he hasn't gotten the playing time. With Davis out at least a week and the Celtics needing as much help from bigs as possible, expect to see Murphy get significant playing time.

Murphy's been one of the top ten rebounders in the league for years and brings strength to one of the few weaker Celtic categories in rebounding.

But I think the biggest thing that helps the Celtics is Murphy's desire and will to play with them. He's been wanting to playing with Celtics for years and now finally has a chance to become an important part of their present and future.

The guy is all smiles and has his mind set on winning—why else would he pick the Celtics over the Heat?

To all you doubters out there: Don't underestimate the amount of fight in Irish and don't overlook what Murphy will bring to the table.