Miami Heat Roster Shakeup: Why Mike Bibby Is Huge Upgrade at the Point

Danny DolphinAnalyst IJune 22, 2016

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

As expected, the Heat will sign free-agent point guard Mike Bibby when he clears waivers Wednesday and have released backup point guard Carlos Arroyo to make room.

The “exchange” will be a beneficial one pending Bibby actually plays. Arroyo was benched midway through the season for no apparent reason and has barely played since.

As for Bibby, he would immediately become the best point guard on the roster—which isn’t saying much. He fills a major hole mainly because of his consistent ability to hit the three ball (44 percent this season).

Defensively, Bibby gets crucified by the media, but much of the criticism is unwarranted. Sure he’s lost a step, or two, but the evidence doesn’t back up him being the atrocious defender he is made out to be.

ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh dug into advanced metrics and other measures to reveal Bibby is merely an “average” defender—not a terrible one.

He is definitely going to help Miami and to get him this late in the game is incredible. Bibby may not be the player he once was, but he can provide a role similar to that of Jason Williams back on the 2006 Heat championship team.

His ability to shoot the rock, manage a game, and play smart (8 to 1 assist to turnover ratio) will help a Heat team that has struggled to get to the next level.


What’s next for Arroyo?

At first I really felt for Arroyo, a player who overhauled his game and did everything asked of him this season. They wanted him to be a better spot-up shooter and he delivered 44 percent of his threes.

Mario Chalmers relieved him of his starting role for no apparent reason and not once did Arroyo publicly criticize anyone. Of course he wanted to play, but he knew it was best for the team not to take that course of action.

And now, 60 games into the season, he is released from a contender playing in a city he loves dearly and has a history in. But in the end it just may be the best move for Arroyo.

A source this morning told me Arroyo was contacted with another opportunity to play for a winner—this time with the league-leading San Antonio Spurs. Their star guard Tony Parker went down Monday night and could be out for up to a month with a calf injury.

This could be a blessing in disguise for Carlos as he wasn’t going to get much playing time from here on out had he remained with the Heat.

I hope the Spurs sign him and he flourishes.