Deron Williams and New Jersey Nets: 5 Reasons the Nets Are Better With Him

Jim MancariCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2011

Deron Williams and New Jersey Nets: 5 Reasons the Nets Are Better With Him

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    In just three games with his new team, Deron Williams has left a huge impact on the New Jersey Nets.

    Regardless of the 0-3 record in those games, the Nets are playing an exciting style of basketball that they haven’t shown since the days of Jason Kidd.

    Though the Nets still may be a piece or two away from being a regular contender in the Eastern Conference, Williams is the first of hopefully several marquee names Mikhail Prokhorov plans will lead the Nets into Brooklyn.

    There will be much anticipation on whether Williams will sign an extension in New Jersey/Brooklyn. However, for at least one season, Williams will try to lead the Nets back to their winning ways.

    Here are five reasons the Nets are a better team with Deron.

5. More Defined Roles

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    The Nets do have some talent on their roster. The acquisition of Deron Williams gives everyone more of a defined role.

    It also helped that rookie small forward Damion James returned the same night as Deron, making his debut after missing two months.

    Travis Outlaw and Anthony Morrow are now able to come off the bench where they are most productive.

    Sasha Vujacic has thrived in a starting role thus far and is a great shooting compliment to Williams.

    If the Nets sign one or two more pieces, they can easily become a playoff team in the East.

4. Connection with Teammates

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    From Day One, Deron Williams has emerged as a leader of the Nets.

    That’s no knock on Devin Harris, who had his fair share of memorable moments in a Nets’ uniform.

    However, Williams is one of the top point guards in the game and has already developed a strong connection with the Nets’ big men, Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries.

    Even in limited time together, Williams constantly knows where these players are on the court at all times. Lopez and Humphries have also increased their play, since Williams sets them up with so many opportunities.

3. Gives Nets a Closer

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    In Deron Williams, the Nets have a bona fide closer that can hit clutch shots late in games.

    Despite their 17-43 record, the Nets have actually played some decent basketball at times this season.

    Their problem is that they usually have one bad quarter per game which leads them to a loss. Often, that quarter is the fourth, which puts a damper on an otherwise solid effort.

    Having Williams make big shots down the stretch of games can change the Nets’ fortunes and allow the Nets not to waste their strong efforts.

2. Team Playing with More Energy

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    Deron Williams has significantly increased the energy that the Nets have played with.

    In each game, the Nets played an up-tempo style that saw them put up big numbers offensively.

    Though New Jersey has committed more turnovers than normal, those should decrease once the players get more comfortable with each other.

    The whole team seems rejuvenated, and although the wins may not pile up towards the end of this season, the Nets are certainly heading in the right direction.

1. Looking Ahead to Next Year

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    The trade for Deron Williams not only makes the Nets a better team right now, but it also increases New Jersey’s chances for future success.

    The trade made by the New York Knicks, the Nets’ cross-town rival, may overshadow the Nets trade for now.

    While Carmelo Anthony gives the Knicks a chance to win this year, Williams can be just as important to the Nets as Anthony is to the Knicks.

    The key with Williams will be to convince him to sign an extension to remain a Net. He instantly has become the face of the franchise and can be the link that leads the Nets to Brooklyn.

    Next year will be very important for New Jersey. A competitive year may keep Williams in the navy and red for the long haul.