Miami Heat Are Winners After Deadline As Boston Celtics Trade Kendrick Perkins

Danny DolphinAnalyst IMarch 21, 2017

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Even without Miami making any trades before the deadline, their outlook for a second NBA championship has improved today courtesy of an arch rival.

In a shocking move, Boston sent starting center Kendrick Perkins and guard Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City for forward Jeff Green and center Nenad Kristic. Huh?

Regardless of whether Boston plans on signing another player to be bought out later, this move is a mind-bender. One of the reasons Boston is who they are is because of their toughness and physicality up front. Perkins epitomizes both strengths, and along with Kevin Garnett, used to pose a fierce combo inside.

The thinking behind it must be Perkins was playing his final days in a Celtics uniform because they won’t be able to afford him when his contract is up this summer.

Still, isn’t keeping him through the season for the sake of having the best possible chance at a championship worth more than losing him for nothing? Let’s take a look at what they received in the deal.

Green is an undersized power forward who likes to shoot threes (four per game) at an inefficient rate (30 percent). He can’t defend the post and is average defending the perimeter. He does a bunch of other things well, but nothing elite.

Kristic is a veteran big man who can stretch the floor with his sweet mid-range jumper. That’s essentially all he brings to the table.

Miami will now find it easier to match up with the physical, beefy Celtics inside. Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal are no longer forces on either side of the floor. Jermaine’s knees are held together by duct tape and Shaq is like gum loaded with sugar. After five minutes, there’s nothing left.

There also could be chemistry ramifications from this deal as Perkins has been an integral part of this team for years. No matter how you look at it, the Heat came out winners today without doing a darn thing.