NBA Trades: Sorting Out the Pros and Cons of Boston Celtics Deadline Frenzy

Andrew Bock@andrew_bockCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2011

NBA Trades: Sorting Out the Pros and Cons of Boston Celtics Deadline Frenzy

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    The Boston Celtics went from possibly making one minor trade deadline deal to making a flurry of moves that the team hopes will push them over the top and win another NBA title.

    However, there have been a lot of mixed emotions so far. Did Danny Ainge make the Celtics too soft and too small in the middle? How does Jeff Green fit in behind Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett? Who else is coming to town to fill out the roster?

    Whatever your gut tells you, it was a frantic day. You cannot argue against that.

    Let’s sort out all of the deals, look to the future, bash our enemies and weigh the pros and cons of everything that went down over the past couple of days.

Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson to OKC for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic

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    This trade also includes the Los Angeles Clippers' 2012 first round draft pick going to the Celtics, Top 10 protected through 2016.

    At first glance, this is a tough deal for Celtics fans to swallow, but it’s not as bad as some might think. It’ll actually wind up being a blessing in disguise and make the Celtics better when you consider all of the factors.

    Keep in mind some of those factors are yet to come.

    Pro: The Celtics acquired the perimeter size/wingman they desperately needed after they lost Marquis Daniels to injury. Green is athletic, can score and come out to defend. He hasn’t broken out like many expected, but he’s a talented player.

    And he’s much better than Daniels (with all due respect).

    Pro: Nate Robinson was expendable with Delonte West’s return, and the Celtics were smart to move Nate’s contract, which was guaranteed through next season. 

    Con: The Celtics lost their toughest, most physical interior player. Perk was a terror under the hoop in a lot of ways: rebounding, blocking, sweating and he wasn’t afraid of anyone. 

    Krstic did throw a chair at an opposing player during a Serbia-Greece game over the summer, so maybe the loss of Perk won’t be too bad. 

    In all seriousness, there will be some question marks at first, but Krstic should fit his role well when coupled with Shaq in the middle.

    Con: Nate Robinson’s clubhouse persona will be missed.

Semih Erden and Luke Harangody to Cleveland

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    This trade also includes a TBD Cleveland Cavaliers second round draft pick, going to the Celtics.

    Pros: The Celtics now have space to sign some veterans who will be let go over the next couple of days. If trading the two second-round rookies equates to landing Troy Murphy, Leon Powe, etc, then it was a worthwhile trade for the Celtics.

    Cons: There is no guarantee that the Celtics will land any of the players who will potentially be bought out. The Celtics are taking a very big risk. A worst-case scenario sees the Celtics having to settle for comparable players to Erden and Harangody who have to pick up a new system.

Marquis Daniels to Sacramento for Cash Considerations

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    Pros: The Celtics are able to bring in a few dollars from Sacramento, who were under the minimum salary cap and had to add a contract.

    Cons: Half-wit fans will criticize the Celtics for dumping a player who was injured, despite the fact that he waived his no-trade clause.

Buyout Candidates

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    A rash of contracts are expected to be bought out over the next couple of days. It’s hard to say who will and who will not be bought out, but until that time comes, we can speculate about it.

    Troy Murphy: Murphy is earning $12 million this season, so he’s not going worry about his next contract; he’ll worry about playing time. The Miami Heat and Orlando Magic are the chief competitors, so whoever has the best chance to win, while offering playing time, will secure Murphy’s services.

    I like the odds.

    Mike Bibby: Bibby apparently doesn’t want to play in Washington and who could blame him? He’s behind John Wall and not a good mentor for the talented rookie. He signed for $6.2 million next season, which complicates things, but stranger things have happened.

    Leon Powe: Celtics fans will welcome Leon back to town now that he’s available. He can play the four or five (sort of) and would receive a hero’s welcome if he returned. He’s still injury-prone and then some, but knows the system.

    Darius Songalia: Don’t forget that Songalia was a Danny Ainge draft pick.

    Jason Kapono: Kapono would be a great James Jones clone for the Celtics. He’s a second unit player who can drain threes all day long.

    Jared Jeffries: I’ll probably be one of the few who touts Jeffries as a player the Celtics should pick up, but I’ve always been a fan of his game. This is nothing more than a gut feeling.

Not Going To Happen

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    Keep reaching if you think Rasheed Wallace is coming back to town.

    The Celtics will acquire some extra firepower in the next couple of days, but it will only be from someone who is dedicated to the cause.

    That's not Sheed, bless his soul.

    Chris Johnson is another story, however.