NBA Trade Rumors: 10 GMs Least Likely to Pull Off a Move

Pat MarrujoContributor IFebruary 21, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 10 GMs Least Likely to Pull Off a Move

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    The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching and many teams are looking to make some last minute deals. However, many teams don’t need to make a last minute deal or they don’t have any players worth trading.

    Fans everywhere are discussing deals that their teams should pull the trigger on, but most of these deals are unrealistic. The truth is only a few deals tend to follow through every season, and they are often times unexpected.

    This list is not meant to predict what trades will happen. Rather it is meant to predict which trades will not happen.

    These are the 10 general managers who are least likely to pull of a move before the trade deadline.

Danny Ainge- Boston Celtics

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    The Celtics would love to pick up a backup small forward since Marquis Daniels has sustained a neck injury, but the problem with Boston is that they don’t have any real trade assets.

    Their most valuable trade asset is probably guard Nate Robinson. This is a problem because the two main small forward on the trade block are Detroit’s Tayshaun Prince and Houston’s Shane Battier. Both players have contracts over seven millions dollars, while Robinson is only worth four million.

    I would be surprised to see any deal involving the Celtics go down. They are unwilling to trade their core players, and already feel they are good enough to win a championship.

Neil Olshey- Los Angeles Clippers

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    The Clippers are unwilling to trade their talented core of Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan and Eric Gordon. Other than those three players, it might be hard to find anyone else on the lowly Clippers that other teams are interested in.

    Olshey would probably love to move Baron Davis and Chris Kaman’s big contracts. However, who would pick them up?

    If the Clippers get an expiring contract for Davis or Kaman then they need to pull the trigger. But I don’t see any teams willing to take on those big salaries.

Chris Grant- Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Unlike most teams on this list, the Cavs have a lot of solid trade assets. They could move players like Antawn Jamison, Mo Williams and even have a $14.5 million trade exception from LeBron James.

    Last summer, Grant and the Cavs fans had to suffer as they watched LeBron James walk away. I don’t see Grant trading away even more star players from a team that just lost their best player in franchise history.

    Fans might start to bail if they feel their team is not making any effort to win now. So it is important that Grant keeps Jamison and Williams around.

Donnie Walsh- New York Knicks

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    The Knicks have been all over the news when it comes to trade rumors regarding Carmelo Anthony. They might have more to offer than any other team in the NBA. Great young talent like Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph, Wilson Chandler and Landry Fields.

    The problem I see for Walsh and the Knicks is that they are unwilling to give up so much talent for just one player. Also, it might be tough to move Eddy Curry’s big $11 million contract.

    Apparently head coach Mike D’Antoni wants to wait until they off-season to try to get Anthony. I believe D’Antoni has a lot more power in this situation than Walsh does. Throughout his career as a coach (at both Phoenix and New York), D’Antoni tends to get what he wants.

RC Buford- San Antonio Spurs

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    The Spurs are deep, play well together and have only two expiring contracts. It is hard to find a possible scenario in which Buford and Spurs will make any moves before the post-season.

    The Spurs have the best record in the NBA and have not had a major roster change in years. There is no reason to switch up what works at this point in the season. There is no team less likely to make a trade this season than the San Antonio Spurs.

Rob Thorn- Philadelphia 76ers

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    The 76ers have won 10 of their last 14 games and seem to be more content with their current roster. Over the past few seasons they have been trying to move guard Andre Iguodala.

    Recently Thorn has not been aggressively trying to move Iguodala like he has in the past. It could be due to recent success, but either way it appears the 76ers are happy with their current position.

    They only other person I could see traded from this team is Jason Kapono and his six million dollar expiring contract. However, I don’t see any real reason to move him.

Lon Babby- Phoenix Suns

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    Fans tend to think it is time for the Suns to trade away their legendary point guard Steve Nash. Babby and other Suns executives have continuously stated that they do not plan on trading Nash.

    Other than Nash, the Suns have very little to offer. Teams would be interested in forwards Grant Hill and Mickael Pietrus, but the Suns seem uninterested in moving them as well.

    If they Suns did make a trade, I could see them going after Sacramento center Jason Thompson. Although this is unlikely because it would require them to give up young talent like Goran Dragic or Jared Dudley.

Kevin O’Conner- Utah Jazz

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    The Jazz have had as tough of a season as anyone in the league this year. They lost their legendary coach, Jerry Sloan, and find themselves only eighth in the Western Conference.

    Utah could move forward Andrei Kirilenko and his $17 million expiring contract, but it might not be in the best interest of the franchise. It might be best to just hope that the new coach, Tyrone Corbin, can regroup the Jazz in the second half of the season.

    O’Conner probably will not make a move at anytime this season. His team might need a scorer, but it might be hard to find one if Kirilenko is all that you have to offer.

Sam Presti- Oklahoma City Thunder

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    The Oklahoma City Thunder and GM Sam Presti have made it obvious that they believe in allowing their team to develop. The Thunder has arguably the best young core in the NBA in Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden.

    The Thunder have a strong future ahead of them and any moves this season would just tinker with it.

    The only player worth moving is Nick Collison and his big contract. This season he is being paid $13.3 million, but that number drops all the way to $3.3 million next season. So that price tag will be significantly more reasonable next year.

Pat Riley- Miami Heat

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    The Heat could use a point guard and center on their star-studded team. But unfortunately, the “big three‘s” contracts leave the team will no room to make any deals. Because the rest of the team has such small salaries, it is difficult to trade for a decent player.

    Rumor has it that Denver point guard Chauncey Billups has shown interest in playing for the Miami Heat. Unfortunately for the Heat, they have seemingly no way of getting Billups.

    If anyone can work out a nearly impossible trade to land Billups with the Heat, it is Pat Riley. But I don’t see how there is anyway the Heat could make a trade work this season.