Toronto Raptors: Should They Keep Bryan Colangelo or Let Him Go?

Patrick YaghoobiansAnalyst IIFebruary 25, 2011

Bryan Colangelo has done many great things as a GM for both the Phoenix Suns and the Toronto Raptors.

He made his biggest move for the Raptors franchise, just months after he was chosen to be the general manager of the Raptors. He won the Draft Lottery for the 2006 Draft and selected Italian native Andrea Bargnani.

Many people debate this pick, as Bargnani has not been putting up great rebounding numbers for his size, but Bargnani's scoring ability is amazing. In my eyes, Colangelo made the right pick for this franchise. Although many big names were available, such as Rajon Rondo, Rudy Gay, Brandon Roy, etc, they did not have the hype that Bargnani did, leading to them being picked later on.

After his first big assignment, Colangelo went on to make this franchise a contender. He signed Chris Bosh to a new-contract, brought in T.J Ford and the winning began.

The Raptors moved from virtually dead last to winning the Atlantic Division. We should note that the Big Three of Boston was not formed yet. These moves led to Colangelo winning the executive of the year for his job in Toronto.

Fast forward to now, and you will see that Colangelo has done a great job as the Raptors GM. Although the team is in turmoil now since the Bosh departure, management and the team have seemed to keep their cool.

Colangelo has made some minor moves to improve the roster and it seems to be working out.

He drafted Ed Davis, who is bound to make All-NBA Defensive teams in the near future, and traded away Hedo Turkoglu's horrible contract to the Suns for Leandro Barbosa, who is doing great as the Raptor's sixth-man.

He has been criticized for bringing in too many European players. Many analysts claim that the reason for the Raptors horrid defense is because of their players. When it comes to bringing in talent, it has been said that Colangelo looks mainly for offensive-minded players, but it seems to have slightly changed for the better.

The Raptors are still one of the worst defensive teams in the league, but it is a vast improvement over being the worst defensive team from last season.



Fire Colangelo. They should go for someone like Kevin Pritchard, who can rebuild a team properly.


Colangelo tried, he did indeed, but unfortunately, he did not succeed at completing his job and should be fired.

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