NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Reasons the Boston Celtics Should Make a Deal

Andrew Bock@andrew_bockCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Reasons the Boston Celtics Should Make a Deal

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    The trade deadline is looming in the NBA, and a question on many Boston Celtics fan’s mind is: Will the team make a deal? It’s an interesting, but underwhelming dilemma as the C’s won’t be looking for a major shakeup, but maybe a missing component.

    That being said, is it worth even doing a deal at all? The team is in first place after all. 

    The answer is yes. The remaining third of the schedule will prove to be rigorous after everything the Celtics have been through this season, and they need to be prepared for an all-out war in the playoffs.

    Here are the reasons a deal should be done.

Marquis Daniels Will Not Be Back This Season

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    It’s looking more and more likely that Marquis Daniels may have played his last game for the Celtics this season, since suffering a spinal cord injury earlier this month. 

    It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, but Danny Ainge indicated on WEEI radio that it would be more productive for the Celtics to replace Daniels than wait out his return.

    While a buyout would be an unfortunate end to his season, adding a body who can contribute outweighs the sentimental reasons for keeping Daniels on the bench, in street clothes.

Not Enough Bench Experience

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    The Celtics have three rookies on their bench in Avery Bradley, Semih Erden and Luke Harangody. You can be a fan of their prospective talents, but more than likely that won’t translate into any playoff victories

    Adding another veteran to the mix, a la Rip Hamilton or Anthony Parker, would be a worthwhile acquisition for the Celtics.

Need a Lock Down Defender

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    Speaking of Anthony Parker, the Celtics need to get better at defending at the two and three. Parker is a solid defender who fits the bill.

    For argument’s sake, let’s say the Celtics reach the NBA Finals. There’s a good chance they’ll have to face off against Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and then possibly onto the Lakers. Teams that all possess twos and threes that can create mismatches or score in bunches.

Need a Swingman with Size

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    On top of the reasons a lock down defender is needed, a swingman with size is also needed. Going back to the matchups; LeBron and Luol Deng are tough to defend, and Paul Pierce can’t be on the court for all 48 minutes.

    Size would also be welcomed on the offensive end. Elevate over defenders, offensive rebounding and lineup shuffling from opponents would all be crucial elements to furthering the Celtics’ plan of attack.

Rebounding Is Needed

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    This is kind of a niche need, but the Celtics could always use help rebounding. 

    A healthy Kendrick Perkins may be enough, but after the hurting the Lakers put on the Celtics in Game 7, it’s hard not to value rebounding as a need.

    The Celtics cannot afford to give up offensive rebounds and second chance points the way they did if they want to win.

Suggested Players?

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    Not everyone will fall into all of the criteria above, but they’ll still make the Celtics better, and not much more than a second round pick would be required to acquire their services.

    Rip Hamilton

    Anthony Parker

    Carl Landry

    Chuck Hayes

    Leon Powe