Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: New York Knicks Make Final Offer to Denver Nuggets

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Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: New York Knicks Make Final Offer to Denver Nuggets
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The New York Knicks have reportedly stretched out the Carmelo Anthony trade talks to their limit as they have called their offer final.

This is the latest news surfacing to the public according to Newsday. 

The final proposed deal only involved the Knicks and the Nuggets, which means that there is no need for a third team to get involved for the deal to go through.

It is now up to Denver to decide whether or not they will drag on the Anthony sweepstakes until Thursday's deadline or accept the Knicks offer as early as today. The deal currently looks like the following:

The Nuggets would receive: Raymond Felton (Point Guard), Danilo Gallinari (Small Forward), Wilson Chandler (Small Forward) and a first-round draft pick from the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Before there were rumors that Eddy Curry was in the deal, but his name does not appear in the Newsday report

The Knicks would receive: Carmelo Anthony (Small Forward), Chauncey Billups (Point Guard), a reserve player and $3M. 

The deal is not really up to Anthony. He could be dealt and just be a rental until he chooses to test the waters in the free agent market.

The Knicks do not want to lose so much for a rental. Anthony needs to sign the extension for the deal to be successful, which is what he wants.

He wants the money and the team that he chooses will need to have it on the table ready for him to sign. 

The Nuggets are weighing their offers right now, but what the Knicks want is for their deal to be the best.

Donnie Walsh has drawn the line and will not be pushed to raise his offer any higher. That includes not packaging Timofey Mozgov or Landry Fields to the Nuggets. 

Anthony wants this saga to end and it may very well end by the conclusion of the All-Star game tonight.

The real dream for Knicks fans is that if a deal is struck, the rest will follow.

Whether it is Chris Paul or Deron Williams, for them to come on board and join the Knicks after Anthony would make up for the loss of a few starters in this deal. 

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