Blake Griffin And NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Live Blog

Kevin NesgodaCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2011

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 18:  Blake Griffin #32 of the Los Angeles Clippers and the Rookie Team dunks the ball in the first half against the Sophomore Team during the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge and Youth Jam at Staples Center on February 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Alright everyone, let us get settled in and ready for the Poster Child, Blake Griffin to win this thing. There is no way any other guys are going to win right? I could be 100% wrong, but I don't think anyone else has a shot.

Who has the odds out there?

While we're waiting through this crappy music check out Shawn Kemp's 10 Greatest Dunks.

Overall, I'm not really impressed with the competitors outside of Blake Griffin. I've never seen any of the other three contestants do anything remotely creative.

Serge Ibaka might be the most boring dunker to ever enter this contest not named Rudy Fernandez.

If Blake Griffin was not in this contest I would take any one of the judges as they enter their geriatric ages. they probably have two inch verticals, but I'd still take them.

DeMar DeRozen going up first and he misses his first dunk. Coming from the sideline off the backboard, catch and threw the legs to the slam is extremely difficult. I can't do that on a four foot hoop.

It takes DeMar seven times to do it. It's a nice dunk, but we've seen it before. Not impressed.

Serge Ibaka is up next and he's bringing out some African Flags and wearing that Knicks knock off jersey. Let's see what the kid has.

Ibaka dunks from the free throw line and it was a line drive jump and he barely made it. Again I'm not very impressed. Doc J disagrees with me. 

Javale McGee is up next and it looks like he's going to dunk from a sitting position.

McGee is actually busting out a second hoop and he's going to attempt to dunk on two baskets at once! Okay, I'm liking where this is going a lot. He's doing a lob off one backboard to the other. This is nuts!

He's had two tries and he's getting close on this. He's very close.

He's made one on two of the three.

And on the sixth time he gets it to go! That was actually really impressive! He should be a near 50!

McGee did get his 50! Very impressive.

What is Blake Griffin going to give us?

Griffin with a high double clutch, 360, two handed tomahawk slam and he almost hit his face on the rim!

I do think McGee's dunk was more impressive, but Kenny Smith definitely sold Blake Griffin's dunk a bit better. I do think those two were easily the best for their first dunks.

DeMar is going to come out with a dunk called the show stopper and I don't think my show stopped. It was okay, but it shouldn't have been a fifty. There are 45 guys in the NBA who could do that dunk. I think Kevin Love could do that dunk on an eight foot hoop.

Serge Ibaka starts his second dunk with the cheesiest opening to a dunk I've ever seen. Ibaka trying to grab a toy off the rim with this teeth as he comes from under the basket. That is tough. But takes a lot of time to setup.

This setup is taking way too long.

I don't care that he made it. No longer impressed.

Blake Griffin had to go plan B and it's going to cost him. The original dunk would have been nearly impossible to do and he took it as far as he could.  Got a 46 and looks like he'll be into the finals.

Wonder what he'll bust out in the finals?

What does McGee have in store? He is going to attempt to dunk three balls. This is a dunk contest first. Third ball is being lobbed to him by John Wall. After a few tries he is able to nail and it's pretty impressive honestly. Really liked it, but it's not worth 50 points. Should have been a bit lower. He held the rim, do it all in one shot.

Blake Griffin is going to be kicking off the finals by doing a lob to himself and latching on to the rim with his elbow! Serious air! Seen it done before by Vince Carter. Would have liked something more original.

McGee with a very awkward under the backboard, full rotator cuff tearing reverse dunk. That should be worth a 50 easy.

Is Blake Griffin going to jump a car?

He's going to try to jump the car and get a lob from Baron Davis!


Okay, off replay, would have been better if he did the whole car. I think Shawn Kemp could have jumped an SUV full of his kids though.

McGee makes the dunk and gets another shot? Shouldn't have the first one have counted? I'm a little confused right now.

Blake Griffin wins.

Thanks everyone for joining me tonight to check this out and also care enough to read me. Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the game tomorrow!