Miami Heat Rumors: 10 Reasons Chauncey Billups Should Join LeBron James and Co.

Allen Levin@@TheNBAllenCorrespondent IIFebruary 19, 2011

Miami Heat Rumors: 10 Reasons Chauncey Billups Should Join LeBron James and Co.

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    With the NBA trade deadline less than a week away from expiring, teams are scurrying to make some last minute adjustments to their rosters. The Denver Nuggets have been in the middle of the trade rumors as Carmelo Anthony continues to be the hottest name discussed around the league.

    While the Miami Heat have remained quiet after a monumental offseason, in which they added LeBron James and Chris Bosh, it's evident that their two biggest weaknesses are at point guard and center. But point guard troubles are really what have plagued them this year.

    How about acquiring Mr. Big Shot himself, Chauncey Billups?

    Billups' name has come up in trade discussions as part of a package deal that would send him and Anthony to the Nets or Knicks. But if Denver's trade options fall through and they end up keeping Carmelo for the remainder of the season or deal him without Billups, the Heat should look to make a play for Billups.

    Miami might not have many pieces to offer in a trade to get Billups, but depending on how the Anthony situation turns out, Denver could end up buying out Billups' contract.

    Chauncey is a veteran and he will not want to stay on a Carmelo-less Nuggets team, so he could demand a buyout in order to play for a contender.

    Miami is often exposed at the point guard position as Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams and Chris Paul have all shown this season. The Heat need more depth at the position and Billups has the experience to put the Heat over the top.

    Without further ado, here are 10 reasons why Chauncey Billups should take his talents to South Beach.

1. Join The Big Three

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    It's the chance of a lifetime to have the opportunity to play alongside three All-Star caliber players like Miami's trio of Wade, James and Bosh.

    In the offseason, Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem and Eddie House all took pay cuts in order to play with the fantastic threesome. So many players are envious of this team and are willing to sacrifice salary in order to play with them.

    By joining the Heatles in Miami, Billups would be giving himself an excellent shot to win another NBA title before he retires.

2. Billups Would Become an Immediate Starter

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    If Billups were to sign with Miami, it's not like he would lose his starting position. The Heat have a severe lack of depth at the point guard position, with Mario Chalmers and Carlos Arroyo being the only true options at the point.

    Miami is often forced to use James and Wade as makeshift point guards, which takes them away from their actual positions.

    Billups would be a huge upgrade over Chalmers and Arroyo and would be the team's unquestioned starter right off the bat.

3. Provide Veteran Leadership

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    Billups is in his 14th year in the NBA and has an abundance of priceless experience. He is a battle-tested veteran that would bring immediate leadership to Miami's team.

    While the Heat obviously already have established leaders in Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, a championship point guard like Billups could only help.

    His veteran leadership would help out a lot of the younger players on the team and would be a good presence in the locker room. His experience would also be crucial come playoff time.

4. Mentor Mario Chalmers

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    Third-year point guard Mario Chalmers has had some bright spots in his young career, but still has failed to establish himself as the Heat's point guard of the future.

    He has been very inconsistent and hasn't shown the ability to be a championship-worthy point guard. He often gambles on defense and takes questionable shots late in the game.

    Well, wouldn't a championship point guard with the nickname Mr. Big Shot be a perfect asset to help mentor Chalmers?

    Chauncey could give Chalmers invaluable pointers on how to be a good point guard on a contending squad and would help him with his shot selection in late-game situations.

    Adding Billups to the roster would only benefit the growth of Chalmers.

5. Billups Has Played With Superstars Before

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    Some players might be intimidated to play with three of the greatest stars in the game right now. However, Billups wouldn't have to worry about that because he already plays with a superstar in Carmelo Anthony. 

    Carmelo is in the same ranks as LeBron and D Wade, so it would be an easy transition for Billups. He knows how to play with superstars and would be able to get wing players like James and Wade the ball in the right spots.

6. Billups Knows What It Takes to Win a Ring

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    Billups won a championship with the Detroit Pistons back in 2004, so he knows what it takes to win a ring. Not only did he win a title, he was the Finals MVP for the Pistons.

    That would give the Heat two former Finals MVP winners (Wade) on their team, which would simply put them over the top. Can you imagine the poise Miami would have with Billups and Wade in the lineup during the NBA Finals?

7. Billups Would Be the Fourth Scoring Option

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    Despite Miami already having three dominant scorers, Billups would still have plenty of opportunities to score.

    He would easily become Miami's fourth scoring option. It is no secret that most of the Heat's offense comes from their Big Three and they often struggle getting points from the rest of the team.

    Billups averages 16.5 points per game and can still put up points. He would be counted on to be the primary scorer outside of Wade, James and Bosh. Billups can provide instant offense with his outside shooting and ability to create his own shot.

    He would be an excellent fourth option and could be a great decoy to take the final shot in the fourth quarter when teams are doubling LeBron and Wade.

8. He Gets To Play With Motivated Players

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    The Denver Nuggets are no longer elite in the Western Conference and their championship window quickly vanished when Carmelo decided he didn't want to sign an extension.

    Anthony has become a distraction in the Denver locker room and it is clear he doesn't have much motivation to win a championship with the Nuggets anymore.

    He has been a negative influence in Denver and the team seems to barely be holding it together.

    In Miami, every player is equally motivated to win a championship. LeBron James and Chris Bosh are two of the hungriest players in the league. After all the criticism they received for their offseason choices, they are extra motivated to win a title and silence all their haters.

    Billups would get to join a championship-chasing team with a winning atmosphere that has hungry, motivated players surrounding him.

9. Play With a Team That Has a Certain Future

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    The Denver Nuggets are on the verge of imploding, with their franchise player not signed for the long term. The team is getting older and many of their veterans are going to be free agents next season. 

    One of the reasons why Anthony hasn't signed an extension is because of the uncertainty of the Nuggets organization.

    Well, with the Heat, there are no questions about the future other than when they will win a championship. They have their three best players secured for the next six years and have a large window to win a title.

    So Chauncey wouldn't have to worry about any distractions and could just focus on one goal: winning a championship.

10. Play for a Contender

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    Billups would have a legitimate chance to win a title and it's as simple as that. He won't have a chance to compete for a title with Denver this season, so it makes sense for him to go to a team in desperate need of a clutch, veteran point guard.

    If his contract gets bought out and he decides to sign with Miami, he will have a great shot to win his second NBA title. Billups is getting older and his career is on the back end, so this could be his last chance to win another ring.