Cleveland Cavaliers: Which Players Will Be Traded, and Who Would Want Them?

Greg Swartz@@CavsGregBRCleveland Cavaliers Lead WriterFebruary 19, 2011

Cleveland Cavaliers: Which Players Will Be Traded, and Who Would Want Them?

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    The Cavaliers look to be major buyers at the trade deadline, and are considered only a player or two short of a championship.

    Wait, it's not 2008 anymore?

    Ok, with a huge firesale looming, which players will be on the move?  Who would want them and at what cost?  We look at some possible trades that would help improve existing contenders and add some youth to the Cavaliers for future seasons to come.

Anthony Parker to Boston Celtics

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    The Trade:

    Anthony Parker to Boston Celtics

    Luke Harangody, Marquis Daniels to Cavaliers

    Why it Makes Sense:

    Parker could be a valuable piece of the bench, especially that Daniels is out with an injury.  Both have similar expiring contracts so the deal wouldn't make sense for the Cavs unless another player was added.  Harangody doesn't sniff the court with the amount of front court depth Boston has, but could be a solid backup with the Cavs.  Parker won't be resigned in the off season anyways, so might as well get something for him with the former Notre Dame star.

Anthony Parker to Chicago Bulls

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    The Trade:

    Anthony Parker to Bulls

    James Johnson to Cavaliers

    Why it Makes Sense:

    The Bulls improve their weakest position at shooting guard with a smart veteran in Parker (47% on 3's in February) while giving up a young player in Johnson coming off an impressive D-League stint.  Bulls fans may not like the idea of giving up on someone like Johnson, but Parker could push them up a seed in the East and prevent him from being traded to Boston.

Jamario Moon to Whoever Will Take Him

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    Anybody? Anybody?

Mo Williams to Atlanta Hawks

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    The Trade:

    Mo Williams to Hawks

    Marvin Williams, Jeff Teague to Cavaliers

    Why it Makes Sense:

    The Hawks would benefit from Mo's up tempo style, and it could allow them to move the aging Mike Bibby to the bench.  Marvin Williams would benefit with more minutes and a chance to be a star in Cleveland.  Atlanta could move Josh Smith to the SF and Al Horford to the PF without having to worry about Williams morale with a benching.  Jeff Teague is wishful thinking, but the Cavs have a plethora of draft picks that could be included to sweeten the deal.

Mo Williams To Memphis Grizzlies

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    The Trade:

    Mo Williams to Grizzlies

    OJ Mayo, Hasheem Thabeet to Cavaliers

    Why it Makes Sense:

    Grizzlies add the proven Williams for disappointments Mayo and Thabeet.  Cavs can afford to wait to see if the two players will develop into productive players while Mo helps elevate Grizz to Western Conference playoffs.

Mo Williams to Minnesota T'Wolves

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    The Trade:

    Mo Williams to T'Wolves

    Jonny Flynn, Kosta Koufos to Cavaliers

    Why it Makes Sense:

    Minnesota is stacked with good college players that have been thus far bad professionals.  Flynn and Koufos are former first round picks but have spent time in the D-League and not done much in the Association.  With Williams they could have some stability from the guard position, and a few more wins that he would provide may be enough for Ricky Rubio to decide to come to Minnesota after all.

Ramon Sessions to Cavaliers

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    With rumors swirling around Sessions, the Cavaliers would be absolutely stupid to trade the rising star.  He's built to run a Byron Scott offense and has a very friendly contract for the next three years. 

    One of the few bright spots of 2010-2011, he's a piece you can build around for the future, and marks the first, and so far only, good transaction the Cavs have made all year.

Antawn Jamison To Orlando Magic

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    The Trade:

    Antawn Jamison to Magic

    Jason Richardson to Cavaliers

    Why it Makes Sense:

    It doesn't really, but kind of a neat idea.  The salaries match up well and could allow the Magic to go with a different lineup.  Gilbert Arenas isn't exactly thriving in a bench role, and with this deal he could be moved back into the starting lineup.  Jamison would help stretch the floor for Dwight Howard, and provides another threat for Orlando to kick out to for the deep ball.  Cleveland benefits by acquiring Richardson's expiring contract.

Antawn Jamison, Others To Oklahoma City Thunder

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    The Trade:

    Antawn Jamsion, Anthony Parker, Ryan Hollins to Thunder

    Mo Peterson, Eric Maynor, Daequan Cook, Nenad Krstic to Cavaliers

    Why it Makes Sense:

    Jamison and Parker help Thunder make a push to the top of the West while adding a veteran presence to a young clubhouse.  Maynor and Cook are potential pieces to build around for Cavaliers, while collecting expiring contracts of Peterson and Krstic.

Trade Recap

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    With all of the aforementioned trades, draft picks could always be added to either side.  These trades were based off of salary match-ups and team needs.  All check out with ESPN NBA Trade Machine.

    The Cavaliers are cheating themselves and players like Parker, Jamison and Williams by keeping them in town.  All face a cloudy future in Cleveland and could be used to bring in young talent and expiring contracts. 

    Keeping players like Sessions, JJ Hickson, Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson and Christian Eyenga coupled with a high draft pick and young players acquired through dumping veterans and the trade exception and the Cavaliers will be doing what they should have done before the year even started- rebuilding.