Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: Winners and Losers of Proposed Nuggets, Nets Deal

Chris LeydenCorrespondent IIFebruary 19, 2011

Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: Winners and Losers of Proposed Nuggets, Nets Deal

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    On Friday afternoon the New Jersey Bergen Record reported that a deal had been reached for Carmelo Anthony to be traded to the New Jersey Nets. He just had to approve it.

    Anthony has stated more than once that New Jersey is not a destination he would sign off on a contract extension with. But this did not prevent the teams from putting a package together.

    The trade proposal appears to include several players from both sides. New Jersey would end up with Carmelo, Chauncey Billups, Sheldon Williams, Melvin Ely and Renaldo Balkman.

    In return, Denver would receive Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Troy Murphy, Ben Uzoh and four first-round picks.

    The many pieces involved in the deal would affect the remainder of the league as well.

    This slideshow contains five winners and five losers from this trade if it were approved.

    Feel free to comment below with what other winners and losers you think there would be.

Winner: New Jersey Nets

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    The only reason the New Jersey Nets would be pushing so hard for this trade would be if they felt like they would come out winners.

    Carmelo Anthony would be a great addition to a franchise that has struggled as of late. Besides scoring points, he would also fill the seats.

    Although the Nets do have young talent, no one on their roster is at or near Anthony's level of skill.

    The Nets would be a big winner in this trade.

Loser: New York Knicks

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    The New York Knicks were the favorite to land Anthony in the off-season if he wasn't traded by the deadline. What's more, they were the team Anthony expressed the most interest in going to.

    If this trade were to happen, they would be the big loser. Carmelo Anthony would be on the Nets—and they would have to look elsewhere during free agency.

    So far, it seems that much of the Knicks' planning has been based around eventually acquiring Anthony. Their efforts could become costly if this Nets deal goes through.

Winner: Denver Nuggets

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    It seems increasingly unlikely that Carmelo Anthony would sign an extension with the Nuggets. They should—and this deal would—do their best to get something in return for him.

    Obviously, the Nuggets would give up a lot to the Nets. But they would also receive a great group of young potential stars. Derrick Favors could turn into the next great big man, and Devin Harris is also a solid pick-up.

    It also won't hurt the Nuggets to have four number one picks moving forward, helping the team rebuild toward home-grown talent in the future.

Loser: Derrick Favors

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    I'm sure Derrick Favors would love to play alongside Carmelo Anthony. But he would be on his way out in New Jersey if Anthony were to arrive.

    Instead, Favors would join a depleted crew in Denver, where he could very well become the squad's best player.

    There could be a light at the end of the tunnel—if the Nuggets then surround him with plenty of budding stars.

Winner: Brooklyn

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    The New Jersey Nets will soon become the Brooklyn Nets, once their new arena is completed in 2012.

    The borough has been craving a basketball team for some time, and now they won't be getting the same old Nets. Instead, if this trade were to go through, the Nets would also have superstar talent.

    Carmelo Anthony's arrival in Brooklyn would make big winners out of Nets fans.

Loser: Portland Trailblazers

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    A lesser-known loser of this potential trade would be the Portland Trailblazers. They have been attempting to trade Andre Miller to the Nets for Devin Harris.

    With Harris sent to Denver in this deal, that trade would clearly fall through.

    The Trailblazers have guard problems that need to be fixed soon, because Brandon Roy's knees will only last so long.

Winner: Nuggets Scouts

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    If this trade were to go through, it would send four future New Jersey first round draft picks to Denver.

    With these picks, the Denver scouts would be very busy finding the next Carmelo Anthony and picking him in the Draft.

    Denver is obviously looking to the future with this trade, putting pressure on their scouts to come through with great picks moving forward.

Loser: Amare Stoudamire

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    Although the New York Knicks have already been highlighted on this list, Amare Stoudemire deserves his own spot.

    It almost seems as if the Knicks owe it to Stoudemire to acquire Anthony. And if they don't acquire Anthony, they might be hurting their shot at getting Chris Paul as well.

    The Knicks definitely planned to surround Stoudemire with great players, so far, the pieces are not there.

Winner: Carmelo Anthony

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    If Carmelo Anthony were to sign off on this deal, something tells me that he has no problem going to the Nets.

    Anthony is originally from Brooklyn, and would definitely enjoy returning to his home to play basketball.

    Anthony isn't happy in Denver right now, and any change of scenery would be nice. But going to the Nets could end up especially working in his favor.

    And if Chris Paul could join him there, he would be very happy with this trade.

Loser: The Eastern Conference

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    As if Miami, Boston and Orlando were not intimidating enough, the Nets could be the next big threat for the Eastern Conference Championship.

    If Anthony were to come to the Nets, and they were also able to add Chris Paul, then they would instantly become contenders.

    The Nets may be a cupcake on the schedule right now, but moving forward, the rest of the East may have a new problem to deal with.