Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov To Meet With Melo

Eric CaspersonCorrespondent IIFebruary 18, 2011

Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumors: Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov To Meet With Melo

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    Last time we heard from Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, it was assumed that the Nets were out of the running for Carmelo Anthony.

    Sources are telling ESPN that now both the Nets and Knicks are back in talks to get the disgruntled star's services.

    Last month, Prokhorov made a public statement saying that he would end all trade talks with Denver and refused to meet with Anthony. Now it is bring reported that the two will meet during the All-Star Break in Los Angeles this weekend.

    The Knicks meanwhile have been having ongoing talks with Denver for weeks now. New York seems unwilling to give up its young stars in Landry Fields and Danilo Gallinari.

    So will it be Melo to the Knicks, or Melo to the Nets? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of both scenarios.

NJ Nets: Pros

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    What about Chauncey?

    The rumored deal would have the Nuggets sending Carmelo, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Melvin Ely and Renaldo Balkman to the Nets, according to Yahoo Sports.

    A lot of people forget that Billups would probably be involved in any deal with the Nets.

    This kind of trade almost reminds me of when the Nets traded for Jason Kidd. With Billups and Anthony, the Nets automatically turn into a contender. Put them alongside Brook Lopez and you have a very good, balanced lineup.

NJ Nets: Pros

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    The Move to Brooklyn

    If Prokhorov pulls off this trade, he will be one happy man. Anthony and Billups will lead the team into its new Brooklyn home when the 2012-2013 season rolls around.

    The Barclays Center will be the most expensive arena ever built and the Nets are going to need to recuperate some of those expenses. Billups and Anthony especially will draw thousands to the arena every night.

NJ Nets: Cons

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    Four First Round Picks?

    According to Yahoo Sports' rumored deal, the Nets package will include Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, Troy Murphy, Ben Uzoh and four future first round picks.

    That is one big gamble if you are the New Jersey Nets. If this trade does not work out, they are toast for the next five to seven years, at least.

    The Nets are currently building a good roster. With Brook Lopez and Derrick Favors soon to be blossoming into stars, New Jersey might be playing with fire here.

    Of course the deal would only go through if the Nets signed Anthony to a three-year extension.

NJ Nets: Cons

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    Don't pull the trigger so fast on Favors.

    There is a reason why the Nuggets are going so hard after Favors. He has unlimited potential.

    Favors reminds me of Dwight Howard when he came right out of high school. Now look where Howard is.

    If the trade goes through, Favors might thrive in an offensive system like Denver's.

    Be careful what you wish for.

NY Knicks: Pros

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    First name on the back?

    Knicks fans would be so ecstatic to get Anthony on their team, they might even change the jersey rules for him.

    It has been thrown around the media that Anthony wants to play in New York. Even if the trade falls through, it is rumored that he would opt out of his contract and sign with the Knicks this offseason.

    Melo to the Knicks would mean a lot of green for the Knicks ownership.

NY Knicks: Pros

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    Dynamic Duo

    Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony will provide one of the best duos in all of basketball.

    They both are opposing teams' nightmares. You are talking about putting two of the league's leading scorers on the same team. That will be pretty tough for any defense to defend.

    However, how will the tides turn when New York is on the defensive side of the ball?

NY Knicks: Cons

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    It has been known that Anthony takes plays off on the defensive end of the court. He usually erases the effort though by dropping 30 on his own.

    That will not work though if the Knicks would want to contend for a title. In the playoffs, teams play a much tighter defensive game.

    The Knicks already give up over 105 points a night, which is second worst in the NBA. Trading for a player that takes plays off will not help the cause.

NY Knicks: Cons

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    Mortgaging the future?

    The Knicks seem to be working with a team that has a bright future.

    They now have a great floor leader in Raymond Felton. Danilo Gallinari and Landry Fields will be formidable starters in the NBA for years to come. Why mess with the team now?

    The Knicks surprised many people by starting off the season so well. After a terrible season last year, the Knicks are almost guaranteed to make the playoffs and possibly get past the first round.

    The Knicks are in a rough stretch though, losing four of their last six. Is it a road bump to the long season or was the first half a fluke?

So Where Will Melo End Up?

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    If Melo is traded anywhere, it will be to New Jersey.

    The Knicks seem unwilling to let go of Gallinari and Fields. The Nuggets desperately want Favors.

    And now that Prokhorov wants to finally meet with Anthony, the prospects of this deal look even more likely.


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