Welcome to the JaValavator: Top 10 JaVale McGee Dunks

Kevon Robinson@@Kevon_RobbbCorrespondent IFebruary 19, 2011

Welcome to the JaValavator: Top 10 JaVale McGee Dunks

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    Blake Griffin, Blake Griffin, Blake Griffin.

    That's all you hear about when it comes to who the winner will be in the 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. You can't really blame people because Griffin can fly, but the dark horse for this competition will definitely be JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizards.

    It's hard not to look at his height since he is a seven footer, but as you see in the main photo, not every seven-footer can get so high up that their armpit is at the rim.

    After these dunks, you should have a second opinion on the odds of JaVale McGee giving Blake Griffin a run for his money at the dunk contest. 

10. JaVale McGee's 8 Dunks vs. Atlanta Hawks

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    Why this?

    Well, first off it was tied with the most dunks in a single game last year with Dwight Howard, who I think is a pretty big name when it comes to dunking.

    McGee put on a dunking clinic against the Hawks and proved that any Wizards guard can just throw the ball up to him, and he will catch it.

9. McGee's Hip Action

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    This dunk is what made fans say things like:

    "McGee will be the next big thing!" or "Most hops of any NBA center!"

    JaVale McGee's choice of this dunk from his hip was very risky due to the fact that he could get rim-checked and break his arm as a result of the amount of force put into the dunk.

    High risk usually brings high praise, and it brought McGee much of that.

8. McGee Shuts Down the Summer League

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    First off, what in the world was JaVale doing in the summer league? 

    I understand he needs development, but that is what trainers and former NBA legends who are mentors are for.

    Second, what was that man thinking trying to set a charge?

    JaVale McGee had a wide open lane to the hoop for a finish and the defender thought a charge would stop him? No sir.

7. What Was Spencer Hawes Thinking?!?

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    This jam should be higher but the fact that it was on Spencer Hawes brought it down a tad.

    The dunk was nasty, but I think it is funny how McGee's body altered like a crash test dummy.  Who cares though?  Body-altering dunks help in winning the dunk contest, right?

6. Kyle Korver...Sit Down

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    At this time, not many people knew what to do when you see John Wall and JaVale McGee running together on a fast break.

    For those who don't, the best thing to do is to move out of the way as quickly as possible.  Korver will definitely know better next time.

5. Nice Haircut Josh!

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    Let's take a little quick examination on this dunk. JaVale McGee went up and jumped so high that he looked over the head of Josh Smith, and immediately dunked on him.

    The fact that Josh Smith is an elite shot-blocker makes this dunk even better.

4. Really?!?

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    This will probably be the first and only seven-footer you will see do a rock the cradle dunk in a game. Michael Jordan did it better but JaVale basically did a Dunk Contest dunk in a regular game.  This dunk is what made me give JaVale the nickname, "Created Player."

    JaVale is a seven-footer with the jumping ability and coordination of a six-footer, which makes him like a player off of a video game that you create.

3. Hollywood Flashback

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    This dunk doesn't seem that great until you look at it in slow motion. McGee's elbow is above the rim, and he took off more than 10 feet away from the basket.

    Shannon Brown knew better and that is why he quickly got out of the way.

2. Rising Up on MLK Day

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    One thing I, and I'm pretty sure every basketball player hates, is when you get on a fast break and try to dunk it and a defender undercuts your legs so you fall straight to the floor.

    Well, McGee doesn't really care. He just jumped up and still finished the dunk at an uncomfortable angle.

1. The Statement Dunk

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    JaVale McGee's dunk here just sums up everything I believe he will do in the dunk contest, and that includes towering over his opponents.

    Blake Griffin is used to being on the opposing side of the posters but this time, it was his turn.