NBA Trade Rumors: Could Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams End Up Together?

Jim MancariCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: Could Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams End Up Together?

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    Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets and Deron Williams of the Utah Jazz both appear to be on the trade block.

    Anthony will be a free agent following this season while Williams is signed through the 2011-2012 season.

    The Nuggets and Jazz would like to move their big-time stars now so they can receive the most in return rather than waiting for the player to hit free agency.

    Though it is unlikely these two wind up together, stranger things have happened.

    Here are 10 things to consider when thinking about how Melo and Deron would fit together on the same team.

10. Teammates on Team USA

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    Melo and Deron played together on Team USA in the 2008 Olympics, so teaming them up would not be a foreign concept.

    They seemed to develop a strong chemistry which says a lot due to many interesting personalities on that team.

9. Is There a Team That Can Handle Both Salaries?

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    For this trade to occur, a team would have to ensure they can afford to pay for both stars.

    One of the teams that seem to have the cap room is the New Jersey Nets, but that ship appears to have sailed due to Melo’s refusal to sign a contract extension.

    The team that made these deals would significantly alter their franchise but would have to do so within the confines of the salary cap.

8. Would They Accept Less Money To Play Together?

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    As was the case with the new big three in Miami, Melo and Deron might have to accept less than the league maximum salary in order to play together.

    Both players are in line to make inordinate sums of money, but would they be willing to accept less for a chance to play together?

    It’s working in Miami and could work if Melo and Deron wind up together.

7. Everything Must Match Up Perfectly

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    If a multi-team trade was to occur, all the involved parties would have to agree on player movements and dollars.

    Denver still wants draft picks, young talent and expiring contracts, and Utah would likely want something similar for Williams.

    There has to be a way that the mega-deal can get done. However, it will take much time to research and propose possible deals.

    February 24th is the NBA Trade Deadline, so it will be interesting to see if a perfectly executed deal can get worked out.

6. What Will It Mean for Their Former Teams?

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    Though they should acquire some young talent and draft picks, Denver and Utah are likely to be decimated when their All-Star players head elsewhere.

    Both have become the face of their respective franchises and would be viewed as traitors by the team that drafted them.

    Think of how LeBron James is viewed in Cleveland. Though these players may not have had the impact of a LeBron, they are both revered by their original teams.

5. No Longer a One Man Show

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    The NBA has shifted to the compilation of superstars to build championship teams rather than sporting one-man shows.

    The Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Magic and Spurs all rely on more than one All-Star caliber player.

    Teaming up Melo and Deron would instantly add another team to this group of the NBA’s elite.

4. Desire To Win a Championship

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    Anthony has said repeatedly that the desire to win a championship trumps his salary. Rather than join a team that already has the makings of a dynasty like the Lakers, Anthony could join forces with Deron Williams and form their own dynasty.

    This team would be a perennial contender and should survive deep into the playoffs. More and more, a player’s success is measured in the number of championships rather than individual statistics.

3. Would the Team That Acquires Them Be Built for Success Right Away?

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    The idea behind acquiring both Melo and Deron would be that a team not only has some pieces they are willing to trade, but the team also has some role players who will contribute as well.

    Two players, no matter how good they are, don’t make up a team.

    Melo and Deron would carry a significant amount of the load, but a strong supporting cast and bench aid in championship runs.

2. Both Must Agree To Long-Term Extensions

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    As was one of the main issues with the Nets trade, Anthony refused to sign an extension to play for New Jersey.

    Melo or Deron could make sense as a rental for a championship run for a contender, but a team like the Nets would not forfeit most of their roster to only have a player for three months, especially when they probably won’t even make the playoffs.

    Even so, if a team acquires both Melo and Deron, the trade will hinge upon the fact that both have agreed to sign long-term extensions.

1. In the End, Joining Forces Seems Unlikely

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    Though, we may hear some hype about Melo and Deron joining forces in the next week or so, a reunion appears unlikely.

    Both appear likely to be traded, but it’s hard to picture the same team going after both.

    If they both play out the remainder of their contracts, who’s to say that Williams won’t sign where Anthony signs after next season?

    That would form the makings of another formidable starting lineup in the NBA.