Chicago Bulls: Top 10 Dunks of Derrick Rose's Career

Sean O'DowdContributor IIIFebruary 14, 2011

Chicago Bulls: Top 10 Dunks of Derrick Rose's Career

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    Derrick Rose is a stud. That's all that needs to be said.

    A 6'3" point guard flying through the air. One of the most exciting players in the league to watch. A human highlight reel. A big play waiting to happen. The descriptions can just go on and on.

    Derrick doesn't dunk often, but when he does, watch out. Here is a list of his top 10 dunks so far, with many more high-flying jams to come.

10. Center to Point Guard

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    Ah, it's a favorite. It's entertaining every time a center takes the ball up the court; it's even more entertaining when he throws an alley-oop.

9. No. 1 Draft Pick Vs. No. 1 Draft Pick

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    True, Greg Oden's career hasn't lived up to expectations. But when a point guard can do this to a center once viewed as the next big thing down low, look out.

8. Rose in High School Playing at the United Center

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    Wow. Just wow. He was just in high school at this point.

7. Double Clutch

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    On a recent dunk against the Blazers, D-Rose wrecks his defender, drives the lane, double clutches and finishes. What more could you ask from the point guard?

6. Posterized

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    Point guard against a forward—that's all you need to know. I remember jumping up and down right after Rose threw this one down. Can anyone tell me why he isn't in a dunk contest?

5. Rose Reversin'

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    Such an incredible dunk; it speaks volumes that this is only No. 5 on the list.

4. Who Says Point Guards Can't Rebound?

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    This year, Derrick Rose has taken his rebounding ability to new heights and has been consistently getting solid numbers in that category. Yet in this video he showed that he had the needed ability to rebound several years ago.

3. Brewer to Rose

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    This should just be illegal. Watch during the fast break how Rose signaled to Ronnie Brewer he wanted the alley-oop by pointing up. If only the Bulls had more fast breaks that ended like this.

2. Yet Again

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    Yet again...

    Point guard vs. forward.

    6'3" vs. 6'10".

    190 pounds vs. 225 pounds.

    Who should win?

    Guess who wins?

    Seeing how the Bulls probably will play the Knicks during the playoffs, count me as one hoping for another dunk like this one.


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    Next time, Goran Dragic will just bail out and let Rose do his business.

    Just listen to Stacey King. That's all you need to know.