NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Antwan Jamison and the Latest NBA Buzz

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowChief Writer IVOctober 21, 2016

NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Antwan Jamison and the Latest NBA Buzz

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    NBA trade rumors are here and we're back at it with another day's NBA trade buzz.

    We'll be going back to the Carmelo Anthony saga in Denver. There's still plenty to talk about, as this drama unfolds yet again, and the Lakers and Knicks continue to be linked to Anthony.

    We'll also be going around the league, talking about players like Andre Miller, who may or may not be traded by the deadline.

    There's plenty to talk about as we get closer and closer to the All-Star break. We also had a full slate of games last night and there's plenty of news to tackle from those games.

    As always, there's no need to refresh, as the updates will come straight to you. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave them in the comments.

    There's a lot to cover, so let's get right to it.

Will It Be a Slow Year at the Deadline?

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    This is an odd year to be an active participant at the trade deadline. There is an uncertain labor situation looming and most teams aren't going to be looking to take on a ton of added salary when there could be a lockout.


    The Boston Globe talked to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban about the deadline and he had some great insight into what the thinking will be as we get closer to that day.


    “Relative to other years in terms of trade talk, I don’t think it’s really any different,’’ Cuban said. “It always goes through the same process. There’s one or two early trades. We saw that with Orlando, and then everybody waits until the last possible second. And then you hit the trade deadline and they recognize it’s the last chance to save money or to do something. That’s when things happen.


    “That’s one of the challenges and problems the league has is that a lot of GMs like to wait until the last second.’’

    I never got why teams always waited until the hours right before the deadline to work out a trade. If you know what your team needs or what you want to get rid of, shop it while there's plenty of time to work something out.


    The longer you wait, the worse the deal is going to be for you. You want to be able to think about the trade and make an informed decision about it, instead of feeling rushed and making a decision you might regret.


    More teams should make deals like Orlando, Phoenix and Washington did earlier this year. All of those teams had a strategy and they went out and executed it.


    We'll see what happens at the deadline this year, but I'm not hopeful.



Could Andre Miller Be On The Way Out?

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    According to the Oregonian, the Portland Trail Blazers are at least entertaining the offer of moving point guard Andre Miller before the deadline, according to one front-office source. It's not because of Miller's play on the floor, but because his age doesn't match up with with the Blazers want to do long term.

    What exactly is Portland's long-term plan? The Trail Blazers gave Brandon Roy a massive contract and then his knees promptly gave out on him and Portland will be saddled with Roy for years. LaMarcus Aldridge is clearly the future of the franchise, but the Blazers aren't built to win later, they're built to win right now.

    Portland needs to concede defeat and just try and rebuild the team around Aldridge and hope for the best. The Blazers are just delaying the inevitable right now and should admit that this team won't be what they and the fans were hoping for.

    Things like this happen all the time in sports, you just need to be able to be proud enough to accept it and move on before it's too late. There is no point in waiting a couple of years, just to find out what we already know.

    I know that no team ever wants to admit that it can't win a championship with the squad that is currently constructed, but that's the case in Portland. It's time to build around Aldridge and hope for the best with Roy.

Could Antwan Jamison's Time In Cleveland Be Limited

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    When one streak ends, another begins.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers stopped their losing streak, but promptly followed it up with a loss to the Washington Wizards, a team that hadn't won on the road all season long.

    Cleveland is a franchise in disarray after the exit of LeBron James this past summer and injuries haven't helped either. However, the Cavs are looking to make a move at the deadline and that move would involve Antwan Jamison.

    According to the News-Herald, the Cavaliers are pushing hard to move Jamison by the deadline and the New Orleans Hornets have shown interest in him. The article also mentions that there's a perception that Cleveland will buy out Jamison's deal if it doesn't move him, but that is unlikely to happen.

    Jamison is one of the league's good guys and you hate to see him on a team that is destined for the top pick in the draft after being traded to Cleveland to help get LeBron James a championship. It's a long way down from the top and Jamison has felt every jagged edge on the way down.

    Cleveland will make some sort of move at the deadline, it has to send a message that the franchise is not happy with how things have gone and that they're trying to make a change.

What Is J.R. Smith's Future In Denver?

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    The Denver Nuggets have been wrapped up in trade talks involving superstar Carmelo Anthony, but there is more to worry about than just Anthony.

    J.R. Smith is a free agent after this season and that, combined with his ability to hit the outside shot, will make him a very valuable asset on the trade market. However, no one knows what direction Denver wants to go in because of the situation with Anthony.

    Anthony has teased the possibility of signing the extension with Denver and that has kept the Nuggets from moving guys like Nene and Smith. You can't blame them, but it just means that Denver has to find a resolution to the Anthony situation as soon as possible.

    Denver needs to know if it is rebuilding or if it's trying to retool to make a run at a championship. If it isn't, Smith could be a valuable trade piece at the deadline for a lot of teams out there. He's a bit of a headcase at times, but he can make it rain from the outside and could be a valuable piece of a championship team.

    Something has to change in Denver, one way or another, and the outcome of the Anthony deal will determine Smith's future with the Nuggets.

Will Steve Nash Be Traded This Summer?

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    Trade rumors involving Steve Nash have been nothing more than the media speculation about a possible move, despite the team's public refusal to trade their franchise player. However, they started right back up after his agent Bill Duffy told that they would expect the Suns to entertain moving Nash during the summer and that he and the superstar are ready for that.

    However, Nash talked to the Arizona Republic and cleared the air after that story.

    "Sometimes, what's said is in the context of something else," Nash said. "I haven't spoken to him about it. I expect to be here (in Phoenix). I'm happy here. I expect to be here even next year."

    "I don't even think about it. I'm just happy to try to make the playoffs."

    It will be interesting to see the direction Phoenix takes at the deadline and this summer. The Suns have a ton of swingmen that could be dealt and Vince Carter can be moved and bought out for a very affordable price.

    The Suns might be able to reload and make another run at a title with Nash as the centerpiece. However, if Phoenix botches this, those media whispers about the star point guard being moved may turn into roars if the Suns are struggling again.

    Nash has been loyal to the Suns and that's commendable. You know he's never going publicly as for a deal, that's just who he is.

Do The Knicks Have More Moves Planned?

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    We've all focused on the New York Knicks because of the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, but Donnie Walsh is looking for more than landing the superstar before the deadline.

    According to the New York Post, Walsh believes the team's biggest need is a big man to take some minutes away from Amar'e Stoudemire, who has played a large chunk of time this season. The report goes on to say that Earl Barron is the leading candidate to be added to the team.

    Barron is a free agent and the Knicks have an open roster spot, so it would make sense for New York to pick him up since they're familiar with him and he's been in New York in the past. It's a smart fit and one that can really help the Knicks down the stretch.

    Stoudemire has logged a lot of minutes this year and this is the opposite of the situation he had in Phoenix, where the Suns watched his minutes closely to try and save that knee he had repaired a couple of years ago.

    The Knicks are struggling a bit right now and things have to be done and Barron would be a move that wouldn't blow people away, but could be crucial to New York's success down the stretch.

What Is New York's Strategy To Land Carmelo Anthony?

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    The New York Knicks have an offer on the table for Carmelo Anthony, but according to the New York Post, that isn't Donnie Walsh's best offer.

    Walsh is planning to wait a week before hitting the Nuggets with his best proposal, which will include more than Wilson Chandler. I would certainly hope so, since what the Knicks have on the table is much, much less than what New Jersey had on the table a month-or-so ago.

    The pressure is on the Knicks to get this deal done and New York almost has more to lose than Denver at this point. Reports are coming out that Anthony may stay with Denver at least through this season. Not only that, but Anthony has hinted that he may decide to sign the extension with the Nuggets.

    If New York loses out on Anthony less than a year after the Knicks missed out on LeBron James this past summer...The fans are clamoring for Anthony to come play in Madison Square Garden. It would be a public relations disaster for the Knicks if Anthony went elsewhere or stayed in Denver.

    Let's hope Walsh's big offer is enough to land Anthony, at least for his sake, because if the Knicks miss out on Anthony, it's going to be a tough time to be in New York.

Are The Nets In The Hunt For Carmelo Anthony?

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    We all saw the press conference where the New Jersey Nets said they were out of the hunt for Carmelo Anthony, but was that the truth?

    According to the New York Post, despite that declaration, many people around the league believe that New Jersey is still very much in the hunt for Anthony with all of the assets they have to move. With the packages coming in for Anthony, there's no reason that New Jersey shouldn't get back in the mix for the superstar.

    Carmelo Anthony would give the Nets a huge star to market around when the team moves to Brooklyn and things could really change for New Jersey. Not only that, but the package the Nets had on the table was much better than anything Denver has gotten since. You know that Detroit would certainly come back to the table to make the deal work.

    As we get closer and closer to the deadline, keep your eye on the Nets. New Jersey could swoop in and steal Anthony away from the Knicks, something that would cause an uproar from New York's fans and cause jubilation for the fans of the Nets.

    Now, it would be interesting to see if Anthony would sign the extension in New Jersey, but my gut feeling is that he would be closer to home and could get the money that he wants and would sign on the dotted line to get paid.

Will The League's Labor Situation Slow Trade Talks?

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    We all know that once the season ends, no one knows what direction the league is headed in.

    There's an uncertain labor situation looming and there's a good chance that we may not see basketball next season and that when the NBA finally returns, we'll see a league that's drastically different than the one we have right now.

    However, what we're used to seeing at the deadline is teams trading expiring contracts and draft picks to try and make a splash at the deadline. However, before a possible lockout, teams aren't going to just give up those valuable assets.

    It's not smart business, because no one wants to be paying more salary than they have to. So what that means for the trade deadline, is that teams aren't going to be as willing to make moves at the deadline as they have been in past years.

    That's a shame, because there are some teams that could use a couple pieces to make a run at a championship. While this may impact this season, there's a very real chance we won't have basketball next year and that's awful, especially with the possibility that we may also be without the NFL.

    Let's hope that these two sides can start to make strides towards a new deal, because with all of these players the NBA currently has, we shouldn't have to watch them sit a whole season out because two wealthy sides can't agree on money.

Could NBA Stars Play In Europe Next Season?

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    With a possible lockout looming over the NBA, there have been some whispers that some of the league's stars would be willing to play in Europe if there was no basketball next year.

    The biggest star that has been connected to that has been Kobe Bryant, who has been linked to Italy and it's basketball league. Bryant's father played in Italy and Kobe grew up there and speaks Italian. Bryant never came out and gave a definite answer either way, but you can never rule anything out.

    Players like Dirk Nowitzki could go back to Germany and play while the NBA sorts things out. However, the league is preparing to tell players that if they get hurt playing overseas, it would void their NBA contracts and they could be out of a job when the league returns.

    While playing basketball may be everything to a lot of these players, they're not about to give up sure money just to play during a lockout.

    Anything can happen and no player is going to risk losing their big money deals just to go overseas. While we may see a couple players go over and try and get some extra money, we won't see a mass exodus to these foreign leagues.

    The players aren't dummies, they'll just wait the labor situation out and hope for the best.