Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and the 25 Best NBA Dunk Contest Throw-Downs

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Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and the 25 Best NBA Dunk Contest Throw-Downs
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With Blake Griffin, Javale McGee, Serge Ibaka, and DeMar DeRozan set to attempt to revive the event known as the dunk contest, it's time that we take a look back and see just how far we have come since the first time this contest took place in 1984. 25 years ago, players like Larry Nance and Julius Erving were duking it out for the first dunk contest title and it would be the Phoenix Suns forward Nance that would take home the first trophy.

Since then, we as NBA fans have witnessed some of the wildest, most impressive feats in the sports history. The players might only be dunking the ball, but the way some of these dunks are pulled off are some of the most jaw dropping feats that have ever been performed in the sports history. If you only watched last season's contest, then you probably wouldn't expect it to have the same value it had in years prior, but it is attempting a comeback with four of the newest young high flyers in the game.

Before most of the players were even born though, it was players like Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, and Spud Webb putting on aerial assaults above the rim. Whether it was Jordan's free throw line dunk or Wilkins trademark windmill's, the former stars popularized the dunk contest with dunks that had yet to be performed. Michael Jordan defying the laws of gravity was what originally set viewers over the edge, as they yearned for more.

It would be a long lay off before Vince Carter would take over and revive the dunk contest again with one of the greatest dunk contest performances in the contest's history. It would be other stars such as Jason Richardson, Desmond Mason, and Fred Jones that would keep the contest going at an impressive pace with some new jams that had yet to be seen. Since then, we have seen some outlandish feats pulled off that include a 5'10" Nate Robinson jumping over a 6'11" Dwight Howard, Gerald Green blowing out some candles, and Andre Iguodala dunking from just about everywhere.

The dunk contest might have lost some of it's creative value and swagger, but it all might change this season with Griffin, McGee, DeRozan, and Ibaka set to rock the rim. The contest have come a long way since Erving pulled off the first official free throw line dunk and we still continue to watch at the edge of our collective seats as to just what these athletes will do next.

25 years of dunk contest have been played and we have collected the 25 top dunks in it's history. Let's see just how memorable Vince Carter and Jason Richardson were only a decade ago.

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