NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and The Top 5 Trade Rumors

Trevor LowryContributor IFebruary 9, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and The Top 5 Trade Rumors

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    Trades are popping up left and right in the NBA. Not only are these just simple trades, but they are huge trades that can greatly impact teams, like Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic, and the Denver Nuggets. 

    Some teams want to make trades to help them make a strong push for the playoffs, while other teams are trying to make trades to help their chances on winning an NBA Championship. Whether the case, in the next couple of weeks there are going to be some huge names in the trade market.

    Look for the top teams to try and make some deals and some big names to be playing for new teams before the trade deadline.

    With this said, here are the top five trade rumors that everyone is talking about.

5. Andre Iguodala

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    Andre Iguodala's name has been passed around in the trade rumors as of lately. This season Iguodala is averaging 14.6 PPG, 6 APG, and 5.7 RPG. With these numbers, a team would be crazy not to want Iguodala in their lineup. 

    The only thing that would stop teams from pursuing Andre is he is currently only in the third year of his $80 million contract. 

    Although it seems unlikely that a team would want to pay off Iguodala's last three years of his contract, his name is still up in the air to be traded. 

    The Philadelphia 76ers are still in the hunt for the playoffs, but they want to trade Iguodala so they can develop a team around Evan Turner. 

4. Aaron Brooks

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    A season ago, Aaron Brooks seemed to be the Houston Rockets' man. Brooks averaged 19.6 PPG and 5.3 APG. After battling an ankle injury, Brooks' minutes are down, resulting in his numbers being down as well.

    Brooks has been put on the bench in crunch time situations and other point guards on the team have been getting the go. 

    Although Brooks is a very phenomenal player, the Rockets seem to be leaning towards trading Brooks at the deadline. Many teams, like the Knicks would love to have Brooks on their team.

3. Antawn Jamison

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    When arriving on the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jamison thought he was getting on a team that was going to help LeBron James win a championship. However, less than a year later, LeBron James signed with the Miami Heat and the chances of the Cavaliers ever winning a championship went down the drain.

    With LeBron gone the Cavaliers have obviously been a mess. They are trying to rebuild their team and with the worst record in the NBA, the Cavaliers have a long ways to go. 

    Jamison is not getting any younger and the Cavaliers plan on getting rid of the aging player. Jamison is averaging 17.2 PPG. Many teams would like to add a player of this caliber to their team and at the same time Cleveland can get some young players for Jamison that would benefit them in the future.

2. Dwight Howard

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    Dwight Howard is the face of the Orlando Magic, or that is at least what most people thought. This year Orlando has made two big trades to center a team around Dwight Howard.

    There have been mixed feelings about the deal and Orlando could use some more depth in the front court and could get better on defense. However, with the big contracts that the Magic have, it is unlikely that anyone would want to take them on and make a deal. 

    Trading Dwight Howard has been brought into the picture because of the fact that the Magic cannot win a big game and they have done everything to center a team around Howard.

    Although this trade is not very likely to happen, Howard's name has been up in the air to be traded. 

1. Carmelo Anthony

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    Carmelo Anthony's name has come up in trade talks ever since the summer. However, Anthony still remains on the Denver Nuggets. If the Nuggets could keep Anthony they would, but Anthony has other plans.

    Carmelo's number one destination is to play for the New York Knicks, however there have been recent talk to send Anthony to the Los Angeles Lakers. Whether the case, look for Anthony to be traded before the deadline.

    The Nuggets do not want Anthony to leave the team without getting anything in return. Therefore, Anthony will be traded and he will no longer be a Denver Nugget.