Kevin Durant and the Top 10 Buzzer-Beaters of the 2010-2011 NBA Season

Erik LandauCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2011

Kevin Durant and the Top 10 Buzzer-Beaters of the 2010-2011 NBA Season

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    It is the pressure as the clock winds down that can help foster intensity and drama which compels one to watch. The buzzer beating shot in the NBA. In a moment, the hopes and visions of a win can be snatched away and the agony of a defeat can linger beyond the 48 minutes on the court.

    These are the ten best that have happened so far this year. There is bound to be many more time crunching, clutch shots to come, but here are the best so far. Some were amazing, some were expected, and some did not even count. That said, they still are entertaining to take in.

10. The Bank Is Open

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    This video only ended the second quarter, but the degree of difficulty was decent on this shot. Fading to his right with two defenders attempting to knock away his shot, he was able to bank home the shot to keep the woeful Wizards hopeful on an 0-25 road record so far this year.

9. Amar'e Almost Does The Deed

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    Amar'e Stoudemire went big in a "rivalry game" here as the top statistical player of the night. He almost capped it by hitting this deep three that got nothing but the bottom of the net. Unlike Derek Fisher's 0.4 shot in the 2004 Playoffs however, the clock had shown red before he released the shot. Game to Celtics, highlight to Stoudemire.

8. LeBron James Fades To Indiana

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    Usually the end of the first quarter has very little in terms of fireworks. LeBron decided to try and change that right here. Turning from almost out of bounds he twists and turns his body to throw in a deep jumper a la Larry Bird. Just more of the magic that is LeBron.

7. Derrick Rose Ties It Up

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    So it's the end of the game and the ball is in Derrick Rose's hands. Whatever you do, don't let him get a shot off to tie the game Houston. Well, when you are the leading candidate for MVP, shots like this are what shows your worth and Houston mediocre one. Rose hits the nasty three to tie the game and send the Chicago fans into an uproar as he sends the game into a second overtime.

6. J.R. Smith With The Facial

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    This is just a good balance of hops and thunder on this play. I think Smith left the imprint of his knees tattooed on Gary Neal's chest. Another play with fury to end the first quarter that left everyone with a "damn" expression.

5. A Charge?

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    Now I am not a fan of Manu's flops. They remind me of the frustrations that involve the acting in European football. That said, this is a great play by Ginobili on a great take by Carmelo. Something had to give one way or the other, and like it or not, Ginobili stepped up by literally stepping up and taking the hit.

4. Manu Again

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    This was the precursor to the charge Manu took later that week. Ginobili with the game on the line goes to an unorthodox move (which could be considered traveling in some circles), and steps back to drain the game winner. More headaches for the Bucks and celebratory ways for the Spurs.

3. Derek Fisher Clipping It

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    It wasn't a player winner, but it was still a great shot in its own right. Playing a road game at home was the right touch in this winner against the Clippers. Fisher not only is able to get the shot off in time, he also is able to leave it up above the outstretched arms of DeAndre Jordan. A vintage like move reminiscent of Gary Payton.

2. K.D. Is The King Of The City

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    Kevin Durant just doing his usual of knocking down a jumper. This time, it just happened to be with the game on the line. Danilo Gallinari plays as good a defense that you can play in the situation. Durant was just better with his fade away out of bounds thrust that catches back iron and falls through the hole. Such a tough shot which he makes look like a free throw.

1. The O.J. Wasn't Enough

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    Originally, this would have been great just for the shot that O.J. Mayo was able to hit. He maneuvered his body to an angle and found nothing but the bottom of the net which gave the Grizzlies the lead with 1.5 seconds left. No to be the night of one great shot, a second would come from the Rookie of the Year in Tyreke Evans. His half court fling would find pay day and the Kings would pull the improbable win out. Giving the Kings something to cheer about in this harsh season.