Beyond The Wall: Five Reasons John Wall Will Win an NBA MVP Award in His Career

Kevon Robinson@@Kevon_RobbbCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2011

Beyond The Wall: Five Reasons John Wall Will Win an NBA MVP Award in His Career

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    Ever since the freshman out of Kentucky, John Wall, was drafted, people find ways to down-play his skill set due to the numerous comparisons from NBA and ESPN scouts.

    Wall has comparisons to him that have gone from Derrick Rose to even Magic Johnson, and with him breaking the assists record for a rookie in a month, people are starting to make predictions that he will break Mark Jackson's assist record for a rookie in a year (868).

    The difference between Derrick Rose and John Wall right now in terms of their approach in basketball games is that Rose has the killer instinct that Wall hasn't developed yet.  Wall is a pure PG and has definitely proven it this year as he looks for teammate often, and sometimes too often. 

    Right now, we can't really determine how good Wall will be, but we do know that he will be good; and if Steve Nash, who was always being criticized about his defense, can win back-to-back MVPs, I don't see why Wall can't do it once in his career.

His Jump Shot

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    Let me get this straight.

    The problem with Wall isn't his jumper, but it is his confidence on his jumper.

    Wall came into this league as an average shooter, but assistant coach Sam Cassell is continuing to work with him so defenders can stop going under screens leaving space for Wall to shoot a jumper.  Wall knows he isn't the best shooter and knows it needs to improve:

    "I've been working on it all summer, I can make it," Wall said. "When I'm so wide open, I'm hesitating to see if I can shoot a jump shot or shoot a set shot. You can't do that, because when you do that, you're in between two different shots."

    It took Derrick Rose two years to take his jump shot to a more consistent level, and we now see that it has taken him to be in the MVP race.

Work Ethic

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    What stood out with NBA greats like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant is the amount of work they put into their game during the season and in the offseason.

    I'm not saying that Wall will be as great as Michael Jordan and Kobe, but I know that the amount of work Wall puts in during the practice and outside of practice is going to continue to carry his game a long way throughout his career.

    “I’ve been working on the mid-range, that is the shot they are going to give he coming off pick and rolls,” Wall said. “You know, like Derrick Rose, he worked on his (after his rookie year) and came back able to make them. I want to go into my rookie year and make the shot.”

    To become the best, you have to develop a balanced game, as MJ could shoot, defend, pass, and slash to the rim without any limitations.  John Wall's potential is sky high because of him being only 20 years old and still have the ability to pass, slash, and defend to a degree just coming into the league.

His Support

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    Every basketball player has fans, whether they come from across the nation or the world.

    But while not all basketball players have fans that are former superstars and hall of famers, John Wall does.

    After watching John Wall the previous year at the University of Kentucky, where he performed the "John Wall Dance" at center court, Magic Johnson appeared at the Wizards' game against the Houston Rockets to see if the rookie lived up to the expectations Magic and others had on him.

    Wall didn't disappoint, as he pulled off his first career triple-double in the Verizon Center and was on the verge of pursuing a quadruple-double with the stat line of 19 points, 13 assists, 10 rebounds, and six steals.

    Magic Johnson made this quote about Wall to Michael Wilbon:

    "Wall has that same type of ability, lived up to the same level of hype as Rose did in college. You do it at Kentucky, you're playing on the biggest stage in college basketball every night, against top competition every night. You know what Wall does now as well as anybody in the league? Gets it off the glass and goes. I mean, right now he does that as well as anybody in the league."

Players Around Him Are Getting Better

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    Why are the other players getting better going to help John Wall win a MVP?

    In the MVP race, the award goes to the player that wins the number/stats game against opposing players around the league along with how successful the team is.  With Wall being a PG, the award committee will look at two columns on his stat sheet, his points per game and his assists per game.  Along with that, the number of promising players on the roster should help his numbers increase in the future.

    The three names that pop out when I think of players that will help benefit John Wall's drive-n-dish style of getting assists are Nick Young, JaVale McGee, and Trevor Booker.  Nick Young has improved a ton since being drafted in 2007 by the Washington Wizards and is starting to show some consistency coming off of screens and taking jump shots.  JaVale McGee and John Wall have clicked since day one in the NBA Summer League, as they displayed an array of alley oops off pick and rolls.  Trevor Booker is an explosive, powerful player who is finally starting to get some minutes off the bench for Flip Saunders and is another great pick and roll asset for John Wall.


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    First off, it is completely false that a player's swagger has nothing to do with what recognitions he gets off the court.

    Swagger wins players fans and enemies, but the majority are fans.

    There is a reason why Kevin Love wasn't in the original all-star selection this year despite his tremendous numbers in rebounding.  Kevin Love has no swag, so not that many people know about him and look at what he does.

    Although we the people don't make the selection as to who will win the MVP award, the committee still listens to what we have to say.  Before you criticize me, ask yourself these questions:

    Why isn't Monta Ellis being talked about in the MVP race? Or Kevin Love?

    The award is called the "Most Valuable Player", and both Ellis and Love mean the world to their teams in terms of value, but they are even-keeled and seem to show no emotion on the court, which isn't wrong by any means and aren't that popular.

    The people love John Wall, especially after his dougie.