LeBron James' 20 Most Noteworthy Tweets So Far

Hayden Kim@@HayDayKimCorrespondent IIIFebruary 3, 2011

LeBron James' 20 Most Noteworthy Tweets So Far

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    Love or hate the man, LeBron James has no doubt taken the throne as the "best" player in the NBA from Kobe "the Black Mamba" Bryant. However, this doesn't take anything away from the fact that LeBron still acts as though he is in the third grade, posting childish remarks on Twitter.

    Of course this hasn't effected LeBron's game in the slightest, actually in a sense it has enhanced his motivation to prove others wrong, but the reality is, LeBron doesn't seem to have matured much since his appearance in the league and as a result he has posted many controversial Tweets in the course of his career, especially before leaving the now-infamous Akron, Ohio. 

    For all those out there who love to critique others on their past actions, here's a tribute to the "20 Most Controversial Tweets So Far" from the King himself.

    Hope you enjoy and as always, feel free to comment!

20. Over and Over Again

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    @KingJames: "They keep taking bout the same thing over and over!!!"

    This might as well be the second-most noteworthy Tweet that LeBron has posted so far just for the amount of contradiction it contains.

    Come on, LeBron, we all know that you post this, turn around and do the exact same thing. Do yourself a favor and give us a break.

19. Attitude

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    @KingJames: "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man ..."

    This is one of the more straightforward Tweets from LeBron, but the fact is, it's from LeBron.

    "Nothing on earth can help the man ..." This is the type of Tweet that should make one scratch their head; this Tweet has to feel like a punch in the face to all former Cleveland' fans.

    LeBron basically said that nothing on this Earth can help him, that he can and has to do everything by himself.

    Though he is arguably the best player in the league, LeBron needs to watch his words when quoting such a powerful quote.

18. Forgetting The Past?

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    @KingJames: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

    How many indirect hits can one land on the city of Akron, Ohio? For all Cleveland fans reading this, you obviously understand what this is saying; basically LeBron is saying if you can't win a championship somewhere (Cleveland), don't let that interfere with what you can do right now (Miami).

    The man failed to bring a championship to a great city, why can't he just let it go? Maybe I'm being a little harsh on LeBron, but these are the types of Tweets that should tick every Cleveland fan off.

    LeBron, please do the state of Ohio a favor and drop the subject.

17. Winners Vs. Losers

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    @KingJames: "Winners develop the habits of doing things that losers don't like to do."

    Sorry, LeBron, but you haven't done enough to say such a thing. You haven't won yet, (though the Heat are looking good) and the fact that you quit on the Cavaliers adds to the fact that you don't have what it takes to be a "winner."

    If he would have stayed in Cleveland for the remainder of his career and would have battled through the hardships of trying to win a title, maybe then LeBron could talk about what separates winners from losers, but the fact is, LeBron hasn't won yet and until he does, this Tweet remains pathetic.

16. Never Going To Lose Again

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    @KingJames: "Oh and by the way, UCONN women's team ain't gone ever lose a game again!! Haa. Congrats ladies!!"

    Hopefully this Tweet was intended to be somewhat of a joke, but nonetheless the remark was a little out there.

    As you know the UCONN women did actually end up losing to the Stanford Lady Cardinal. Whether this was a joke or not, this was a "bold" statement by the King.

15. NYC

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    @KingJames: "NYC!! One of the best cities in the world. Gotta love it."

    The way people gain attention these days is amazing. The fact that LeBron uttered the words "NYC" sadly drew much attention.

    Though anyone has the right to complement a city without gaining unwanted attention, LeBron is LeBron and most people would agree that this Tweet wasn't simply intended to go along with the popular "I Love NY" shirts.

14. The Critic

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    @KingJames: "It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer (cont)."

    It's good sign for Heat fans that LeBron is trying to forget the past, but the fact that he has totally contradicted himself is what makes this Tweet controversial.

    Earlier in this slide show, you saw the now-infamous quote from LeBron saying that he is "taking mental notes" on everyone proves that the critic actually does count in the King's World.

13. Greatness

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    @KingJames: "Did a post game interview with Craig Sager and I mentioned "Greatness" and I didn't mean my self individually, I meant to say US as a TEAM working towards "Greatness". Anyways Great Team Win for US tonight!"

    When someone makes a mistake they should at least be honest and tell the truth, but not for the King, he has to cover up his original comment with smarta** comments.

    Don't try and kid anyone LeBron we all know that you meant yourself when you mentioned the word "Greatness," it's okay to have an ego. There is a reason why you are among the best in the league.

12. Easy

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    @KingJames: "It's just 2 easy!! I smell a blowout."

    The last thing LeBron needs to do is get ahead of himself. With this Tweet, it just proves that LeBron is overconfident and is looking too far ahead.

    Don't get me wrong, the Heat are dangerous and have a lot of potential, but LeBron should probably hold back on the trash talking for later on, when the Heat are actually contending for a title.

11. Mike Vick: Possible President?

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    @KingJames: "Mike Vick for PRESIDENT!!"

    I'm all for comeback stories and giving people second chances, but LeBron's comment above is a tad bit scary.

    It was during one of the Eagles games, but LeBron might wanna consider thinking before posting such an odd post in front of millions of followers.

    There is an obvious friendship between LeBron and Michael Vick, but when you are promoting an idea as crazy as "Mike Vick for PRESIDENT!!," there is something wrong.

10. Echoes

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    @KingJames: "What we do in Life, Echoes in Eternity#Gladiator."

    It was very bold of LeBron to post this; the quote is very true, but does LeBron know that? For Heaven's sake, LeBron, you left a whole city in chaos and then you go ahead and post something like this?

    As Twitter-ers say it, shout out to LeBron, "maybe you should consider following through on your own quotes."

9. Real Fans Vs. Real Haters

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    @KingJames: "Thanks to my REAL fans and REAL haters for helping me get to a Million followers. U guys are the best!! Let's keep it going."

    Nothing is really wrong with this Tweet, but the fact that LeBron included his "REAL haters" in this post should intrigue one's mind. The man truly does care about what others think.

8. Irony

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    @KingJames: "MTO is the most disgusting/non-credible site in the world! All they do is try to ruin people lives and talk bad upon them."

    Honestly I have no idea what MTO is, but the funniest part of this whole post is the fact that the website does exactly what LeBron does.

    All LeBron has done is "ruin people's" lives in Cleveland and has talked "bad upon them." How much more irony can there be in one post?

7. The Truth

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    @KingJames: "If Life wasn't a struggle, there would be nothing to accomplish or overcome. The struggles in your life are positive."

    This was a good post by LeBron. As you can already tell, I am not a big fan of LeBron, but this is a respectable post.

    Though one could argue that this post isn't really what LeBron thinks, but no one knows that for sure.

6. Best Website in The World

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    @KingJames: "LeBronjames.com!! Will be best website in the WORLD!! Catch up."

    LeBron as we know is one of the most "confident" people possibly in the World. The man knows how to gain attention and that is the result of having a lot of confidence.

    This post basically sums up how LeBron thinks of himself and honestly it is a sad, but the fact is, this is who he is and we all have to deal with it, I mean, he is the "King."

5. Akron, Ohio

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    @KingJames: "Akron, OH!! Best city in the WORLD!! Catch up."

    This one is pretty much self-explanatory and for all the Cavaliers' fans out there reading this, sorry for re-opening a wound.

4. Seven Years Of Joy

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    @KingJames: "Let's clear this up! I never said to the Cavaliers' fans to "get over it". I've never and will never say anything bad about them. 7 years of joy!"

    For whatever reason LeBron can't seem to man up and let this whole situation go.

    Though it hasn't taken anything away from his performance as a player, this has to make a Cavaliers' fan cry and shake their head at the same time.

3. Hater Day

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    @KingJames: "Today is Hater Day. Everyone please let them get their 2 mins of fame and light! I Love You Haters. Continue to make me proud of u guys! LOL."

    Never have I heard of "Hater Day," but there is obviously one is LeBron's World.

    There are two things about this that should puzzle everyone, one, that LeBron actually posted this and second that he added the letters "LOL" at the end.

2. Mental Notes

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    @KingJames: “Don’t think for one min that I haven’t been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!”

    It is only fitting to start off with a more well-known Tweet that is giving a shout out to everyone in the world that the King himself is taking "mental notes" who is criticizing his game.

    You hear that, everyone? LeBron actually does hear everything you say, so for those who have attempted to get into the man's head, the comments aren't obviously going to waste.

1. Oh Hey Cleveland

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    @KingJames: “Crazy. Karma is a b****. Get’s you every time. It’s not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”

    In recent news this is by far the most infamous Tweet that LeBron has posted so far. With his alleged personal attack against Dan Gilbert, LeBron brought upon another unnecessary forecast of trouble.

    After posting this, everyone has to seriously consider taking LeBron as he is, because honestly he probably isn't going to change, at least not for now.

    LeBron may be the best player in the World today and he may be entertaining on and off the court, but his Tweets will forever be questionable and though noteworthy at times LeBron remains the No. 1-hated "King" in the state of Ohio.