It's In The Game: Bo Jackson and The Top 10 Cyber Athletes Ever

Matthew Drumheller@@mrdrumhellerContributor IJanuary 30, 2011

It's In The Game: Bo Jackson and The Top 10 Cyber Athletes Ever

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    Video games and sports go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Especially for us sports fans who just quite couldn't make it to the pros, be it that "knee we blew out in high school" or otherwise.

    We get to transport to a dreamland where we are our idols. You get to come home from stocking groceries all day and break the single-season record for touchdown passes, topping the evil Tom Brady. Or you set the textbooks down for "just an hour" to "be like Mike" and break Karl Malone's heart again. So lay the sticks down and remember the cyber athletes that make you remember your first Stanley Cup or that time you won the Heisman.

No. 10: Sammy Sosa in Triple Play 2000

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    I understand you may be scratching your head at first, but just watch this video and you may change your mind.

    Yes, that homer went 962 feet! And yes, it was a cheat code, but regardless, Sammy Sosa was the guy you wanted batting in crunch time when you were playing this game while listening to Limp Bizkit on your Walkman. Don't lie to yourself, we all did.

No. 9: Devin Hester in Madden NFL 09

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    As a Packer or Viking in 2008, this was the last thing you wanted to see. The first player in Madden history with a speed rating of a perfect 100, Devin Hester was avoided at any cost. However, lining him up at wideout and tossing bombs could be effective as well. Here's to the best returner ever.

No. 8: Brock Lesnar In WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW

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    I'm sure some arguments may ensue here as pro wrestling being a sport is up for interpretation. However, no one can disregard the sheer dominance and lopsided matches that Brock Lesnar brought to this game. Bouts with Dana White's BFF could last a mere 45 seconds with his earth-shattering F5 and seemingly endless German suplexes and powerbombs. Luckily for Brock, the punches in WWE aren't quite as "well-executed" as they are in UFC.

No. 7: Tony Hawk in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

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    Many kids never had the pleasure of skateboarding and enjoying the thrill that comes along with it.

    In September of 1999 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was released. Suddenly, everyone was busting out kickflips and varials. I just did something called an Impossible, I can do anything! However, do you remember the first time you achieved the ultimate in skateboarding; the 900? It was awe-inspiring to see "The Hawkman" spin with grace unseen. Tony Hawk, thank you for saving me many broken bones.

No. 6: Shawn Kemp in NBA Jam

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    Shawn Kemp. Remember him? He was Blake Griffin 1.0.

    Throwing the most powerful dunks ever seen, "The Reign Man" earned his nickname. Enter NBA Jam.

    Originally a quarter-munching arcade messiah, the game eventually found its way to home consoles. There was nothing better than seeing Kemp shatter the backboards as the announcer rattles off classics such as "Boom-Shakalaka." And we could never forget what it felt like to be "On Fire" and see your friends faces melt as Gary Payton threw it up to Shawn Kemp for his 14th dunk in a row.

No. 5: QB No. 15 In NCAA Football 10

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    I have no clue who QB No. 15 was supposed to be, but he ran like Herschel Walker and threw like Danny Wuerffel. Trust me, in the college game that's a good thing.

    QB No. 15 definitely said his prayers and ate his vitamins before he went and thrashed Alabama and Florida State game in and game out. Polarizing as both QB No. 15 and his alter-ego, Tim Tebow, he was no doubt the most dominant college football player of this generation and this game just accentuated the fact.

No. 4: Wayne Gretzky in NHL 94

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    "The Great One" was the greatest hockey player of all-time.

    Nobody will ever achieve what he did on the ice. Some believe NHL 94 may have been the greatest sports game ever and Wayne Gretzky, then playing for the Los Angeles Kings, was the apex. If played well enough, you could just skate down the rink with Gretz and snap a goal nearly every time. I remember at the tender age of seven, netting 10 goals in one game with Gretzky. He was truly great on the real ice and that hypnotizing blue ice of NHL 94.

No. 3: Randy Moss in Madden NFL 2003

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    Snap the ball to Daunte Culpepper. One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Tap the O button and watch the success. This play was a surefire dynamo and a routine touchdown. Think of how good Moss made Culpepper look. Pretty much any football game from 2000-2003 could have been placed on this list. Then Moss went to hook up with Tom Brady and the races to select the Patriots at the team select screen began. King of the soundbite, Randy was also king of the bomb.

No. 2: Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11

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    Video games in the 90's that did feature Michael Jordan couldn't possibly do "His Airness" justice.

    Then along came 2K Sports with the best mode in sports gaming history. Here in the year 2010, we get to play as the greatest basketball player of all-time. We get to lay waste to LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, or we have the opportunity to re-enact Jordan's greatest moments ever on the hardcourt. All of them! NBA 2K11 truly does Jordan and his legacy justice and for that gamers and sports fans are forever grateful.

No. 1...Bo Jackson In Tecmo Suoer Bowl

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    Bo to make your friends look stupid.

    Bo Jackson's NFL career may have been short, but he will forever live on through his Monday Night Football performance and his Tecmo Super Bowl performances as well.

    Seriously, look at this and just shake your head. That's a four-and-a-half minute touchdown! It's like four touchdowns in one. No matter what difficulty, what game or what player, that is nigh impossible to achieve. Not to mention, who doesn't wanna listen to that music while embarrassing everybody?