NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Teams That Would Give Up the Farm for Deron Williams

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NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Teams That Would Give Up the Farm for Deron Williams
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Giving up the farm might be worth it after all.

The past year has seen more landscape changing trades and signings than nearly any other era in the NBA. 

Now, the increased rumblings about a discontented Deron Williams could portend yet another ground-breaking move by one of the league's elite.

The Camelo Anthony saga may currently be highjacking the headlines, abducting the airwaves, and crowding the column space, but a Deron Williams transfer could end up being far more productive for his new team (and destructive for his old) than anything remotely Melo related.

That of course is in no way a knock on Carmelo Anthony.  It's just that high quantity scoring forwards, even at Anthony's talent level, are an easier commodity to come by.

Finding point guards like Deron Williams?

Not so much.

And that's even when we factor in the other elites like Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Steve Nash, and Rajon Rondo.

I suppose we can argue all day about whether Williams truly is the best point guard in the NBA.  (It's an argument worth having every time, by the way.)

However, there is no argument when it comes to summing up Williams' overall game: 

He sets up teammates almost as easily as Paul.  He plays angles nearly as well as Nash.  He can get to the basket with an otherworldly mixture of speed and power in much the same way as Rose.  He is just about as physically imposing and as much of a match up nightmare as Rondo.

Now, while Williams might not be the defensive wrecking ball that Rondo is, he's as good or better defensively than the rest of that elite list.

What's more, he has a more complete inside and outside scoring ability than any of the other top-flight point guards.  Plus, his open court vision and transition passing are easily the best since Jason Kidd's prime.

When it comes down to it, while Williams may not be quite as good as the aforementioned players in their specific areas of expertise, he is so close behind, and so well rounded in all of them, that calling him the best overall point guard right now is certainly not out of line.

So, if Deron Williams really is considering a departure from Utah, where could he possibly end up?

If you're asking, "who would want him?"  The answer is obviously, "anyone and everyone who could get him." 

At the same time, by the leaving the Jazz and forsaking a perennial Playoff contender, he'd obviously expect that bigger and better things must lay over the next horizon.

Let's discuss why Deron Williams might suddenly want out of such a good situation in Utah, and what the ramifications of his move could be on his current and future teams. 

We'll do that while pondering which ten teams might actually have the best shot at acquiring and keeping the league's best overall point guard. 

Keep in mind that these are in no particular order, and merely hypothetical ways to make such a move possible.

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