NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Players Who Would Make Chicago Favorite in the East

Scott Redick@Sports_25toLifeContributor IJanuary 28, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Players Who Would Make Chicago Favorite in the East

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    The Chicago Bulls are already one of the top teams in the NBA's Eastern Conference. They currently sit in the 3 seed if the season were to end today and they have not even had their entire starting line-up together for more than a few games with Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer all missing time this season. The Bulls are one of the top defensive teams in the NBA and should only get better as the season wears on and they continue to get healthy.

    The only flaw in their roster right now is at shooting guard where they start Keith Bogans and bring in Ronnie Brewer off the bench for most of the minutes. They could use a shooter to stretch the floor while also keeping up their defensive prowess. There are a few players here that will only help on the offensive end, but each one of them really brings something that the Bulls lack, a scoring threat at the two guard position.

    If they can bring in one of these players it would be hard not to consider them the favorites to win the East this season.

10. Carmelo Anthony

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    A lot of people would put this as the best player for the Bulls to aquire to make a championship run, but there is a problem. The Nuggets are known to covet Joakim Noah, and the Bulls have steadfastly refused to trade him.

    At the very least they would have to give up Luol Deng who has been a consistent contributor for them so far this year.

    I feel that trading away players out of the starting line up and adding Melo would not help the Bulls as much as some think. Sure he is a great scorer, but he may also hinder Derrick Rose's development into one of the premier players in the league. He can not be overlooked, but also cannot be for certain the Bulls best option.

9. JJ Redick

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    The Bulls tried to acquire him this off season to no avail. The Magic did not want to give him up and matched the Bulls generous contract offer.

    Now the Magic may be looking for some financial flexibility and could give up Redick for the right price.

    Redick would give the Bulls another shooter to space the floor for Derrick Rose and also give them someone with a lot of potential to improve in a starting role. He is this low because it is still not known if the Magic will be willing to part with him.

8. Francisco Garcia

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    Garcia is one of the true shouting guards on this list. He has great three-point range and is a solid defender. He also adds good size to any back court.

    Garcia can play both forward spots if the Bulls choose to go small and would provide good flexibility that way.

7. Marcus Thornton

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    Thornton has been buried on the New Orleans bench most of the season, but he was a valuable scoring option for them last season in the back court.

    He is a slightly less hyped version of OJ Mayo. He can handle the ball and score while possessing decent shooting range. He is one of the cheaper options for the Bulls.

6. Stephen Jackson

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    Jackson may be the second most high profile player on this list.

    He is known for some of his Ron Artest-like antics in the past but has continually expressed his desire to win a championship and most teammates have praised him as a leader.

    He brings a little bit of everything you need in a shouting guard: size, shooting, leadership and defense. He would be a solid addition to the Bulls back court.

5. Wilson Chandler

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    Chandler is like a Stephen Jackson clone. He brings the same skills and is about the same size.

    Jackson is more heralded and would therefore come at a higher price. The Knicks don't seem enamored with him, and he is likely to be dealt before the deadline to some contender.

4. Courtney Lee

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    Lee has been part of a contender before. He was a vital part of the Magic rotation during their NBA Finals run a couple years back.

    He can play defense and run the floor with Rose while giving them the ability to stretch the floor a little bit with his shooting.

    The Rockets need to clear room in their back court for Terrance Williams and their other guards, so Lee may come at a reduced price.

3. O.J. Mayo

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    He may have just been suspended for 10 games for a banned substance, but that should not stop the Bulls from pursuing him.

    Once a highly regarded talent coming out of USC, Mayo has fallen off this season, but if he is put in the right situation his talent could show through once again.

    As a third or fourth scoring option on the Bulls he could thrive. Also, he has played point in the past and could take over C.J. Watson's role backing up Derrick Rose.

2. Daniel Gibson

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    Gibson is known as a shooter mostly, but this season he had shown he can be more.

    He has developed into a solid combo guard for the Cavs. He is another guy who can handle the ball and give Derrick Rose some rest, and he is likely the best shooter of the bunch.

    On the floor with Kyle Korver,  they would create huge driving lanes for Rose. Gibson would benefit as much from playing next to Derrick Rose as Rose would from having a shooter like Gibson at his side.

1. Andre Iguodala

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    Andre Iguodala is the perfect fit for the Bulls if the Sixers decide to trade him.

    He plays excellent defense improving the Bulls greatest strength. He also would be a crazy good third or fourth scoring option by much of the pressure off of him.

    He has come under fire because he has not succeeded as the leading scorer on the Sixers, but imagine him the way he played on Team USA this summer where he can just use his athleticism on offense and play defense.

    He could be a serious match-up problem in the Eastern Conference playoffs as one of the Bulls secondary scoring options. He may not be the best shooter, but he is shooting a career high percentage this year. If the Bulls could get him it would make them a sure-fire favorite to win the East.

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