Carmelo Anthony Disrespect: Denver Nugget Fans Need To Stop Booing!

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Carmelo Anthony Disrespect: Denver Nugget Fans Need To Stop Booing!
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The summer months of 2010 brought speculation that the Denver Nuggets may be shipping Carmelo Anthony out of town. The Nuggets than laid out on the table a three-year, $65 million dollar extension.

Carmelo has yet to sign the extension. This has upset many Nuggets fans. Upset them to the point that they boo the All-Star forward at every home game.

Many fans have criticized Carmelo and his so-called selfish acts. What has Carmelo done to make himself a villain? Absolutely nothing. He has not demanded anything. His performance on the hard court has not (for the most part) been a distraction.

The Denver Nuggets front office is the one to blame.

I can understand why it would want to try and trade Carmelo before the trade deadline. The Nuggets do not want to end up being the laughingstock of the league, similar to what the Cleveland Cavaliers are right now. So why not try to get as many players and draft picks for Carmelo before the summer free agency period as they can?

If the fans want to boo someone, than start booing the front office or the media.

The media holds just as much blame as the Nuggets' front office. Many analysts have basically said the trade is done. Every basketball analyst wants to be the first one to break the story.

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I have no problem with that. Everyone wants his or her 15 minutes of fame, and breaking the Carmelo trade news would definitely provide that fame. The one thing that I do have a problem with is when false information goes too far.

On Dec. 15th, Lionel Bienvenu, who works for ABC's Channel 7 in Denver, reported that the Denver Nuggets and the New Jersey Nets have come to terms to trade Carmelo to the Nets.

Lionel is a very good reporter and sports anchor, but in this instance, he was so desperate to break the news that he believed all the sources that broke the story. Channel 7 also had a tease about it during the nine o'clock hour.

The media has taken every single piece of false information and has blown it out of proportion. This has made the fans irritated.

When the media asks Carmelo about anything that has to do with trade talks, he basically just scuffs at the question and proclaims that he just wants to play basketball. He has never demanded a trade out of Denver in any interview.

Let's also take a moment and revisit the 2002-03 season. The last season before Carmelo, the Nuggets finished 17-65. Since Carmelo arrived, the Nuggets have been to the playoffs every year, and have reached the Western Conference Finals once.

I know the fans want a championship. I know I would love to see Denver hold the title. If we trade Carmelo, we may have a hard time making the playoffs. The Nuggets may be just like they were before Carmelo arrived.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
The Nuggets still have great talent and leadership that can help the Nuggets be a contender every year

The Nuggets have only made the playoffs 20 times in the history of the franchise. Seven of those have occurred with Carmelo. Nuggets fans should recognize what they have before they lose it.

He may want to play in New York. He may want to stay in Denver. The only thing we know is that Carmelo's No. 1 goal is to sign the extension. He wants to sign this so he can get his big pay day and still be able to receive one more big contract before he is out of his prime.

Denver still has a chance to retain Carmelo. These two things need to happen. Fans need to stop booing, and the Nuggets' front office need to stop dangling Carmelo as trade bait. If we don't start showing Carmelo the respect that he deserves for bringing this franchise into a playoff, then we will lose him.

It does not help that the Nuggets fans are the ones that are driving Carmelo out of town. He has not once deserved any of the boos that reign upon him in the Pepsi Center. 

I just hope it is not too late.

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