Top Fantasy Shooting Guards 2008-09

Nuno CardosoContributor ISeptember 17, 2008

The shooting guard, the big gunner. Typically the shooting guard is the best shooter on the team, the player most likely to lead your team in shots *gasp* and scoring.

Many shooting guards may wander away from the position and play a little small forward as well on in the case of Joe Johnson, a little pseudo-point guard.

No matter how you slice it though, without a shooting guard capable of scoring, it's a long night for the rest of the team.

Here are your top fantasy shooting guards for 2008-09:

  1. Kobe Bryant - Is there any doubt that Kobe deserves the top spot? Not in my mind. I'm not a big fan of the swagger but the guy can plain outplay other shooting guards and at times carry his team to victories single handedly. Not only is Kobe capable of scoring at a high clip with his 28 ppg, he's still a threat to rebound (6rpg) and dish out the ball better than a point guard (5apg). I understand, he has the ball in his hands pretty much every possession so it's easier to get those assists numbers. This season i see him dropping his rebounding with Pau Gasol on the team and hopefully a healthy Andrew Bynum back from injury. (27ppg, 4rpg, 4apg).
  2. Dwayne Wade - I'm hesitant to put D-Wade in this spot, but the guy played at such a high level before his injuries took him out, that he is owed some respect. Wade was able to put up some very respectable numbers last season despite being the only real "go-to" guy for some stretches. The lack of a true high calibre point guard in Miami has also forced Wade to play the dual role of scorer and play maker. With that in play, Wade put up 24ppg, 4rpg and almost 7apg. Talk about a one man wrecking ball. This season, not much has changed. The team drafted Mario Chalmers and brought back Chris Quinn, both young guys who will have to play the point by committee game until one proves himself. Wade has gone on record that Chalmers should start but time will tell the tale. With the drafting of Michael Beasley as well as the return of a healthy Shawn Marion and Udonis Haslem, the team shouldn't be hurting in the scoring department and Wade may actually get a good breather on the bench some games. With this in mind, i see his stats dropping a bit as well. (24ppg, 3rpg, 5apg).
  3. Vince Carter - Despite all the stories of Carter not playing up to his full potential at times or "coasting" on occasion, Vincanity was still a top producer last season for the Nets. The Nets were not a good team to watch and floundered for much of the season, leading to the trade of Jason Kidd and a look towards the future with Devin Harris (who i think will have a break out year). Carter shared primary scoring duties with Richard Jefferson and didn't disappoint (21 ppg, 6 rpg and 5 apg). This season will be touchy. Will Carter find the drive to lead the Nets? Will he cave under the pressure of being the only leader? If Carter can keep his wits about him, he's the only guy with the skills at this point to keep the Nets in every game. And although Devin Harris will help Carter score, beyond that, the team is looking at a collection of young players in need of leadership and surely can't be counted on to take a big role in the offense this season. It's Carter or bust. (23ppg, 5rpg, 4apg)
  4. Joe Johnson - Oh the woeful Hawks, can they get a break at all and figure their ownership issues out? Decision-making has been lacking in Atlanta but the one thing they did right a few years ago was bring Joe Johnson on board. Johnson has gone about his business, trying to lead the team to the playoffs and finally it happened last season achieving (21.7ppg, 4.5rpg and 5.8apg), all while still being asked to play the PG position for stretches due to injuries. When the team landed Mike Bibby, Johnson was able to get back to his natural position and back to business. Not much should change this season. The team is maturing and another summer under their belt should just make every player more comfortable in the offense. If Acie Law can get into the rhythm and take some of Bibby's minutes, then the PG tandem should hold healthier than last season and Johnson will keep him stats where they were with some drop in assists due to less point guard play. (21ppg, 4rpg, 4apg)
  5. Michael Redd - When Redd was a free agent, you couldn't keep his name out of the press, but he's now somewhat the forgotten shooting guard in the league. Something about playing in Milwaukee? Who knows. Maybe that's why Yi's people didn't want him to play there. Redd is one of the quickest shooters in the league and that means he believes he can get a shot off anytime against anyone. He put up 22.7ppg, 4.3rpg and 3.4 apg. Maybe due to Mo Williams' scoring ability and Ramon Sessions late season assists extravaganza, Redd's numbers could have been more impressive and although this season he won't have to share the ball with Williams, he will have another shooter in Richard Jefferson to contend with. Sessions is an impressive young point guard and should be capable of opening up the floor for these two shooters so Redd's numbers shouldn't suffer too much due to a higher shot count. (23ppg, 4rpg, 3apg)