NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Players the New Jersey Nets Should Swap with Troy Murphy

Artem Altman@ArtemAltmanContributor IIIJanuary 25, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Players the New Jersey Nets Should Swap with Troy Murphy

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    Troy Murphy, in limbo. (Hindash/Star-Ledger)

    What do the New Jersey Nets do now that the Carmelo Anthony deal has been called of by owner Mikhail Prokhorov?

    Head coach Avery Johnson appears unable to motivate Troy Murphy, the Nets' underused and overlooked power forward, who just last season averaged 14.6 points and 10.2 rebounds per game.

    It seems that a good thing to do right now is to make sure that the Nets' $12 million dollar investment in Troy Murphy doesn't go to waste, that is, not wasted with prolonged stints on the Nets bench.

    As of right now Nets GМ Billy King is looking for a team to partner with in order to produce an amicable solution to both the Nets organization and Murphy.

    Just as a note, Murphy would really like to be traded to a contended in order to end his record setting 639 games without appearing in the playoffs.

10. Brendan Haywood (Dallas Mavericks)

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    The New Jersey Nets rank 18th overall in rebounds per game and it's anazing how they managed to stay that high despite having a sub par rebounding season from Brook Lopez, who was the teams leading rebounder for the past two season. Now that the current rebounding leader Kris Humphries has been benched in favor of rookie Derrick Favors, it is only a matter of time before the Nets slip to the bottom of the team rebounding list. That is unless they get some help.

    Brendan Haywood was a once serviceable N.B.A. big man, but that was until he signed a 6-year $55 million dollar contract and subsequently was beaten out by Tyson Chandler as the starting center. Haywood appeared frustrated as events played themselves out as they did and now appears to be unmotivated to change his station with the Maverick.

    Does Dallas want to play starting center money to unmotivated Haywood? We'll see if they are willing to trade him.

    Nets might have to give up another asset, a draft pick, in order to entice Dallas to give up its safety net against the Los Angeles Lakers' front-court of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

    The questions remains: what will be Haywood's role?

9. Zach Randolph (Memphis Grizzlies)

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    Elsa/Getty Images

    The Nets could sure use Zack Randolph's 20 points and 13 rebounds to plug-up their front-court deficiencies.

    A sign that points to Memphis  wanting to trade Randolph is them not offering him a contract extension. But why let Randolph go after this season and get nothing of value in return?

    Like Murphy, Randolph, is in the last year of his contract. Randolph is due $17.3 million this year, which doesn't match-up with Murphy's $12 million and would mean that New Jersey would have to throw in a player or two to make the salaries match up. Plus, Memphis is likely to ask for one of New Jersey's first round draft picks. Or maybe Memphis will ask for Derrick Favors instead, but that will be too much unless...(click next)

8. O.J. Mayo (Memphis Grizzlies)

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    ...the Nets will ask Memphis to add O.J. Mayo.

    O.J. Mayo's scoring has been steadily declining since his rookie year. Mayo's plight has been exacerbated by this years scuffle with Tony Allen over a gambling debt, which may lead to Memphis wanting to cut ties with Mayo sooner then expected.

    In Mayo Nets would gain a solid starting shooting guard that can score: 18.5 ppg and 17.5 ppg in his first two season, respectively. This season Mayo is averaging just 12.4 ppg, but, that has more to do with him starting 13 of 43 games this season, unlike each of his first two season where Mayo started 82 games both times.

    Who says that Nets can't entice Memphis to part with Mayo and Zach Randolph by offering them Troy Murphy, Anthony Murrow and a pair of draft picks? Will Memphis want Derrick Favors as well? You have to give some in order to get some.

7. Richard "Rip" Hamilton (Detroit Pistons)

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    Richard Hamilton almost ended up in New Jersey when the Nets and the Denver Nuggets were talking about Carmelo Anthony. Why not making this one happen without Melo?

    If all of the talk regarding the sale of the Piston is true then moving Hamilton's contract, which extends for three more seasons, is an important part of making the Piston an attractive team for a prospective buyer. Troy Murphy's expiring contract provides the much needed payroll relief.

    In Hamilton the Nets would get a player with with a career average of 45 percent and a dependable scoring option that that is sorely needed.

6. Rudy Fernandez (Portland TrailBlazers)

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    Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    Rudy Fernandez is languishing in Portland and the European basketball star would love nothing more than to show what he's fully capable of on an N.B.A. stage. Since coming over from Europe Fernandez is averaging 9.2 ppg. His 36 minutes average is a solid 13.9 ppg.

    TrailBlazers, however, can't give Fernandez starters minutes.

    While prying Fernandez would have been easier before Brandon Roy was injured, it is still easier for Nets to acquire Fernandez right now and instead of waiting until the trading deadline. Who knows if Roy will get injured again?

    It will take some tinkering in order to make the Murphy/Fernandez trade work since Murphy is making about ten times as much money as Fernandez, but, this is not impossible. Adding a third team might be necessary.

    For those who think that Rudy Fernandez won't fit in New Jersey I would also like to point to another Portland guard that became a great player for the Nets: Dražen Petrović.

5. Andrei Kirilenko (Utah Jazz)

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    Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    Getting "AK-47" would be a shrewed marketing move on Mikhail Prokhorov's part.

    Getting a Russian player gives Prokhorov a face to market in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn.

    Kirilenko has been hampered by injuries as of late and his productivity is nowhere near the numbers that he produced from 2003 to 2006, but is it also a coincidence that his numbers took a hit around the time that Deron Williams arrived in Salt Lake City.

    If Kirilenko does eventually come to New Jersey, it's possible that he might enjoy a resurgence of sorts. With expectations not being high any positive increase would be judged as success. Besides, he is still a formidable defensive player that most other teams would love to have.

    Plus, his $17 million comes of the books after this season as well.

4. Jamal Crafword (Atlanta Hawks)

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    Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

    Jamal Crawford has found a niche in Atlanta playing the role of the 6th man and he's doing a pretty good job too.

    Crawford hasn't started a game in two years, but, he still managed to score 18 ppg last season and is averaging 16.1 this timе around.

    For the Hawks acquiring Troy Murphy would be essentially a payroll cutting move since Josh Smith has the power forward position locked in. Plus, the Nets will probably have to throw in a draft pick that the Hawks could use on a future replacement for Mike Bibby.

    For the Nets Crawford represents a desperately needed scorer to go along with Devin Harris and an option for Brook Lopez to pass to out of a double team.

3. Gerald Wallace (Charlotte Bobcats)

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    Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

    Bobcats' regressions from last season has caused team management shake up the team, which included parting ways with Hall of Fame head coach Larry Brown.

    Nets can't pass up an opportunity to acquire Gerald Wallace: an athletics forward that New Jersey hasn't seen since Vince Carter left town.

    In order to acquire Wallace New Jersey would have to give up someone like Anthony Murrow and a first round draft pick and that's on top of Troy Murphy.

2. David West (New Orleans Hornets)

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    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    David West could become another casualty of a team that is up for sale trying to liquidate its assets. This time it is the N.B.A. owned Hornets.

    Chris Paul has made it clear that he wants the team to compete, but, increasing payroll while trying to acquire a buyer will be difficult for David Stern. Unfortunately, this is a battle that Chris Paul won't win.

    What amounts to be a Hornets loss, could turn into a Nets gain.

    On top of Troy Murphy's expiring contract New Jersey will have to throw in a draft pick or two, but, they have to withstand the temptation to make Derrick Favors a part of this deal.

1. Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers)

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    Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

    Andre Igoudala is not be the best individual players on this list, but, he is the best and at the same time the easiest player for New Jersey to acquire. On top of that Igoudala would be a great complementary player to play with Brook Lopez and Devin Harris.

    Philadelphia has tried to built their team around Igoudala, but this hasn't produced the results that the 76ers management has hoped for. Combine that with a guard logjam and the 76ers now have a trade-chip to bargain with.

    76ers want draft picks and New Jersey has a lot of those to give away. If New Jersey can make this deal by giving away Troy Murphy and just one pick then this deal could be considered a steal for New Jersey. If it's two draft pick then this one is a push.