NBA Trade Rumors: The One Player Every NBA Team Would Like to Dump

Ben TeitelbaumCorrespondent IIJanuary 25, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: The One Player Every NBA Team Would Like to Dump

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    With the trade deadline approaching, you're going to start seeing franchises making serious roster changes. This is the time of year when competitive teams try to acquire that one guy that can put them over the top and rebuilding teams try to score a disgruntled stud.

    But there's a flipside to that coin.

    Teams will also try to unload that one guy that they wish they had never signed, the guy who has no future with the squad.

    Here is the list of the one player each NBA team would like to trade, along with the chances of a deal happening.

    Note: This is not a "who's likeliest to get traded" catalog. It's a list of guys that every franchise would most like to get rid of. The factors taken into account are role on team, contract situation, and trade value.

Atlanta Hawks: Marvin Williams

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    With Greg Oden and Kwame Brown still in the league, you can't call Marvin Williams one of the biggest busts in NBA history. But you can say that he never came close to fulfilling his potential.

    Somehow Atlanta was duped into giving him a five year deal two summers ago, a contract that will pay him $30 million through 2014.

    Williams is not a starter on a championship team, and the Hawks have been mired in "good but not great" status for the past few years. Ditching Williams and looking for an upgrade at small forward would be a huge step in the right direction.

    Unfortunately, Atlanta will be hard pressed to find a team willing to take on that commitment, unless they are also dumping scrubs.

    Chances of trading Williams: 2%

Boston Celtics: Von Wafer

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    Truth be told, there is nobody the Celtics would really like to get rid of. They have a balanced, deep team that will contend for yet another title, and they're not really overpaying anybody.

    (OK, so Jermaine O'Neal probably isn't worth $5 million per year, but Boston is totally fine with paying that price for another solid big body.)

    If they had to choose somebody to part with, it would most likely be hotheaded journeyman Von Wafer.

    Chances of trading Wafer: 0.35%

Charlotte Bobcats: DeSagana Diop

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    The Bobcats' center position has been a revolving door over the last few years. Emeka Okafor, Tyson Chandler, and Erick Dampier have all been in and out, as Charlotte has been unable to find a big guy it truly likes.

    They started this year with Nazr Mohammed, Kwame Brown, and Diop, another batch of uninspiring prospects. Early in the season, Diop was relegated to third string, and he recently ruptured his Achilles tendon.

    Add to that the $20 million owed to him over next three years, which represents a far larger financial obligation than the other two centers, and you've got a guy the Bobcats would love to unload.

    They do have some other good pieces - there has been talk about moving Gerald Wallace - so perhaps they can include him in a trade package.

    Chances of trading Diop: 22%

Chicago Bulls: James Johnson

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    The future is looking bright in Chicago. With Derrick Rose as an emergent MVP candidate, the Bulls are 30-14, and Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer have only played 9 games together.

    This nucleus will make Chicago a factor in the Eastern Conference for years to come. The Bulls have also assembled a nice cast of supporting characters, useful guys they've managed to sign for relatively low prices.

    Just like the Celtics, no one on this team screams, "I don't belong!"

    The one odd man out (and I refuse to count Brian Scalabrine because he is always a valuable member of a team) is James Johnson, the 2009 first round draft pick who has never really made an impact.

    Chances of trading Johnson: 6%

Cleveland Cavaliers: J.J. Hickson

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    "My biggest concern would be J.J. Hickson. He doesn't fit into Byron's scheme. If it's true that they could have traded him for Amare Stoudemire, that's one they may regret forever, because I don't think he's a starter on a good team. On a team as bad as that, [Hickson] should be 20 and 10 every night. He should be David West. But he doesn't seem to be a self-disciplined player. He's not in good shape. He's [a] once-every-five-games guy, to me." - Anonymous Eastern Conference scout to ESPN in this article.

    Considering that Hickson's contract is reasonably cheap, you might think that highly paid Antawn Jamison or Mo Williams would sooner make this list.

    However, the Cavaliers are clearly rethinking their commitment to the young power forward. Furthermore, other teams may still see enough potential to give Cleveland significant value in return. 

    Chances of trading Hickson: 13%

Dallas Mavericks: Brendan Haywood

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    It's impossible to accuse Mark Cuban of being fiscally conservative, as evidenced by the 6-year $55 million contract bestowed upon Brendan Haywood last summer, when Dallas anticipated him starting at center.

    Well, the Mavericks like Tyson Chandler much better. While Chandler has become the centerpiece of the Dallas defense, Haywood is playing just 18 minutes per game and has expressed discontent at his limited role.

    The Mavs would love to use Haywood's money to resign Tyson Chandler; they would need to find a team desperate for interior help (Portland Trail Blazers?) to make that a possibility.

    Chances of trading Haywood: 18%

Denver Nuggets: Carmelo Anthony

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    In a perfect world, the Denver Nuggets would not have to do this. Anthony would have signed the extension, and the Denver would have been challengers in the Western Conference for years to come.

    But unfortunately Eve took a bite from that apple and it all went downhill from there.

    Although the Carmelo saga has taken more twists and turns than a Formula 1 race, it is imperative that the Nuggets trade him before the deadline. Otherwise, he leaves over the summer and they walk away with nothing.

    Now that the Nets trade is off the table, there is wild speculation as to where he will go. But go he will.

    Chances of trading Anthony: 85%

Detroit Pistons: Rip Hamilton

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    It's really sad how Rip Hamilton's Detroit tale has turned out. The leading scorer on the 2004 NBA Championship team and a loyal Piston throughout the recent ups and downs, Hamilton is now all but irrelevant.

    Despite the odd collection of talented wing players and former All-Stars, Detroit is now a legitimately bad team. They have finally resigned themselves to cutting ties with the holdovers from last decade's squad and moving on.

    First to go, 32-year-old Hamilton and his oversized contract, a fact sadly confirmed by the five straight DNP CDs.

    The question is, who would be willing to take Rip? New Jersey was willing to acquire him as part of a Carmelo deal, but he's not exactly an appealing investment.

    Chances of trading Hamilton: 40%

Golden State Warriors: Brandan Wright

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    Brandan Wright is one of those raw talents who is selected high in the draft but never pans out. For some reason it happens too often with these North Carolina products.

    Wright has not found his way into the Warriors' consistent rotation, so Golden State should cut ties. Since he is still young, the Warriors can probably still receive something decent in return.

    Chances of trading Wright: 8%

Houston Rockets: Jared Jeffries

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    Doesn't it seem as if Jared Jeffries' entire pro career has been defined by teams trying to get rid of him?

    With the Yao era coming to an end, Houston is rebuilding around some combination of Aaron Brooks, Kevin Martin, and Luis Scola. Yao's $17.7 million is coming off the books this summer, so they will have plenty of cap space to sign free agents.

    Jeffries, who has only appeared in 17 games this year, also boasts an expiring contract, and a team in search of cap relief could be interested in his almost $7 million. In exchange the Rockets could grab some more young talent.

    Chances of trading Jeffries: 19%

Indiana Pacers: T.J. Ford

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    The Pacers have three mediocre guys with large expiring contracts: T.J. Ford, Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Jeff Foster. Which one would they like to dump the most.

    Dunleavy is starting and contributing to Indiana, which is in playoff contention, whereas the other two are backups.

    Ford is more appealing to other teams than Foster, as his salary is slightly bigger and he can also contribute more on the court.

    Chances of trading Ford: 9%

LA Clippers: Chris Kaman

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    Chris Kaman's injury may have been a blessing in disguise for the Los Angeles Clippers. This season, the Clips are 1-9 when Kaman is in the lineup, 16-17 without him.

    Kaman's absence forced Blake Griffin to blossom as a superstar and DeAndre Jordan to step up as a defensive anchor.

    The Clippers have no more use for Kaman and his $11 million contract. However, he has displayed enough talent to be a decent bargaining chip, and teams lacking interior scoring may express interest in obtaining Kaman's services.

    If the Clippers make the right move, they could also make a run at the playoffs.

    Chances of trading Kaman: 30%

LA Lakers: Luke Walton

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    This one hurts to admit. Walton has been a Laker for his entire career and is a beloved member of the franchise. Staples Center fans love cheering "Luuuuuke" whenever he makes a nice play, but unfortunately those cheers are rarely heard nowadays.

    Walton has gotten more injury prone and less effective, his playing time completely controlled by Ron Artest and Matt Barnes. Plus he's still owed $6 million per year for the next two seasons.

    Since it is doubtful that another team would find Walton useful at that price, Laker fans don't have to worry about Luke going anywhere, but he's definitely the first guy with whom Mitch Kupchak would be willing to part.

    Chances of trading Walton: 5%

Memphis Grizzlies: O.J. Mayo

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    When they drafted O.J. Mayo 3rd overall in 2008, the Grizzlies were hoping that he would be a dangerous playmaking combo guard.

    Unfortunately for Memphis, Mayo has disappointed. Although he has flashed immense talent, he has fallen out of favor with the coaching staff and earlier this season was removed from the starting lineup.

    Instead of becoming a Jamal Crawford-like sparkplug off the bench, he has just continued to be inconsistent.

    Mayo is no longer part of the Grizzlies' future plans, but he has more than enough ability to make other teams interested.

    Chances of trading Mayo: 24%

Miami Heat: Jamaal Magloire

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    Miami is in the same position as Boston and Chicago. They are a talented team with title aspirations, and they signed all of their role players for reasonable prices.

    Theoretically, the Heat might wish to have a better starting point guard and center. However, they're not going to find them at $1.2 million and $3.3 million, respectively.

    The most expendable player on the Heat is Jamaal Magloire, the fourth string center, but he's not going anywhere.

    Chances of trading Magloire: 1%

Milwaukee Bucks: Corey Maggette

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    At first I thought this was a no-brainer: Michael Redd, his destroyed knees, and his $18 million expiring contract. Then I found out that insurance is paying for 80% of Redd's salary, which is saving the Bucks tons of money

    This past summer, they gave up one bad contract (Dan Gadzuric) for a worse contract tied to a better player, Corey Maggette.

    Milwaukee prefers John Salmons and Carlos Delfino on the wings, so there is no need to pay a reserve ball-hog $30 million through 2013.

    It would be quite advantageous to send Maggette to a team in need of perimeter scoring.

    Chances of trading Maggette: 12%

Minnesota Timberwolves: Luke Ridnour

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    Since Kevin Garnett left, the Timberwolves have been running in place, last place that is.

    This year the frontcourt of Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, and Darko Milicic has been pretty solid, while the guard play has been lackluster. It's difficult to sort through Minnesota's jumble of uninspiring guards, which includes Luke Ridnour, Jonny Flynn, Sebastian Telfair, Wesley Johnson and Corey Brewer, and find genuine future starters.

    Ridnour has the longest contract and the least potential, so the T-Wolves should try to move the dependable point to a team that needs a steady backup

    Chances of trading Ridnour: 7%

New Jersey Nets: Troy Murphy

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    "He thought he was going to be part of this (Carmelo Anthony) trade, and when this trade went south, I told him I would try to trade him." - Nets GM Billy King about Troy Murphy.

    Well this one's out in the open, isn't it? In fact, Murphy is no longer even participating in any team activities, a role usually reserved for obnoxious former stars like Stephon Marbury rather than mild-mannered role players.

    For a player that couldn't crack the rotation on a 12-32 squad - which is reportedly due to New Jersey's desire to develop its young guys - Murphy has several attractive qualities. He's a power forward with good size who rebounds well and knocks down the long ball. Even more significantly, he has a $12 million expiring contract.

    New Jersey should be able to move him before the deadline.

    Chances of trading Murphy: 90%

New Orleans Hornets: Jarrett Jack

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    The resurgent New Orleans Hornets, presently third in the Western Conference, have the opportunity to be a postseason threat.

    Although they acquired Jarrett Jack in the Peja Stojakovic deal earlier this season, the purpose of that trade was to dump Stojakovic rather than obtain Jack.

    Backup point guard is not a vitally important position for a team boasting Chris Paul, whereas the Hornets could really use an energy guy off the bench.

    Chances of trading Jack: 8%

New York Knicks: Anthony Randolph

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    No, Randolph isn't the most overpaid player in New York. That awards goes to Eddy Curry (remember him?).

    But the Knicks want to trade Randolph the most because of the value they can obtain in exchange. Although the 21-year-old versatile forward has not found his way into the rotation in either Golden State or New York, there are enough talent scouts still drooling over his skill set that the Knicks can reportedly swap him for a first round pick.

    For the Knicks to acquire Carmelo Anthony, they will need that extra pick.

    Chances of trading Randolph: 65%

Oklahoma City Thunder: Byron Mullens

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    Morris Peterson's $6.6 million expiring contract initially appears like the most trade-worthy piece on the Thunder, but looking at their financial situation proves otherwise.

    They will soon need to offer extensions to Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green and/or Serge Ibaka, so they need all the cap space they can get.

    The rest of their supporting cast, such as James Harden, Thabo Sefolosha and Eric Maynor, is well worth the price tag, so they don't want to lose any of them.

    That leaves a guy like Byron Mullens, a bench warming center that could not be less integral to the team. Still, it's not as if a move needs to be made.

    Chances of trading Mullens: 4%

Orlando Magic: Chris Duhon

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    Since they have fully incorporated the members of their bold mid-December deals, the Magic have gotten hot and started looking like a prospective championship team yet again.

    The Magic's new rotation has left Chris Duhon out in the cold, as his minutes were swallowed up by Gilbert Arenas, and many teams would enjoy the useful Duhon as a backup point guard.

    They should try to flip him for the one piece that Orlando lacks: a rangy, explosive swingman, a role previously occupied by Mickael Pietrus.

    Chances of trading Duhon: 7%

Philadelphia 76ers: Andres Nocioni

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    Last year Elton Brand would have been the clear-cut 76er on this list. However, if the playoffs started today Philadelphia would be the 7-seed, and Brand is leading the team in scoring and rebounding.

    On the other hand, Andres Nocioni is not leading the team in anything except being Argentinian. Furthermore, his $7 million contract is a waste for a franchise trying to develop young swingmen.

    I doubt that the Sixers will be able to unload Nocioni (unless it's with an Andre Iguodala package) but he is definitely the guy they would most like to give up.

    Chances of trading Nocioni: 6%

Phoenix Suns: Josh Childress

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    The Josh Childress experiment has not turned out as expected.

    The Suns lured him back from Europe with a 5-year $33 million contract, hoping that he could be the same versatile multi-tool forward that he was with the Atlanta Hawks.

    The only versatility Childress has demonstrated in Phoenix is the capacity to play both left and right bench, as he has fallen out of coach Alvin Gentry's rotation.

    Now the financial commitment looks plain silly. The Suns might still be able to trade Childress for good value, as other teams may merely think that he didn't fit in Phoenix.

    Chances of trading Childress: 12%

Portland Trail Blazers: Greg Oden

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    The Trail Blazers have not publicly admitted it, but everyone believes it's practically over for Greg Oden.

    Even if he is ever able to see significant minutes, it is doubtful that he will make significant impact. It is time for Portland come to grips with Oden being a bust and move forward.

    I don't know who would gamble on Big Crutches, but there might be a GM out there willing to take a risk. If the Blazers could get anything decent in return for Oden, it would be a coup.

    Chances of trading Oden: 4%

Sacramento Kings: Samuel Dalembert

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    The Kings are planning on rebuilding around youngsters Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins. They also have a glut of unproven 3s and 4s, and they would love it if one of those guys could really step up.

    Backup center Sam Dalembert possesses a $12 million expiring contract that could be turned into more young talent of draft picks.

    Sacramento is in complete rebuilding mode, and even if they trade away Dalembert's cap space, they will still have tons of money to play with next summer.

    Chances of trading Dalembert: 10%

San Antonio Spurs: Chris Quinn

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    San Antonio is off the to the best start in franchise history, as they are on pace to win a ridiculous 69 games.

    Manu Ginobili is refreshed, Tony Parker is electric, and Tim Duncan is a rock, but what makes this Spurs team different is the other guys. The supporting cast, led by George Hill and DeJuan Blair, is playing with unmatched cohesion and efficiency.

    Greg Popovich would be loathe to make any changes, but for the sake of this slideshow I have to pick somebody. Sorry, Chris Quinn, you're the odd man out.

    Chances of trading Quinn: 0.02%

Toronto Raptors: Amir Johnson

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    At first glance of the Raptors roster and salaries, I thought the team would most like to dump Jose Calderon, whom they owe almost $30 million through 2013.

    However, Calderon is at least borderline worthy of starting in the NBA, something that cannot be said for Toronto's power forward Amir Johnson.

    For no apparent reason, the Raptors bestowed a 5-year $34 million contract upon Johnson last summer. Johnson should be playing 10 hustle-filled minutes per night, like Louis Amundson, not starting and making bank.

    If they could, I'm sure Toronto would like to take back this decision or at least pawn off Johnson on another unsuspecting squad.

    Chances of trading Johnson: 5%

Utah Jazz: Mehmet Okur

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    This season has witnessed a sea change in the Jazz frontcourt. The days of Carlos Boozer/Mehmet Okur are over, replaced by the Paul Millsap/Al Jefferson era.

    Yet Memo is still on the team and still making $10 million per year.

    Although he is coming back from a severe Achilles injury, Okur should be able to garner plenty of interest from suitors who need a scoring big man. Utah would be wise to try and ship him somewhere, possibly in exchange for an energy guy.

    Chances of trading Okur: 3%

Washington Wizards: Rashard Lewis

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    Yes, the Wizards just traded for Rashard Lewis. However, they only took on the underachieving power forward so they could unload the headache known as Gilbert Arenas.

    Lewis will be less of a distraction and a better role model, but his albatross contract is equally horrible.

    $65 million over the next 3 years?! Of course the Wizards would love to get rid of him. Unfortunately, though, they're probably going to have to grin and bear it.

    Chances of trading Lewis: 3%