NBA Trade Rumors: Golden State Warriors Willing To Give Ellis, Curry for a Star?

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJanuary 22, 2011

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It has recently been reported that the Golden State Warriors have now jumped into trade talks, and they want a superstar.

In the deal, they would most likely give up Monta Ellis or Stephen Curry.

In an interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob came out and said, "I'm certainly biased toward doing something strongly." He later went on to say, "What I would really love to do is to pull off the deal to get a superstar. There's one or two of them out there."

Whoa, hold the phone.

Is he pointing toward Carmelo Anthony?

Either way, Lacob seems that he really wants to make a deal for a superstar and feels strongly about the issue.

He later went more in depth when he stated that Ellis is his "core, franchise player."

So how does Curry come into play?

Deeper into the interview, Lacob admitted that Curry hasn't been performing up to par, or as well as he did last season.

After that statement, he went on to speak more in depth about the situation. "Does that mean Curry would be traded, or more likely to be traded than Ellis? Not necessarily," he said.

Lacob also stated that it depends on the situation and what they are getting in return.

During the interview, he did indicate that 'Melo is most likely headed to New York; however, he also said that they could offer more to the Nuggets for the superstar.

He would obviously give up one, and maybe even both for Anthony.

Whether or not Anthony is a good fit with the Warriors is based upon your personal opinion. I think they would need a more defensive presence rather than a scorer, which they already have in Ellis.

Ellis is averaging 26 points and 5.7 assists this season. If the Nuggets add Ellis to their squad, they would be making a great deal.

Curry, who is averaging 18.4 points and 5.9 assists per game, may be on his way out of Golden State whether it's for a superstar or not.

Lacob hinted strongly in the interview that he has not been satisfied with Curry's play this season.

As we approach the trade deadline, more and more teams will come out and it will become more difficult to determine which team is for real or not.

In my opinion, I think Golden State is for real on this.

Now that this report has been out and the Warriors have said they are willing to put their foot in the door of trades, more rumors will come from this.  

If they don't land 'Melo, could they possibly go after Andre Iguodala?

After all, he would provide a defensive presence that the Warriors need, which is something Anthony cannot provide.

Plus, they wouldn't have to give up Ellis either. Perhaps Lacob should reconsider and deal for Iguodala instead. It would certainly be more beneficial.

Don't be surprised if the Warriors make a deal before the trade deadline, whether it is for a superstar or not.