Why Should We Love New Jersey Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov?

Artem Altman@ArtemAltmanContributor IIIJanuary 21, 2011

Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian to love.
Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian to love.Mike Stobe/Getty Images

“I'm not happy with the way...this deal has gone until now. It has taken too long. It has been played out in public and it certainly has taken a toll on the players and I believe that it has cost us several games. I think management did a great job, but there comes a time when the price is simply too expensive. I'm instructing our team to walk away from the deal."

I love you Mikhail Prokhorov.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never met the man but I sure do love him. Love him for finally stopping the Nets’ pursuit of Carmelo Anthony.

While publicly calling off the pursuit of Anthony is a shrewd move, it pins the Denver Nuggets into a corner and forces them to play offense instead of sitting idly and waiting for offers to come in. I’m just hoping that this will be it for all of the Anthony to the Nets trade talk.

The blame can’t be put squarely on the shoulders of the Denver Nuggets. I’m sure if it was up to them the Nuggets would have shipped Melo and his baggage a long time ago.

However, in the post-Decision climate, this should be expected as the norm. Especially now that the new collective bargaining agreement will need to be reworked in order to please the owners that are supposedly losing money and the Player's Association that is saying just the opposite.

Why would the Nets need to get involved in that rigmarole?

The simple answer is that they shouldn’t get involved.

Why should the Nets try to acquire a player that doesn’t want to play for them? Or at least he hasn’t given any indication that he does. If Anthony wants to play in New York then the Knicks should figure out a way to get Anthony. Wait, the Knicks need to do no such thing because unlike LeBron James, the Denver Nuggets are probably certain that Carmelo Anthony wants to bolt the Mile High City.

“The meeting that our management was supposed to have in Denver with Carmelo [Thursday] is hereby canceled…I never met with Carmelo or spoke with him. Maybe he sent me an e-mail but, really I don’t use [the] computer. Maybe I missed it. Or maybe a carrier pigeon got lost.”

Nets fans should be happy that the carrier pigeon never got through to Prokhorov.

Look at it this way Nets fans, even though Carmelo is not coming to New Jersey you still get to keep your two first round draft picks, Devin Harris, Derrick Favors (who I hope develops into a solid player) and most of all, your dignity for stopping the foolish pursuit of Carmelo Anthony when you did.