NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony's Best Move Is LeBron James' Blueprint

Pat MixonSenior Analyst IJanuary 24, 2011

Can we finally stop with the trade talks of Denver Nugget Carmelo Anthony? Hasn’t this gone on long enough and produced nothing?

Melo is a great player, but the trade scenarios just don’t pan out. That is why the trigger hasn’t been pulled on any of the deals. So much so, that the New Jersey Nets’ talks turned into a fiasco.

I get Melo demanding to be traded. He wants to win. And, Denver hasn’t put all the pieces together, both on the court and mentally, to get it done.

And, Melo is still young. Can you believe he is only 26?

The Los Angeles LakersKobe Bryant recently offered some insight into the Melo trade demands, comparing them to the summer of 2007, when Kobe made his own demands on Laker management.

Kobe said, “Melo simply wants to win. It isn’t about a bigger market.”

I actually believe this, but only to some degree. Melo wants to be in a bigger market. Don’t let him or Kobe fool you. 

But, here’s the main reason why the recent trade talks blew apart.

Melo being traded from Denver to say, New Jersey, is what I call a “push.” He goes from one team that isn’t quite championship material to another that isn’t. And, in the process, the Nets say, have to trade away their best talent to get Melo.

So, he ends up in the same situation.

There aren’t that many teams that can actually make this trade happen and be a contender for a title. Dallas has some pieces. It’s even why the Lakers have been mentioned.

That’s because teams like these can actually trade away a good player for Melo but retain other top players. 

But teams like the Nets, the New York Knicks, and others don’t have enough good players. They end up losing those players to get Melo.

That’s why it ends up being a “push.”

Melo’s best move right now is no trade. Yes, you heard me and I’ll yell it again. No trade.

He should wait until summer, become a free agent and then pull a LeBron James. 

Melo can then go to teams with only one or two great players, like the Nets (if that team is even on Melo’s list anymore) or the Knicks, and team with the existing good players. 

It’s all addition. The trade way is addition and subtraction and ends up a zero sum game.

No, Melo’s best scenario is to wait until summer and then go to a team of his choosing. That team probably already has cap space available but could always make a cap trade mid-summer to free up more room, a la the Miami Heat last summer.

Melo’s playbook is all LBJ and whatever team he goes to, already has the blueprint how to put together a super power team courtesy of Pat Riley and the Miami Heat.

This is the best move and really, Melo’s only move, if he is really interested in winning, like Kobe said.

If Melo goes the trade route before the trading deadline in February, that will tell me Melo is only interested in the big market and doesn’t care about winning.

The only NBA title move for Melo, if that matters, is to be patient, get through the rest of this year like LBJ did, and then become a free agent.

He writes his own ticket and let the super power age continue.

So, can we please stop with the trade rumors and just wait until summer? Melo sure should.




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