NBA Trade Rumors: 15 Bold Trade Deadline Deals We'd Like To See Made

Wes ODonnell@wesodonnellFeatured ColumnistJanuary 19, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: 15 Bold Trade Deadline Deals We'd Like to See Made

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    The NBA trade deadline continues to creep closer with more and more names coming out of the woodwork.

    Obviously the big name is still out there and rumors continue to swirl as to what the next move will be.

    Some teams actually stand to make serious leaps if the right move is made at this deadline and there will certainly be a lot of action on expiring contract deals in the face of the potential lockout.

    We still have about one month to go, but here is a look at 15 trades we would like to see get done.

1. Carmelo Anthony to New York

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    According to the New York Daily News, Knicks president Donnie Walsh is willing to trade Danillo Gallinari, Landry Fields, Eddy Curry and a future first-round pick for Carmelo Anthony.

    Well, let's get it done already.

    The speculation of this deal has gotten out of hand to the point where it is almost obnoxious.

    The Knicks want Carmelo, he wants to be a Knick, enough said.


2. Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey

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    If the Knicks cannot get the deal done then send 'Melo to the Nets, who desperately want him.

    The specifics of the deal would depend on the other teams involved but essentially 'Melo goes to the Nets, Chauncey Billups possibly gets traded and Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Anthony Morrow and Troy Murphy all get out of New Jersey.

    Anthony will have to agree to a long-term deal, but everybody would get what they want.

    Eventually the Nets move to Brooklyn and then we can finally move on from this mess.

    Or if that does not happen...

3. Carmelo Anthony to Chicago

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    'Melo in Chicago with Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer instantly makes them a title contender.

    The Bulls would have to part with Joakim Noah, a player they have not been interested in trading, as the Nuggets have reportedly coveted him for a while.

    Right now, Noah is hurt though and the deal would be difficult to make happen, but if Carmelo is not going to New York or New Jersey, Chicago should involve themselves quickly.

4. Gerald Wallace to Cleveland

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    The Cavaliers have a $14.5 million trade exception from the LeBron James sign and trade; they seem to be eyeing Gerald Wallace with it.

    The Bobcats forward is averaging 16 points, eight rebounds and two assists per game so far this season.

    He has two years and $22 million left on his current deal.

    The Cavs have until July 10 to make a move the exception, but the looming lockout make it a priority to land a valuable with it sooner than later. 

5. Richard Hamilton, DET for Andre Iguodala, PHI

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    The 76ers star Andre Iguodala is rumored in many trades with many teams.

    The Pistons longtime shooting guard Richard Hamilton has fallen out of favor in Detroit.

    Iguodala brings more youth and athleticism to the Pistons on the wing, a team that could certainly use those qualities.

    Hamilton brings a more solid and complete game to the 76ers; he also happens to be from the Philly area.

6. Steve Nash, PHO to Atlanta

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    The dynamic point guard has been rumored on the block for a little while now as the Suns continue to disappoint.

    The Atlanta Hawks have been searching for a point guard ever since they drafted Marvin Williams.

    Nash and another part should be enough to work Jamal Crawford and maybe Mike Bibby back to Phoenix.

    Crawford has an expiring contract that would be very appealing to the Suns and Nash could come in and raise the play of the Hawks as they battle at the top of the East.

7. Anthony Randolph, NYK to Minnesota

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    The disgruntled Knick is a talented player who simply cannot get on the floor for them.

    Three teams are apparently interested in his talents: Minnesota, Indiana and Portland.

    The Knicks want a first-round pick in return, Minnesota is the most likely team to give it to them.

    The pick would most likely be protected.

8. Stephen Jackson, CHA to Dallas

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    The season-ending injury to Caron Butler cannot be the undoing of the Mavericks.

    They desperately need another body to come in and score.

    Stephen Jackson is averaging 18 points and 3.4 assists per game.

    He can create on his own as well as shoot from beyond the arc.

    O.J. Mayo from Memphis could be another option but he would likely be more costly than Jackson.


9. Kirk Hinrch, WAS for Jason Terry, DAL

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    The deal might include another player from each side, notably Dallas' backup point guard J.J. Barea, but essentially this deal hits on all side.

    The Mavericks send Terry's deal along with the maximum $3 million cash allowed for Hinrich.

    Hinrich comes in, does his thing, and the Wizards, looking for cap relief, can actually cut Terry loose and only pay him $5 million rather than his full $11 million.

    With the $3 million cash they received from Dallas, Terry ends up only costing them $2 million.

    Terry would then be able to re-sign with the Mavericks after a full 30 days. Everybody wins.

    Here is a link to clearer breakdown of the trade by one of my fellow writers here.

10. Andre Iguodala, PHI to New York

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    If the Knicks do miss out on Carmelo and still want to make a deal of sorts, Andre Iguodala may be a good fit.

    Eddy Curry's contract and Danilo Gallinari to Philly in exchange for Iguodala and a spare part for money purposes could be a solution for the Knicks.

    While losing Gallo will bother some Knick fans, they would get their hands on an athletic perimeter guy that can actually play defense and can even help at the point guard position when Raymond Felton needs a breather.

    Curry's contract should be moved at some point here, grabbing a talent like Iguodala does not hurt.

11. Mike Dunleavy, IND to Chicago

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    The Bulls could use a perimeter shooting type like Dunleavy and it's reported that the Pacers are interested in unloading the veteran swingman.

    Dunleavy is still a sharp shooter from the outside and is averaging 11.4 points per game in about 30 minutes per night.

    His contract is expiring at season's end and it is very likely he could be moved.

12. Andrei Kirilenko, UTAH to New Jersey

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    If the Nets miss out on 'Melo or something goes astray with the deal, AK-47 could very well be a consolation prize.

    The Russian connection to the Nets owner is intriguing and could be a good fit for a team that can grab his contract, which expires at season's end.

    Kirilenko would cost a lot less than what 'Melo would be and the Nets would be able to deal elsewhere as well if something caught their eye.

13. Andre Miller, Rudy Fernandez POR for Devin Harris, NJ

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    Andre Miller is always rumored to be on the move and Rudy Fernandez wants out of Portland.

    If the Nets do not get to land 'Melo and still want to deal, they would get a veteran presence at the point and player that could flourish if given the opportunity.

    The Trail Blazers, on the other hand, have reportedly always coveted Devin Harris; now would be the time to get him.

14. Eddy Curry, NYK for Chris Kaman, LAC

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    The notoriously cheap Los Angeles Clippers say they are not interested in trading Chris Kaman.

    That said, if the Knicks miss out on 'Melo and do not find any place else to send Curry's contract, the Clippers' big man could be an option.

    He brings an expiring contract to a team that would like to clear the cap space and the Clips ship out Kaman who is due $12.2 million next season.

    It may take a spare part or two to be thrown for it to be completed but it could help out both sides as the Clippers young center DeAndre Jordan continues to develop into a player.

    If the Clippers are sincerely adamant on not sending Kaman away, the Knicks will likely find someone else to take the contract at some point.

15. O.J. Mayo, MEM to Anywhere

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    The youngster has worn out his welcome in Memphis. 

    His price may be too high for some teams, but there will be others as the deadline gets closer that will be looking for a shooting guard that can score.

    He could end up virtually anywhere, but Minnesota seems to creep to mind a lot.

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