2011 NBA Trade Deadline: Kirk Hinrich To Dallas Mavericks?

Damian JacksonContributor IJanuary 19, 2011

Kirk Hinrich brings quality play at both guard positions. An intelligent player, Hinrich works hard and proven his ability to run a team.
Kirk Hinrich brings quality play at both guard positions. An intelligent player, Hinrich works hard and proven his ability to run a team.Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Six consecutive defeats.

First time the Dallas Mavericks have suffered a stretch this bad since the early months in 2000.

Blame injuries, a dented chemistry or simply overall dysfunction.

Whatever it might be, Dallas has lost its 24-5 swagger—the team has lost its way.

The trade deadline creeps closer and now stands only five weeks away. Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban and general manager Donnie Nelson are likely to make some sort of move(s) before Thursday, Feb. 24.

ESPN's Mark Stein floats names on the Mavs radar. The list includes: Stephen Jackson, Tayshaun Prince, J.R. Smith, Corey Maggette and Devin Harris.

All players the Mavericks organization remain fond of, by either past or present interest. However, let's step away from his group of players and focus on a different player. 

Kirk Hinrich.

Hinrich, a current Washington Wizards employee, intrigues Dallas now and has since his days as a Chicago Bull.

The former Kansas Jayhawk isn't the sexiest of names in the NBA trade winds. Just recently, the Wizards declared they have been receiving calls about both Hinrich and forward Andray Blatche.

Washington continues its rebuilding process and it involves saving money whenever possible.

Now is a better time than ever for Dallas to be opportunistic and work with Washington on a deal to satisfy both sides.

Mavs' starting point guard Jason Kidd will be 38 before the season is complete. Kidd depends on his basketball I.Q. more than anything these days; add all the 30-plus minute games he's playing and it's no wonder his production is slipping. 

Backup point J.J. Barea is only 26, but despite several good moments, just isn't reliable enough to play big minutes for an entire season.

It's clear the Mavs have a need at point guard, primarily for stronger, reliable play. So, how does a deal play out:

DALLAS packages guards Jason Terry and J.J. Barea to WASHINGTON for guard Kirk Hinrich and a minimum salary player such as Cartier Martin. 

Here's the complicated, yet interesting facet for both teams:

The Mavericks want to improve to win now, Hinrich helps with that; Washington desires financial savings, they do that.

Hinrich earns $9 million this season and $8 million next year, both fully guaranteed. Terry makes about $10 million now and most likely $11 million the following season due to meeting certain requirements.

However, there is one loophole to his deal.

Let's go ahead and say this proposed deal happens. The Wizards can choose to cut or release Terry and in doing so, they are liable to pay him only $5 million, not the full $11 million.

Dallas can include the league maximum of $3 million cash in the trade, bringing Washington's total for Terry down around $2 million.

When all said and done, the Wizards cut their payroll for next season to a low $40 million. The Mavericks acquire a quality backup guard, one who could help lighten the duties on Kidd.

One last note: Dallas and Terry, after a likely release, have a chance to reunite after a 30-day waiting period.

Source: The Ben & Skin Show (ESPN Dallas Radio)