New York Knicks: Why Mike D'Antoni Will Never Win a Championship

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New York Knicks: Why Mike D'Antoni Will Never Win a Championship
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There are some things we KNOW about NBA basketball. There are rock solid, unshakable truths against which there can be no argument.

First, we KNOW a team needs two star players because no one, not Michael Jordan or anyone else, can win it all alone.

The proof of this assertion is that Jordan scored 63 points against Larry Bird and the Celtics in the 1986 playoffs, and LOST both the game and the series!

Second, Conference Finals and Finals playoff series always come down to a few well-placed defensive stops. Why? It doesn't matter if your team scores 131 points if the opposing team scores 135.

We also know that acquiring two stars who work well together and have chemistry with their role players is hard. We know this because in the immortal words of Jimmy Dugan, "If it wasn't hard everybody would do it. It's the hard that makes it great."

Clearly, hiring a defensive-minded coach is hard too, because with all the irrefutable evidence that defense wins championships, teams continually fail at this essential first step to doing so.

Instead, there are many teams who keep re-living the same failed experiment over and over again.

Mike D'Antoni coaches a very exciting brand of basketball. Its fan appeal is undeniable because fans like fast-paced, high-scoring games with small, quick teams out-running and out-scoring their opponents.

D'Antoni's system lulls fans into believing that his teams are contenders. It’s fun to watch and they win in the regular season. Regular-season wins gets his teams into the first round of the playoffs lending credence to the illusion that D'Antoni's teams are perennial playoff teams when they are in fact perennial playoff losers.

In subsequent slides I will prove that the so called “seven-second offense” has a long and disastrous history in the NBA. Mike D'Antoni's offense is not as much innovation as it is resurrection of the style of play that has not won and will never win a championship in the NBA as we know it.

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