Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors: Should 76ers Trade Evan Turner Instead?

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJanuary 19, 2011

Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors: Should 76ers Trade Evan Turner Instead?

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    Andre Iguodala's name has swarmed around trade rumors lately.

    Rumors have stated many possibilities and teams that can suit the athletic small forward, whether it'd be the Mavericks, Rockets, Blazers, Nuggets, Knicks, Nets, Clippers, etc.

    Well during all of this mess, has anyone ever considered trading Evan Turner instead?

    Granted, he was the Sixers' No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, but the thought struck me as a possibility.

    If the 76ers front office wants to win now, their best option is to trade Turner and other players for a superstar to play alongside Iguodala. The Sixers would have a pretty nice squad if they do so.

    So should the Sixers trade Turner instead?

    I wanted to take a look at both sides of the story by providing five reasons why they should and then five reasons why they shouldn't.

    In the end, we will see which is more beneficial for the Philadelphia 76ers.  

Yes: A Superstar Next To Iguodala...Carmelo Anthony?

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    The Sixers front office has always been unreliable, but could they bring in a superstar for Iguodala?

    Carmelo Anthony?

    It would be very beneficial for the Sixers. Just picture it.

    The Sixers would have Jrue Holiday running the point, Iguodala playing the two as a complementary player for Anthony, at power forward is Elton Brand (who is playing great lately) and at center is Spencer Hawes.

    That is a pretty solid lineup. The only position the Sixers would need to improve upon is center, which they can find come draft day.

    Trade rumors around Melo have all focused on the Nets, but in reality, the Sixers would be a lot better with Anthony than the Nets would.

    Who would Anthony have as a supporting cast in New Jersey? According to reports, the Nets would lose Devin Harris and Derrick Favors. In return, they would get Melo, Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it not Denver all over again? The only difference is Brook Lopez, but he is not a lot better than Nene.

    If the Sixers trade Turner and someone knocks some sense into Melo, the Sixers are onto a bright path.

    Iguodala would be playing like the way he did with Team USA, Anthony is doing his thing, Holiday and Brand would continue to be consistent and everyone is happy.

    But let's say the Sixers don't sign Melo (which is more likely to happen): The bottom line is that if they find a superstar to put next to Iguodala, the Sixers are much improved. 

    Iggy can be the best complementary player in the league; it's just up to the front office to find the superstar.

Yes: It Helps To Get Rid of Elton Brand's Contract

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    After the Sixers acquired the power forward and paid him over $15 million, he got hurt. When healthy the following year, he averaged 13.1 points and 6.1 rebounds. 

    It was by far one of the biggest disappointments of last season considering the amount of money the Sixers gave him and his success in Los Angeles.

    However, this season he changed. Now his game has revolutionized, and he is averaging just below 15 points and nearly nine rebounds per game. In the past two months, he has scored double digits in every game with the exception of three times. His solid performance lately should attract teams.

    But if we trade Turner, would it be easier to make a trade package? I think it would certainly be easier to make something happen.

    If the 76ers were to trade Iggy with Brand, there are very few teams out there who would eat up that much salary.

    Therefore, it makes Turner an easier trade tool to get rid of Brand, and teams would definitely be attracted to his potential.

Yes: Is Turner a Possible Bust?

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    I'm not trying to give the man the label of being a bust, but it's always a possibility.

    In my opinion, I think he will turn out to be a very solid player in the NBA. In my eyes, a poor man's Brandon Roy.

    However, no matter how high expectations are, there is always a chance of anyone being a bust.

    As fans have seen, Turner isn't the most athletic player, so it is harder for him to score. Therefore, he will have to use his craftiness, which is harder than just relying on athleticism like a lot of NBA players do.

    Again, I'm not saying that Turner is a bust. He still has plenty of time, but when stating the issue we have to weigh in everything that is a possibility.

    This could definitely be something the front office would consider when thinking of possible deals.

Yes: Turner Hasn't Been Playing Well Lately

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    To piggyback off of my last point, Turner hasn't been on his "A" game lately.

    In the past two months, Turner has only eclipsed 10 points just five times and 10 rebounds just once.

    Part of the reason is the amount of minutes Turner sees, but I would still like to see more production from the No. 2 overall pick.

    This pretty much goes hand-in-hand with the previous slide.

    His lack of production lately gives the 76ers front office more of an incentive to trade him.

Yes: He Doesn't Have a Good Outside Shot

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    One thing that Turner really needs to focus on is his outside shot.

    Entering the NBA, Turner didn't possess the best shot in the world, and still does not.

    If he wants to be a serious threat on the court, he has to be able to score everywhere, including from the outside, mid-range and in the lane.

    Guys like Kobe, Melo and Dirk can score at will. Turner must strive for that.

    In order for him to be a successful shooting guard in the NBA, this is a skill Turner needs to master.

No: The Sixers Front Office Is Not Reliable

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    In the first slide, I stated how great it would be if we brought a superstar next to Iguodala, but can we rely on that?

    Do we have faith in the front office? Well to be honest, I don't.

    Every year it fails to succeed in the market, whether it'd be free agents or during the trade deadline.

    And finally, when the front office does get someone (Elton Brand), he does not live up to what is expected of him.

    Even though I said that trading Turner and a few players for a superstar like Anthony would benefit the Sixers more than trading Iggy, the chances of it happening are highly unlikely.

    Unfortunately, Ed Stefanski and Co. have not done a good job.

    Therefore, we should not speculate or count on them bringing in a superstar.

No: The Sixers Are a Young Squad

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    One huge reason why they shouldn't trade Turner is because the Sixers are a very young squad.

    It is better for Turner to stay here for the future, grow with the young lineup and grow with Doug Collins, since he has done a great job of putting the team in the right direction.

    Potentially, the Sixers can run the offense around Turner, and he can rise up to expectations.

    Turner would also develop chemistry with Jrue Holiday and soon form a potential unstoppable duo.

    If Turner stays, the Sixers have a good amount of time to improve and get better and better each year.

    It may also be easier to win in the future. Teams like the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs are getting old and their time will be up soon.

    By the time those teams' times are up, the Sixers will be a semi-young squad that has been together for a while and will be ready to win a championship. 

No: He Was a No. 2 Overall Pick

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    Putting aside all of this mess, we have to accept the fact that Turner was a No. 2 overall pick.

    We can't just get rid of a player so fast after we invested the No. 2 overall pick on him. It's stupid unless you get something really good for him, but I doubt it.

    Plus, this was the first time the Sixers actually got lucky when it came to the lottery.

    We can't trade such a high draft pick so early in the season.  


No: The Sixers Can't Give Up On Him So Easily

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    A trade now would be giving up on the rookie way too early. And like I said earlier, he was a No. 2 overall pick.

    We have not even reached the halfway mark of his first season, and trading him now would just be unjust.

    The Sixers have to wait and see what they have in Turner, and they need to give him time to adapt to the NBA. 

    There is plenty of time to observe what he can and cannot do.




No: He Still Has a Lot of Potential

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    Although Turner hasn't been playing well lately, he still has a lot of potential.

    Turner has the right tools to become a good player in the league; it's just a matter of applying them.

    He has also shown fans some of his potential at random times with his flashes of greatness. In other words, there are random times where you will witness a spark from Turner, and he will make a great play.

    Another important thing is that he is committed to living up to his potential. You can tell that Turner really wants to become a better player and Collins is there to help him.

    Sixers fans should be happy they have Turner, because he can turn out to be a great player.

Decision Time: Should the Sixers Trade Iguodala Or Turner?

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    After analyzing both sides of the story, it is better to trade Iguodala.

    The only way I would trade Turner over Iguodala is if we get a superstar in return, but as I have already stated, it is highly unlikely because of our front office.

    It is better to keep Turner and eventually build the offense around him. Let him live up to his potential.

    Turner may experience his growing pains throughout his rookie season, but there is plenty of time for him to get better.

    We cannot give up on the 22 year old so easily after just half a season, or even one for that matter.

    The best decision is to trade Iguodala, get some quality young talent, some expiring contracts or maybe some draft picks.

    One thing that the Sixers have to do is start over and be a young team. Over the years, they will get better and better with Turner.

    Who knows? Maybe in five years, Evan Turner will lead the Sixers to the NBA Finals and bring home the trophy that Philadelphia fans have wanted for a long time.

    Hey, it could happen.