NBA All-Star Weekend: Who has the Best Chance of Winning the 3-point Contest?

Alex MukherjeeContributor IFebruary 12, 2011

NBA All-Star Weekend: Who has the Best Chance of Winning the 3-point Contest?

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    One of NBA All-Star Weekend's biggest events, the Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout has produced some memorable moments.  Oddly enough, it's usually not the league's best three-point shooters who win the crown.  For example, last year's champion, Paul Pierce, has a career three-point percentage of 37.

    Pierce will be facing some stiff competition this year, including the NBA's all-time leader in 3PM and fellow Celtics teammate Ray Allen.

    So who will win it all?  Let's find out.

6. Paul Pierce

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    Career 3P% - 37

    Season 3P % - 40

    Pierce seemed to get lucky last year when he beat sweet-shooting rookie Stephen Curry in the finals.  

    He's never been in the conversation for greatest shooters in the game, and with the competition he's facing this year, I don't see Pierce advancing past the first round.

5. James Jones

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    Career 3P% - 40

    Season 3P% - 42.5

    A big reason for Jones' high shooting percentage from behind the arc this season has been Miami's Big Three.  With all the double teams Wade, Bosh, and James demand, Miami's other players are generally open somewhere on the floor.

    Because of this, Jones has had a solid season for the Heat so far.  However Jones, not a big-shot maker, may fall prey to the pressure during the Shootout.

4. Kevin Durant

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    Career 3P% - 35.8

    Season 3P% - 34.7

    He's had a rough season from behind the arc thus far, but Durant could turn it on during the competition.  He's hit plenty of big shots for the Thunder and won't be affected by the pressure of appearing on national television.

    A fairly streaky shooter, Durant would increase his chances of winning if he's able to connect on his first few shots.  If this is the case, watch out for KD.  

3. Dorell Wright

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    Career 3P% - 38

    Season 3P% - 40.4

    What a season it's been for Wright.  He's averaging career highs in points, rebounds, assists, and steals.  To top it off, he has a good chance of winning the three-point Shootout.  

    Two keys to winning the competition are a consistent shooting motion as well as a quick trigger.  Wright's shot possesses both these key attributes.

    A victory at the Shootout would be a great addition to Wright's career season.

2. Daniel Gibson

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    Career 3P% - 42.8

    Season 3P% - 44.8

    With all the turmoil in Cleveland, hopefully Gibson can win and give Cavs fans something to smile about.  

    Gibson's having a strong season from beyond the arc, hitting 44.8 percent of his shots, and has competed in a prior three-point Shootout (2008, when he lost to Jason Kapono in the finals).  

    Look for Gibson to return to the final round, where he'll be ousted by this man...

1. Ray Allen

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    Career 3P% - 39.8

    Season 3P% - 45.9

    Allen's incredibly efficient season has continued.  50.5 percent on field goals, 86.1 percent from the line, and 39.8 percent on threes are his current shooting averages.

    When it comes to Allen's chances of winning the competition, there's only one question:

    He's made 2,562 threes during his career, couldn't he make a few more?