NBA: Phoenix Suns Beat the Red-Hot New York Knicks!!! Are the Suns Back?

Avi ScherContributor IIJanuary 17, 2011

PHOENIX - DECEMBER 15:  Steve Nash #13 of the Phoenix Suns walks down court during the NBA game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at US Airways Center on December 15, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The Suns defeated the Timberwolves 128-122.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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The Phoenix Suns just started there road trip with a victory in Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks.

Is this a new start for the Suns? Is the new roster going to make the difference?

The Suns fans did not think they would be coming out of Madison Square Garden with a victory today, but they were surprised with a great game. Vince Carter scored 29 points and added 12 rebounds, Channing Frye added 18, Grant Hill had 25 and of course Steve Nash added 15 points and 11 assists.

Everyone knew that Amar'e Stoudemire was going to come out strong against the Suns, and I'm sure he wanted Robert Server to feel and see what he let go. And he did just that, scoring 41 points, hitting 15 out of 25.

We saw a fast game, two coach's that believe in the "seven seconds or less", both with great point guards and both with all-star, it was all it could be, not much defense but allot of shot and hoops.

It's just amazing seeing Grant Hill and Steve Nash, that are called the "old guys" running up and down the court like they were rookies. Both players played 37 minutes, and if you missed they last few seconds, Nash got the ball on one end of the court and ran to the other end with three young Knicks players tried to catch him.

One other great part of the game was to seeing Vince Carter taking the ball to the hoop strong and running the court. Vince also shot 5-8 from downtown

Also Channing Frye is looking much better from game to game, feeling comfortable with his shoot, and also playing good defense and grabbing boards.

It looks like the addition of Gortat brought some good "fight" in to the Suns locker room.

The Mean deference was Steve Nash, Nash is showing the leadership that was missing. He is controlling the ball at the end, and shooting the big shots when needed.

Nash has done that in the last few games, against the Portland Trailblazers, when the game was tied

 at 108-108, Nash took a 25 foot three point shot that changed the game, he then took the ball each time and was able to lead the Suns to victory.

Also against the New Jersey Nets, the game was tied at 101-101 Nash took it to the hoop and hit a running jumper  to take the lead, the Nets tied the game, but in overtime Nash scored 10 of the Suns 15 points and won again.

The Suns finally have a winning streak this season, beating two teams that are over .500, the Blazers and the Knicks.

The Suns now face five teams that are less then .500, so if the Suns can keep it up the Suns will be

able to get over the .500 before the all-star break and hopefully get close to the 8th Trailblazers so we the Suns fans can see the playoffs again.

But they are starting to look much better, to beat under .500 yes, they can, over .500, some yes. the big ones?? Not yet.

The next few games will say. were the Suns are headed.