NBA SOS: Knicks Way Too 'Melo, Shoot Nothing But Blanks Against Woeful Kings!

David RushCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2011

Mike D'Antoni, master of the run and stun.
Mike D'Antoni, master of the run and stun.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It wasn't just last night's 93-83 pasting at the hands of the anemic, previously winless on the road nearly halfway into the seasonSacramento Kings.

Yes, that unto itself was bad enough, especially when you consider the Kings came in allowing 102.6 points per game, and the Knicks chose to throw up 28 from the arc, clanging most, hitting nine, amidst 31 percent — generally mid to long-range — shooting overall.

More so, too often you get the idea the 2010/2011 Knickerbockers (forever running the Mike D'Antoni run and stun system), have it embedded in their collective mindset the team simply cannot make up a significant deficit without raining threes on the opposition, when, in point of fact, they're frequently facing double-digit deficits because, well, they have an overwhelming penchant to rain threes on the opposition.  

Oh it's terribly entertaining when it works, but if you don't mind reaching deep into the recesses of your NBA memory can you remind me of a single championship group who made do throwing up 25-30 percent of their shots from 22 feet away and beyond?

Normally in an effort to avert disaster in the midst of a cold shooting effort, the Knicks will go down deep to Amare Stoudemire, but even he ended up rewiring somewhat after having numerous of his usually lethal inside maneuvers slapped away by what looked like a very long, very motivated seven foot Wilt Chamberlain errrr excuse me, Samuel Dalembert, who came off the Sacramento bench last night to provide 30 impact-laden minutes in the way of eight points, eight rebounds and six very impressive blocks.

But that's just 'Stat' back to the basket going one on one, (and he still got to the line 14 times while the rest of the team took a total of six free throws!) The point penetration, pick and rolls, back door cuts were almost all absent last night.

Toney Douglas (who otherwise played well with 21 points and nine rebounds), made some half-hearted attempts to convert drives but somebody needs to let the youngster know this isn't a local rec league, and 6-2 guards don't finish amongst the big boys with passive floaters that can be put back in his face by the likes of Mighty Mouse, much less a suddenly eager defensive interior standing a collective head or so higher than he does.

It's easy to say, okay, the Knicks had a bad game last night against one of the worst teams in the league, but can they really afford that at 22-17 when thus far they have also proven themselves virtually incapable of beating a team amongst the league's elite? (The San Antonio game notwithstanding)  

Not really, so here's a message to the New York Knicks, an NBA Central S.O.S. as we somewhat obliquely outlined in the header.

Stop taking so many jump shots, stop hoisting up so many threes when they threaten to do serious damage to the rim or backboard. Get even tougher when the going gets a little rough and tumble, and for god's sake Just Keep Taking The Ball To The Bloody Hoop!    



The Knicks clearly miss Gallinari, his skill set and length, especially when Turiaf goes down like he did last night. Without that pair they end up looking like Amare Stoudemire and the Seven Dwarfs.

As previously advertised, Dalembert looked a lot like a player who could help the Knicks in the short term, simply working within the framework of his relative skills, but that front's altogether quiet even though the Knicks need a big and Sacramento seems committed to young behemoth DeMarcus Cousins in the middle.  

If the Knicks can get a potentially high No. 1 for Anthony Randolph, they should jump whether they plan on using the pick as a pawn for another deal or not.

Two number ones in the upcoming draft should enable them at least one big, bruising body, and if they can pick up a Tyson Chandler in the offseason free agency period, the team will be immeasurably improved.  

The 'Melodrama gets more interesting as it perseveres amidst repeated reports that a deal with Jersey is imminent, only to find those reports are stacked mullarky sandwiches perpetrated by headline-desperate members of the media. 

No matter what anyone says, the longer it goes on, the less enviable a position Denver management will be in, though they seem to be suffering from a kind of all consuming brain-lock that simply cannot be unhinged in that regard. 

Knicks look pretty good at 22-17 but after Phoenix at home on Monday, they hit the road for a three-ball against San Antonio, Houston and Oklahoma City.

After a breather against the Wizards, it's the Heat and Hawks. We're at the midway point; good teams will look to start picking it up, gaining position for the playoffs. 

The Knicks need to as well. 


That's it for today,