NBA: The Boston Celtics Clearly Missed Friday's Game, Will They Show Up Sunday?

Tarik MowattContributor IIIJanuary 29, 2011

Shaq guarding Steve, how did that happen?!
Shaq guarding Steve, how did that happen?!Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Boston Celtics simpy decided not to show up versus the Phoenix Suns last night.

Instead, they went and hired an entire team of look-alikes to play a joke on coach Doc Rivers. The Celtics were actually in a nearby restaurant during the game and were resting up for the big Lakers game. Yeah, that's right, that wasn't Boston on the court, it was just a dream, just a baaaaaad dream...

That's what I'd like to believe at least.

In reality the Celtics looked just plain lazy. They—Kevin Garnett included—had no life until the fourth quarter, and after Garnett came to life, so did the rest of the team.

When I heard him lead the Celtics emotionally, at first I didn't get it, I honestly didn't, but now I do. Did you notice Garnett looked lethargic the first three quarters, and so did the Celtics? Rivers had more emotions than the entire team. Paul Pierce tried to keep the team afloat, but even he couldn't carry them.

Then, Garnett got into his usual emotionally-charged self, and the Celtics followed suit. It looked like they were going to come back, but then Garnett—the guy who ironically brought the team alive—made a vital mistake that took Boston right back out of it.

After a low blow to Channing Frye, Garnett joined Rivers in the locker room with two quick technical fouls. Even after that fiasco though, and without Garnett, the Celtics were showing signs of life, but they weren't exactly playing as a team anymore though. I swear I saw seven attempts from 3-point range in the final four minutes, and none of them hit. With that, the team that was storming toward a comeback performance ended the game with a whimper.

Although that was a lackluster performance, I understand it was a back-to-back game.  I want to ask you guys reading, did you think Marcin Gortat and Vince Carter seemed a tad more intense against the Celtics than the rest of the Suns? Do you think it's because that Celtics-Magic rivalry carried over with those two? Were they trying to prove they could still make the playoffs, or did they simply have a really good game? Please post your answer in the comment section.

Even with this loss, it doesn't matter; what matters is the game Sunday.

The two teams that met in the 2010 NBA Finals will meet for the first time this season. What can we expect? Well, not much if it was anything like Friday's game. If the Celtics are going to be emotionally charged, and if the Lakers are as well, I'm expecting a big-time game, especially from Kobe Bryant and Pierce, who always seem to be playing their best against good teams. This is also Shaq's first game against the Lakers with Boston, so hopefully that provides some interest too. Personally, I'm excited to see both of the teams face off.

With a final note, I would just like to thank those who read my last article, as it was my first time receiving awards and made me feel important. I like feeling important, so thanks guys.