NBA Rumors Run Wild, But New York Knick Universe Tells Carmelo: Just Be Cool!

David RushCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2011

Just be cool, 'Melo!
Just be cool, 'Melo!Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

From the point of view of some, the Denver Nuggets continue to spawn crazy rumors of expansive three-way deals even in the midst of Carmelo Anthony's declaration that he will not sign a contract extension with any team other than the New York Knicks.

With the NBA Trade Deadline about a month away, this big talk (so far no action) out of the Rocky State still feels like a ploy to get Knick G.M. Donnie Walsh, (who's simply too old and rickety to get antsy), to pull the trigger on a lopsided deal that might include two or three of his superlative youngsters, not to mention an expiring contract or two.

Now it may very well be as the trade deadline nears a team in serious contention who can somehow make room under the cap and has some expendable, reasonably valuable assets will come along and invite Carmelo for an appealing playoff ride.

Having waited, and waited and waited, that could very well turn out to be the deal (thus far severely delusional) 39-year-old, Denver G.M., Masai Ujiri, will have forced himself into by playing what New Yorkers have come to view as the greedier varmint in this sometimes loud, (or excessively visible) sometimes eerily silent game of NBA cat and mouse.  

A National Basketball Association rental in other words, (we've certainly seen our fair share over the years), assuming Carmelo is hell bent on his Knickerbocker declaration and will not be swayed by any type persuasion, a lifetime of fancy cars and dancing girls notwithstanding.

And in reality at this point why would he be? 

The Knicks have already proven they are a team on the rise that has been re-embraced by what is commonly known as the mecca of city basketball.

Carmelo wants to play on the biggest stage in the world? Well that's still Madison Square Garden and he's either a few weeks away from getting an extended entry pass in, or a few months if a trade deadline deal does not go down between the Knicks and Nuggets and he remains mired in Denver or, as previously mentioned, a three-month NBA visitation agreement in some other splendid city. 

A few weeks, or even a few months is nothing in an National Basketball Association lifetime. What are we talking about, 40, 50, 60 games in a long, healthy stretch of pro ball that might incorporate another five or six hundred?

Yes, yes, we know all about the labor negotiations, some uncertainty about next year's pay scale, but one way or the other this particular basketball player with all his myriad skills will be more than fairly compensated.  

So in lieu of that, and everything else you've just read, all New York Knick fans are sending out these serious signals or vibes to Carmelo Anthony. 

Be cool, brother, your day will soon come. 

And we'll be waiting with open arms. 

Just kidding about the dancing girls, La La.,