NBA PG Ratings: Raymond Felton and The 5 Most Underrated PG's in The NBA

Patrick Yaghoobians@PyaghoobiansAnalyst IIJanuary 9, 2011

NBA PG Ratings: Raymond Felton and The 5 Most Underrated PG's in The NBA

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    When you ask most NBA fans who they think who the best pointguard in the league is, you will probably be attacked with the common answers of Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, etc.

    There is no doubt that those are some of the top PG's in the league right now but there are a few unknown gems. By unknown, they are not talked about as much as they should be talked about.

    This slideshow will showcase 5 of the PGS in the league who in my opinion are top notch PG's, and although they arent the most dominant PG's in the league, they are players who make big contributions to the team.

Jose Calderon: Toronto Raptors

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    Calderon was an un-drafted player, who was signed by the Raptors because they knew he would bring something to the team.

    Without a doubt Calderon is an amazing passer, and although his numbers haven't shown it as of this season, his numbers from past seasons are definitely very good, and he keeps up his consistent play as each season progresses.

    He is second in the league in assist to turnover ratio with a number of 3.93 assists per 1 turnover. This is only behind New Orleans PG Chris Paul who is first with a 4.12 assist per turnover ratio.

    He has been playing amazing in his recent games and in his first game back after recovering from injury he posted a 20 point and 16 assist game. If he can keep this up, there is no doubt that he can easily average a double double at the end of the season.

    Although his offensive abilities are good, his defense does not have many upsides to it. He can be a good defender during inbound passes as he can prevent the opposing PG get the ball in most occasions, especially during clutch moments. The only problem is that other pointguards easily get into the paint past Calderon.


    10.4 PPG

    7.9 APG

    1.3 SPG

Raymond Felton: New York Knicks

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    On a team where all the spotlight is on Amar'e Staudemire, it's kind of hard to get some attention for your hard work.

    Raymond Felton was signed by the New York Knicks this past off-season and it seems to be paying dividends for them. Hes a great passer, a great shooter, and a very good ballhandler. Not only is Felton good at those categories, he is having a career year.

    Amare' AND Felton are the main reason as to why the Knicks are doing so good this year, not just Amar'e who is also having a career season.

    Felton is a very underrated PG who should be given way more than he deserves. In a league where PG's are the most dominant position, Felton is at least in the top 10 who needs more attention.


    18.3 PPG

    8.7 APG

    1.9 SPG

Mike Conley Jr.: Memphis Grizzlies.

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    Conley is somewhat of an unknown on a Memphis Grizzlies team. Conley doesn't get the attention he deserves only because of his teammate, Rudy Gay, who gets most of the attention on the team.

    Conley is a great passer, an average scorer, and can do good on defense.

    Looking at his stats, every season since his joining of the NBA, he has gotten better in almost every category such as points, assists, steals and even rebounds.

    He is an underrated PG on an underrated team and he should be given a bit more attention than he deserves. In a Western Conference which is ruled by PG's such as Deron William, Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Steve Nash, etc, it could be very hard for someone like Mike Conley to be able to get some attention.

    He is also another PG who is having a career season and expect his numbers to go up in the future as he reaches his prime.


    13.5 PPG

    7 APG

    1.9 SPG

Jameer Nelson: Orlando Magic

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    Jameer Nelson, much like Mike Conley, is overshadowed by a superstar on his team. This superstar though is much more fearful and his name is Dwight Howard.Also, with the huge blockbuster trade that Orlando completed a few weeks back, it seems as if more attention has been put towards Gilbert Arenas trying to get back to his old self, which is another reason as to why Nelson's spotlight has been a bit more dim nowadays.

    Dwight Howard probably would not be producing as good as he is offensively if he didn't have Nelson throwing him the passes that Howard gets in the post.

    Nelson's offensive numbers have been lower than the previous two seasons, but the number of assists per game that he gets is getting higher with every season that goes by.

    He may not be the Jameer Nelson he was back when Orlando made the Finals in '08-'09, but he is a PG who should be credited with a lot of different things and deserves more attention than he is getting.


    13.6 PPG

    6.8 APG

    0.9 SPG

Russell Westbrook: Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    Most of you who read the title think I must be an idiot for thinking that Russel Westbrook is underrated. I'm glad to see the attention he's getting and he deserves it because of the way he has been playing.

    Although most people may not think that Westbrook is underrated, he is overshadowed by another superstar in the making by the name of Kevin Durant, who is Westbrook's go to guy on offense.

    Just like some other PG's on this list, Westbrook himself is also having a career year in terms of every category. His offensive numbers have skyrocketed through the roof, his passing numbers have increased, and he is grabbing rebounds when they count the most.

    He deserves more attention than he gets and is an amazing player and will definitely be a future all-star in this league.


    21.9 PPG

    7.9 APG

    4.9 RPG


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    Hopefully you enjoyed the slideshow.

    Again, these are my personal opinions and I hope you do respect them. Criticism is okay, but try to keep it appropriate.

    If you believe there are any players who deserve to be on this list, please name them in the comments section below.