NBA Trade Rumors: Have the Blazers Put Nicolas Batum on the Trading Block?

Ross ColemanAnalyst IDecember 30, 2010

NBA Trade Rumors: Have the Blazers Put Nicolas Batum on the Trading Block?

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    NBA Trade Rumors: Have the Blazers Put Nicolas Batum on the Trading Block?

    The NBA season is heating up and teams are trying to assert themselves.

    Contenders are trying to make moves to win a championship, while everyone else is just trying to get better. Trades seem to be the way a lot of teams are getting better.

    Lots of trade rumors are flying around, here are ten trade rumors that have been mentioned. We will be looking at how each trade could work and how it will affect each team involved.

    Let us know what you think. Is there another player you want your team to target?

10. Tony Battie To Orlando

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    What It Would Take: The Magic have reportedly been looking for a backup center after they sent Marcin Gortat to the Suns. Tony Battie has been one of the guys they have asked about.

    The 76ers have not been very receptive to the offer of point guard Jason Williams, so the Magic would probably need to throw in Quintin Richardson or Chris Duhon but then they would also need to find someone else to get back to match salaries.

    Why They Need Him: The loss of Gortat might not seem like a big blow, but the Magic need someone to help spell Dwight Howard.

    Will It Happen: The Magic are going to get a center from someone, it might not be the 76ers and it might not be Battie, but someone will send them a center.

9. Ronny Turiaf To Orlando

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    What It Would Take: Getting Ronny Turiaf out of New York would be a tough task. Turiaf provides a lot of things to a team that can't be measured on a stat sheet.

    The Magic would likely need to send back multiple players in return for Turiaf. Jason Williams and Quintin Richardson might not be enough, but it is a start.

    Why They Need Him: Like I said with Battie, the Magic need a back up for Dwight Howard and Turiaf would probably be an even better player for the Magic than either Gortat or Battie.

    Will It Happen: I doubt the Knicks would give up Turiaf without getting something substantial in return like a first round draft pick in addition to players. So, no I don't think it happens.

8. Nicolas Batum To Denver

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    What It Would Take: The Nuggets are making no secrets about who they covet in return for Carmelo Anthony if they were to trade him. The Blazers need either a center that could help stem the tide from losing Greg Oden or they need a shooting guard to help soften the loss of Brandon Roy.

    This is a little hard to gauge simply because Denver would be seeking Nicolas Batum as part of a three team trade.

    Why They Need Him: Batum is not a marquee player, but he would help if the Nuggets trade Carmelo.

    Will It Happen: If I were the Knicks, I would be calling Portland and asking them who they would need in return to send Batum to Denver as part of a Carmelo deal.

    I think this one has as good a chance as any.

7. Anthony Randolph For Sebastian Telfair

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    What It Would Take: The Knicks are looking for an affordable backup point guard behind Raymond Felton. Meanwhile, the Timberwolves look at Anthony Randolph as a piece that would fit nicely in Minnesota.

    In return the Knicks would get back Brooklyn native Sebastian Telfair. However, the Timberwolves might hang onto Randolph in hopes that they could move him for a draft pick later that they could then use to get Carmelo Anthony.

    Why They Need Him: The Knicks need to make a few moves to be legit contenders in the Eastern Conference. If they were able to acquire Telfair and a draft pick for Randolph, it would help them combat the Heat and the Celtics.

    For Minnesota, Randolph could be a player that helps them in the long run, but he could also be just another piece that leaves the Timberwolves towards the bottom of the league.

    Will It Happen: Unless Minnesota throws in a draft pick, I don't see this one happening.

6. Stephen Jackson To Chicago

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    What It Would Take: Stephen Jackson has a contract that isn't that tough to deal with, but it would take two players at least to get him out of Charlotte. 

    If the Bulls sent C.J. Miles and Ronnie Brewer to the Bobcats in return for Jackson it would work as far as the salary cap goes, but the question would be if Charlotte would want something in addition.

    Why They Need Him: The Bulls' only real hole is at shooting guard. Jackson would provide the Bulls with a shooting guard with championship experience. The only question is if the Bulls would be willing to take a chance on screwing up team chemistry for a chance to win.

    Will It Happen: The Bulls don't appear to be in any hurry to make a move for a shooting guard, so while they could make a move, it doesn't appear to be likely.

5. Marcus Camby To New York

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    What It Would Take: Portland has reportedly been shopping Marcus Camby, but unless he goes to a contender, he would likely retire instead of reporting to a team that is rebuilding. 

    In order to get Camby to the Knicks, they would need to come close to a deal like the one that was rumored last week between the Trailblazers and the Bobcats. The deal was Camby and Andre Miller to the Bobcats for Gerald Wallace and D.J. Augustine.

    Why They Need Him: Camby teamed with Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire would be a formidable duo, but they don't need him per say. 

    Will It Happen: There is no deal in place and the deal is nothing but circumstantial, so no I don't think this one happens.

4. Carmelo Anthony To New Jersey

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    What It Would Take: The Nets appear to be the leading candidate to land Carmelo Anthony from the Nuggets, but the deal that New Jersey has in place right now has not prompted Denver to pull the trigger.

    The Nets would need to give up at least Derrick Favors but also probably Troy Murphy's expiring contract and just about as many draft picks as they can include in a trade. It might also take a few dead horse heads sent from Russian mobster turned Nets owner Mikhail Porkhorov sent to the right people.

    Why They Need Him: After missing out on LeBron James this offseason, the Nets need a marquee player to build a franchise around. Carmelo would fill that.

    Will It Happen: I think the Nuggets are waiting to see what the Knicks can throw together in a multi-team deal.

3. Nicolas Batum To Minnesota

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    What It Would Take: Minnesota and Portland have had discussions about sending Batum to the Timberwolves, however the Blazers would be looking for either Kevin Love or Michael Beasley. So far Minnesota has been unwilling to move either of those guys.

    "(The Timberwolves) really like his game and potential in their system, but are less than optimistic about their chances to acquire him due to how much he's valued by the Blazers and their reluctance to let go of Kevin Love or Michael Beasley," a source wrote.

    Why They Need Him: Minnesota needs to do something differently because the team they have right now is no where close to the playoffs and will not be for the near future.

    Will It Happen: In a word, no.

2. O.J. Mayo To New York

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    What It Would Take: The Grizzlies value O.J. Mayo quite a bit even though he was demoted to sixth man. However, to get the former top-10 draft pick, the Knicks might have to overpay for Mayo. 

    Whatever the deal is that the Knicks would offer would probably also take a first round pick in addition.

    Why They Need Him: The Knicks need a few more marquee players to challenge in the East. Mayo would help a lot.

    Will It Happen: The Knicks aren't in any hurry to get a shooting guard because they are still trying to acquire Carmelo Anthony. If Anthony gets traded to someone other than the Knicks, then I see this happening.

1. Kevin Love To Denver

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    What It Would Take: Getting Kevin Love out of Minnesota is going to be really tough. The Nuggets would probably need to send Ty Lawson to Minnesota along with Al Harrington and probably a draft pick or two to even get the conversation going.

    "We liked (Love) last year when he was kind of inconsistent," Denver coach George Karl told The Denver Post. "We made inquiries on Kevin Love this summer. (But) we didn't think this. We didn't think he'd make the huge step that he's made from last year to this year. This is incredible."

    Why They Need Him: Love would be a great addition to any team. It would be great to see just how Love would play on a good team with a chance at the playoffs.

    Will It Happen: "I know he was on our radar screen," said Karl. "I know there were inquiries. In some of the meetings we talked, his name was out there. It never got close, I know that."

    So, no it looks like it won't be happening.