Troy Murphy: How He Can Make the Orlando Magic Even More Dangerous

Jack WindhamAnalyst IDecember 29, 2010

Troy Murphy
Troy MurphyMarc Serota/Getty Images

Troy Murphy could be the key.

Hard to believe that a backup player from the 9-22 New Jersey Nets team could play a pivotal role in who gets to hoist the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy at the end of the season. Hard to believe that someone that is currently averaging less than 4 points a game (on 31 percent shooting) could have such an impact.

However, basketball has a funny way of fitting square pegs into square holes and round pegs into round holes.

With the New Jersey Nets, Murphy is a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. The Orlando Magic, however, are the square hole that he needs.

Murphy, who stands at 6'11", 245 pounds, would be a nice complement to Dwight Howard and his dominating inside game. His ability to shoot from the outside should create more room in the paint for Howard to do his work.

Murphy should fit along pretty well with Hedo Turkoglu, another tall forward who can shoot from the outside. Defensively, the Magic are going to have to run a lot of zone defenses to hide their deficiencies, but Turkoglu and Murphy should be able to create a lot of mismatches with their unique skill sets.

Other players on the team should benefit as well. Jameer Nelson and Gilbert Arenas would have plenty of room to work inside and targets to throw to on the outside. Recently acquired Jason Richardson should benefit from the spacing that comes with having other outside shooters on the floor. Howard himself can get a few more minutes of rest with Murphy able to man the center position for short spurts.

Murphy and the Magic are a good fit.