Retaking The 2007 NBA Draft: How The Draft Would Go Today

Ethan WeiserCorrespondent IJanuary 23, 2011

Retaking The 2007 NBA Draft: How The Draft Would Go Today

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    Everyone remembers this draft.  There was a lot of promise in the players coming into the draft, but many turned out to be busts in the end.  Especially in the top 10.  Especially the first overall pick.

    If the teams would have known then how good the players in the 2007 draft would be, here's how the draft would have gone three years ago.

1. Portland Trailblazers: Kevin Durant

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    Originally Drafted 2nd Overall.

    Many people have mentioned the hypothetical situation of Brandon Roy and Kevin Durant playing together in Portland. If only they knew what Greg Oden was really going to do—get hurt a lot.

    Durant is one of the best players in the league today, and would be the obvious top overall pick if the draft would take place today.

2. Seattle Supersonics: Aaron Brooks

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    Originally Drafted 26th Overall.

    The most improved player in the league last year, Aaron Brooks is among the top point guards in the NBA today.  At the time, not many people had heard of the young guard, but a lot of playing time for the Rockets has lead to the development of this young star, who has been in consideration for the All-Star game a few times.

    Needless to say, he'd be going a lot higher than 26th if teams could get a redo on this draft.

3. Atlanta Hawks: Al Horford

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    Originally Drafted 3rd Overall.

    One of two picks to play in an All-Star game from this draft, Al Horford has become on of the better centers in the NBA.  A little undersized, he compensates by scoring with good post moves and playing big without being tall.  Al is one of two current Hawks All-Stars, and while it's a little shocking that the All-Star game didn't feature Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, Al is still a great NBA player. 

    The Hawks would've taken him back again if they had the opportunity.

4. Memphis Grizzlies: Joakim Noah

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    Originally Drafted 9th Overall.

    If you've ever seen a game with Joakim Noah playing, you'd know that he's one of the best competitors and fighters in the game today.

    Joakim plays great defense, and is one of my personal picks to represent the East in the All-Star game in the next few years. He's easily either the second or third best player on a very solid Chicago Bulls team, and would be going much higher if the draft were redone today.

5. Boston Celtics: Carl Landry

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    Originally Drafted 31st Overall.

    If the Celtics wanted to ship a post player to the Seattle SuperSonics for Ray Allen, don't you think the Thunder today would prefer having Carl Landry over Jeff Green?

    Carl Landry competed for a lot of minutes with All-Star candidate Luis Scola in Houston before he was subsequently shipped to Sacramento for Kevin Martin. While he hasn't been playing at as high of a level as last year, Carl is still a very good ball player, and a better power forward than any other player in this draft.

6. Milwaukee Bucks: Wilson Chandler

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    Originally Drafted 23rd Overall.

    Another pattern of this draft?  A lot of the later picks are doing a lot better than the earlier ones.

    If the Bucks really wanted to get value off their sixth pick, they certainly wouldn't have gone for Yi Jianlian if the draft were to happen again. They'd pick Wilson Chandler, one of the best players on a hot New York Knicks team. Chandler is a great player to have next to other good players because of his skill set. He's a very talented player.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves: Rodney Stuckey

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    Originally Drafted 15th Overall.

    Think Minnesota would have liked to end their point guard woes earlier?

    Well, Rodney isn't the best point guard around, but he's certainly better than anyone that's played on Minnesota this... decade.  He's proven that he should've been taken a lot higher than 15th and is one of the best players  on a weak Detroit Pistons team.

8. Charlotte Bobcats: Marc Gasol

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    Originally Drafted 48th Overall.

    Bobcats and centers haven't exactly meshed a lot throughout the team's short history.

    Enter Marc Gasol, a center over 7' tall, and who plays a lot more like a center than his older brother, Pau.  For the Grizzlies, they are loaded in the area of big men, but Marc has emerged as their starting center and one of their go-to guys.

9. Chicago Bulls: Rudy Fernandez

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    Originally Drafted 24th Overall.

    Once again, a player that this team could really use right now.

    But unlike the last few slides, this one is closer to reality.

    The Chicago Bulls have been trying to acquire Rudy Fernandez for a little while, and there's a good reason why.  He's got the potential to be a star in this league, and has a great shooting stroke, as well as being great around the basket.  Rudy is a fun player to watch, and despite his recent off-court issues with his team, he's a great player.

    You can't blame him for wanting more playing time when he's playing well.

10. Sacramento Kings: Thaddeus Young

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    Originally Drafted 12th Overall.

    Thaddeus is a pretty standard pick in the draft. He's not a player that will wow a coach, or will wow the crowd, but he's a pretty good player.

    He's the third best option on offense and defense for a Philadelphia Sixers team currently trying to get back into the playoff picture after missing the postseason last year.

Picks 11-20

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    11.  Atlanta Hawks: Jeff Green (originally 5th)

    12. Philadelphia 76ers: Corey Brewer (originally 7th)

    13. New Orleans Hornets: Mike Conley Jr. (originally 4th)

    14. Los Angeles Clippers: Ramon Sessions (originally 56th)

    15. Detroit Pistons: Spencer Hawes (originally 10th)

    16. Washington Wizards: Al Thornton (originally 14th)

    17. New Jersey Nets: Yi Jianlian (originally 6th)

    18. Golden State Warriors: Greg Oden (originally 1st)

    19. Los Angeles Lakers: Tiago Splitter (originally 28th)

    20. Miami Heat: Glen Davis (originally 35th)

    Right here, we're looking at some role players, bench players, and players that haven't developed as well as they should.  The sad thing is, there are three top-five picks in this section and six of the top 10. It wasn't a great draft, to be honest, but teams picked up a couple nice bench players in the process.  If this draft were to have been redone, some team would've taken their chances with Oden—even if it was 17 picks lower than predicted. 

Picks 21-30

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    21.  Philadelphia 76ers: Marco Bellinelli (originally 18th)

    22. Charlotte Bobcats: Nick Young (originally 16th)

    23. New York Knicks: Arron Afflalo (originally 27th)

    24. Phoenix Suns: Daequan Cook (originally 21st)

    25. Utah Jazz: Jared Dudley (originally 22nd)

    26. Houston Rockets: Aaron Gray (originally 49th)

    27. Detroit Pistons: Brandan Wright (originally 8th)

    28. San Antonio Spurs: Acie Law (originally 11th)

    29. Phoenix Suns: Julian Wright (originally 13th)

    30. Philadelphia 76ers: Morris Almond (originally 25th)

    Let's just say that it was very hard to find a picture containing two of the players listed in this article.  These players are the definition of role players in the NBA, and some of them don't even see consistent minutes.  It's sad to see some of the top picks in this category, but some of them just simply fit.  I will say that Bellinelli, Young and Afflalo are much better picks than those below 23, but it's not a great field. The 2007 draft wasn't only bad in terms of top picks, it wasn't very deep either.

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