NBA Fantasy Filler: The Inaugural Post

Kevin LeongContributor IIDecember 28, 2010

Even Zach Randolph has his fantasy value
Even Zach Randolph has his fantasy valueGrant Halverson/Getty Images

"An NBA fantasy 'filler'? What on earth is that?"

Looking through the various NBA articles on Bleacher Report, I quickly noticed how few good reads there really were out here, especially for the casual basketball fan and fantasy owner. There are two extremes: the quick news updates about the random happenings of the league, and quick slide-show telling you who to pick up this week. While they both offer valuable pieces of information, I am left feeling they lack a sense of personal insight, human connection; a level of finesse, if you will.

On one hand you have the straight-forward news update: "The Rockets are Looking to Move Yao Ming." True as it may be, many have difficulties finding relevance in articles such as these, especially if they don't live in Houston. Or perhaps they've already read about it on Yahoo! or ESPN. And if not, after reading the title, how much more informative can this article really be?

On the other hand, you have the weekly "Who's Hot, Who's Not" slide-show. That's right, it's usually a slide-show; you aren't even given the courtesy of having it complied into a cohesive, insightful article. Instead you get tidbits of information thrown your way, and if you're lucky, they might actually order it in some level of significance. But don't get your hopes up, those slide-shows are few and far between. At the same time, if all you're looking for is a quick and easy "stock" tip, maybe the slide-show really is for you.

However, what is inevitably created by these two extremes is a large schism between random information and attempts to hit gold finding the sleeper of the week. There is a void left between fact and opinion, alienating those who are caught in between. Where's the middle ground, the development of news articles into practical fantasy application, or the bridge that connects information and insight?

The aim of this weekly article is to fill that void, to inform and inspire fantasy owners and casual fans by putting my thoughts and opinions into words on a page, showing my transitions in thought and attitude as the season wears on. On a smaller scale,  I will discuss one of my teams and how it progresses on a weekly basis: I'll tell you about the moves I make trades I propose, and the inevitable trades I will veto. And of course, I will also look at the broader picture, and how the news that develops affects the NBA as a whole.

In essence, I hope to make this article almost a "one stop shop" for all your basketball/fantasy needs, doing my best to inform you of what goes on in the NBA as well as my opinions that go along with them. And while I cannot cover every single news piece that occurs throughout the week in one article, my goal is to inspire everyone who reads this to develop their own thoughts and opinions and to claim their own passion for the game.

I am no authority on the NBA by any means, just a fan who loves doing what I do, making sure I am up-to-date on the latest story and that my opinions are well founded in fact rather than emotional whims. I encourage you all to take me up on any issue you may disagree with and keep me in check. You can even message me with topics you'd like me to discuss in the upcoming articles.

That out of the way, all I'm going to do is introduce myself and my team to you in this article. I wonder if most of you even made it to this point of the article, or if you all quit midway through.

In any case, I've played fantasy basketball for about seven years, and I play football and baseball as well. However, basketball's always been my favorite, and I swear allegiance to Roto alone. My worst trade has been sending Gilbert Arenas away for Jamaal Magloire the year after his All-Star season; for those of you who had Magloire that season, you all know my pain. It's harder to remember any of the good trades when the pain from the bad runs so deep.

I feel I rocked the draft this season, however, grabbing basically everyone I wanted. In a twelve team league, and fifth in the draft, my team (by round) is as follows:

1. Dwayne Wade (PG,SG)

2. Gerald Wallace (SF,PF)

3. Jason Kidd (PG)

4. David West (PF)

5. LaMarcus Aldridge (PF,C)

6. Raymond Felton (PG,SG)

7. Jason Terry (PG,SG)

8. JaVale McGee (PF,C)

9. Anderson Varejao (PF,C)

10. Jason Thompson (PF,C)

11. DJ Augustin (PG)

12. DeMar DeRozan (SG,SF)

13. Ronnie Brewer (SG,SF)

As an update from the draft, I have since dropped Thompson, DeRozan, and Brewer, and now have Channing Frye (PF,C), Martell Webster (SG,SF), Mike Dunleavy (SG,SF) and Jordan Farmar (PG) on my roster.

However the biggest move I have made has been trading Kidd and Varejao for Zach Randolph. Yes, the Zach Randolph that quickly lost favor with New York and the Clippers, and always seems to be on edge with his coach, no matter who that may be. However, his consistent scoring and rebounding numbers are not to be ignored, though it would be nice if he could actually get a block now and then.

Surprisingly I found that between Felton, Terry, Wade, and Augustin my assists and steals were high enough that Jason Kidd and his crummy shooting this year outweighed all his assists. What I needed was scoring, and more importantly, and upgrade at C. For those of you who also own JaVale McGee, you know what I mean. His blocks are nice, yes, but he will never be called consistent in the points.

As it stands, I currently sit in second place, eleven points from first place and two and a half above third. However, I sit below the average in games played amongst the top five, and there's plenty of season left, so first place isn't far out of reach. I just need to improve my percentages and to rack up those points and I'm set to win (hence the move for Randolph).

That's me, and that's my team. Look for the "official" first post tomorrow. Think of this as an introduction of things to come. I'd hate to keep you guys waiting a week for me to actually start what I set out to do.